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End of Death (manxman) by JustWriter
End of Death (manxman)by JustWriter
Milo never noticed Mr. Stratton before the apocalypse, but now he is all he can think about. The older businessman is his protector and in a world of infected that is ex...
We Call Them Monsters by Blindsided-Tuesday
We Call Them Monstersby Blindsided
An EXO Fanfic about the Zombie Apocalypse. Do you remember those quizzes? At the end, it told you which member of an idol group you'd end up with during a crisis. Now...
The Immune by Chernobli
The Immuneby Chernobli
The apocalypse is hanging on, ten years after the initial zombie outbreak. Humans have started to regroup, rebuild, and inspire. But the infection is still dormant in...
Super Soldier: The Resistance -Complete- by Sarkey-Kiss
Super Soldier: The Resistance -Com...by 매간
In a city where the Government performs scientific experiments on citizens they pull off the streets, a Resistance is rising. A Super Soldier awakens, her task to fight...
Welcome to unknown church  by Jenisshyourlove
Welcome to unknown church by Jenisshh
Be prepared for the coming danger when you enter this unknown church. At the beginning of entering your feet here in our church. This is the signal for your doom so be...
exorti noxiis morsibus by ULiion
exorti noxiis morsibusby U Liion
Authors Note: This is my first time publishing a story I've wrote. I would love some feed back. I will try to have chapter 2 ready in 1 - 2 weeks. Also a special thanks...
Run. ||Zombie Apocalypse|| book 1 || by thewalkingcreatures
Run. ||Zombie Apocalypse|| book 1...by ✖️SarcasticNellie✖️
These teens have no idea what's heading there way. But once it comes they gotta run. They need safety, shelter, and most importantly they gotta survive. There is love, d...
Emergency broadcast by scarystorieswithbb
Emergency broadcastby Boris Bacic
The main character of the story has a day off and intends to spend it relaxing at home, when he sees an unexpected emergency alert message on his TV, warning him to stay...
A normal virus attack turns into something worse. This time it hits India first. In a country where population exceeds resources, how will Swathi and her family survive...
Zombie-Zeaa by diane__envy
Zombie-Zeaaby diane__envy
Zeaa been bully for years and her mother crazy her bullys soon kill her but that wasn't the end for zeaa she came back to life and she came back for revenge on her bully...
Alistair Raven and the Army of the Rising Sons (Book 2) by Smoothesayer
Alistair Raven and the Army of the...by Smoothesayer
Alistair Raven was getting used to a life less ordinary - he had new friends, a new job and plenty of things to do, in a world outside London, slowly getting used to lif...
Dead Silence by sweetafflictions
Dead Silenceby sweetafflictions
Highest rank - #197 in science fiction "Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality" E...
Dead Memories by Solomon81
Dead Memoriesby Kit Solomon
Witness the birth of the Zombie Apocalypse through the memory of its earliest victims.
The School by Chloe-Chan1
The Schoolby Lizzie Stewart
Well horror and drama enjoy and it's not fan fiction
What Came Next: Five Tales from the Next World by JeffSwystun
What Came Next: Five Tales from th...by Jeff Swystun
What would you do to survive in a world where the hungry dead walked? This is a question I have asked myself since the early 2000's. It all started when I came across J...
Survive by Storywriter5010
Surviveby Jillian Roster
A girl is trying to find her mom dad and sister, but there is one twist she has to do all that in the zombie apocolypse. Will she fing her family or will she join a new...
The Girl in the Yellow rain boots. by Vanitymonster1
The Girl in the Yellow rain boots.by Lilo
The once dead has now risen, feasting on those that still live, The Girl in the Yellow rain boots is a first person persective of girl stuck in this dreadful world, she...