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Hooked On a Feeling by TheWinterWidow77
Hooked On a Feelingby Marvelous
Captain Hook and the Evil Queen had some tension back in the Enchanted Forest. In between his tasks Regina tries to check him out. She wants to see the man he is. Wha...
Obsession Over You(on Hold) by fallenangelsforever
Obsession Over You(on Hold)by fallenangelsforever
Regina mills lives In a apartment all alone. Killian lives in a mansion right across the street. After Killian sees Regina walk out of the apartment building he instantl...
Daggers by CaptRegina
Daggersby CaptRegina
When Regina thinks she has finally started on a good path, she finds herself saving the man she loves from the same Darkness that pained him and herself for years. Can R...
Is The City Big Enough?  by ColinsRegal
Is The City Big Enough? by ColinsRegal
Killian Jones, 28, has lived in NYC for 10 years. His days are the same; get up, go to work as a cab driver, come home. He hides deep insecurities with the mantra his fa...
The Lonely. by milzteague
The Lonely.by Millie xoxo
A hookedqueen fan-fiction set in Neverland when the group go to save Henry (season 3A)
Found by CaptRegina
Foundby CaptRegina
What if Regina and Daniel made it much farther in a relationship before Cora found out? What if a child was involved? And what if that child ended up taken care of by a...
The Pirate's Princess by CaptRegina
The Pirate's Princessby CaptRegina
Young Regina Mills is expected to Marry Leopold, but a chance encounter with a Captain, will change Regina's life. Her mother, however, doesn't approve.
Hooked in Hell by amykatharine
Hooked in Hellby Amy
{set just after the heroes have entered the Underworld} - Hades has eyes everywhere, in all realms, and in all points of time. So what if he uses this as his weapon? Wha...
Hooked On You by Ninja30er
Hooked On Youby Lana Parrilla
Regina and Killian meet in the Enchanted Forest when they are younger. They have a child together and name him Liam. But when Cora finds out she casts Killian to Neverla...
Wish by CaptRegina
Wishby CaptRegina
Hooked Queen is Canon-- taking place in S6 when Emma and Regina go into Wish Realm. When Emma and Regina head home to Storybrooke from Wish Realm, they aren't alone goin...
the daughter of a captain and a queen by hermione4982
the daughter of a captain and a qu...by Lucy Spencer
sabrina was left at her fathers ship when she was born , her mother hoping she'll be looked after well , but years later she goes missing later she is found in storybroo...
Help//Swanqueen by lanasparilla
Help//Swanqueenby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Regina Mills (31) got Kidnapped by her ex Boyfriend as she wanted to Break up with him, Emma Swan (29) is the The Officer who gets that case. It would be quite easy but...
Regina One Shots by OriginalBeliever
Regina One Shotsby OriginalBeliever
One shots of Regina from Once Upon A Time. Some of these entries will be for contests. I will also write any one shot that someone suggests. I also won't post as much on...
The Lost Daughter by ouathook
The Lost Daughterby ouathook
When Emma and Killian come back from the past (End of S3) they accidentally bring an urn through the portal. In that Urn is something no one expected, or rather, someon...
Alone. by milzteague
Alone.by Millie xoxo
Evilcharming set 2x02 'We Are Both'
Majesty by CaptRegina
Majestyby CaptRegina
Sequel to "Apple of My Eye" Following 6B- Hooked Queen version. If you haven't read Apple of My Eye, read it first to follow. Molly is the daughter of Regina...
Ambivalent Souls by ColinsRegal
Ambivalent Soulsby ColinsRegal
When Captain Killian Jones comes to the small town of Storybrooke, Maine, with the intentions of skinning his crocodile, he is captured by Greg and Tamara and forced to...
Path to You by CaptRegina
Path to Youby CaptRegina
Pixie dust never lies... Though what if Pixie dust was intended for another? Sometimes the path to love isn't the easiest... Regina finds herself becoming happy with R...
Smoke by CaptRegina
Smokeby CaptRegina
The Dark One decides to do their darkest deed. What if Killian Jones is the dark one and despite training Regina Mills and molding her to be the Evil Queen, he must be t...
When the game changes by milzteague
When the game changesby Millie xoxo
Slow burning Evil charming fanfic set from 1x20