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Operation Baby Swan by ouatismybae
Operation Baby Swanby Rhiannon
After a hurricane destroys Emma Swan and her son Henry's house in New York, the both of them go on vacation to Maine. Then the small family moves to Minnesota, only to d...
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Happy Beginnings by SilviaValeria0
Happy Beginningsby MsrSwanJones
Quando Emma consegue enfim resgatar Killian do Submundo, há uma chance. Há um futuro. Uma vida para se viver. O que acontece quando o destino permite que os dois desfrut...
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Bloody Hell by writinglac14
Bloody Hellby Lily
"You're going to Hell!?" Snow asked confused and panicked. "The Underworld" Emma clarified. "Important distinction" said Charming This is...
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Strength (Ship's Core II) by caiitliN13
Strength (Ship's Core II)by Caitlin💕
{CURRENTLY ON HOLD} Sequel to 'Ship's Core'* After fifteen years of hiding and running, doing everything in their power to stay safe, the Jones/Swan family aren't exactl...
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It's You by izrosemary
It's Youby izrosemary
Though he's just given Ursula her happy ending, Killian doesn't seem particularly thrilled. Emma, curious, confronts him. But when the conversation goes down a lane she...
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Rising Tides by TheAllisons
Rising Tidesby TheAllisons
Maybe it would be easier if she just gave up, let the ocean take her. #captainswan
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Captain Swan One Shots {Every Oncer's Guilty Pleasure} by jpg528
Captain Swan One Shots {Every fANgiRl cEnTraL
Super cute (yet probably terribly written) CS One Shots. And I won't write a lot of Dark Swan stuff too, because that just pushes them apart, and they need to be togeth...
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The Treasure Map by dannijayy96
The Treasure Mapby dannijayy96
Emma Swan is looking after a seven year old Neal for the weekend. Which is a chance for them to bond. A pirate and his treasure map sends them all on an adventure.
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Birthday Girl {A Captain Swan One Shot} by ouatxbooks
Birthday Girl {A Captain Swan Audrey Marie
In honor of Emma Swan's birthday
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Engaged by kclb18
Engagedby kclb18
OUAT CS fanfiction. Just a little drabble on how I think Emma and Killian might have gotten engaged in an AU. Lot of CS fluff and some daddy Killian feels!
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You're my home (captain swan fan fiction) by Captinkillian
You're my home (captain swan fan Killianxjones
When a curse brings everyone back to the enchanted forest hook and Emma who have been secretly dating starting before the curse hit. How will they deal with being back i...
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Once Upon A Time by Hanabrubaker815
Once Upon A Timeby Hanabrubaker815
Once Upon A Time. I will write out the entire thing so if you don't want to watch it all but you want to start watching it just read this when you can. If you can't reme...
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Emma is Killian's happy ending by killiansrose
Emma is Killian's happy endingby killiansrose
A series of captainswan oneshots because I can never seem to keep a fic for more than 3 chapters. Probably going to be fairly long one shots, I do have a strong passion...
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Unexpected by emmxolsen
Unexpectedby Miss Swan
Captain Swan one shot about Emma finding out she is pregnant and telling Killian. This is set when they are still the dark ones! Thanks for reading :)
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Piracy is a dangerous business, love. by shazzlesix
Piracy is a dangerous business, Shannon
Female reader insert with Killian Jones, AKA Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Once Upon a Time or Characters from the show. Credit to the o...
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What If... by swanandhook
What swanandhook
What if Emma never left hook
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Once Preferences by RiverdaleGilmores
Once Preferencesby RiverdaleGilmores
Here Are some out preferences and Imagines.
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Christmas At The Charming's (OUAT) by huginabuginamug
Christmas At The Charming's (OUAT)by huginabuginamug
Emma finally has a chance for a normal, peaceful Christmas with her family. But what could go wrong with a family tree as screwed up as this one? Why don't you read and...
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The Ransom (Captain Swan) by hooker_at_once
The Ransom (Captain Swan)by captaindeckerstar
Captain Swan AU. Emma Swan is the Princess of Misthaven. However, there are more dangers this Princess will soon discover lurks outside the Castle walls when none other...
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Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past by __CaptainSwan__
Inhale the Future, Exhale the Pastby Jordan
This is the sequel to Falling for a Star. Emma and Killian had their ups and downs, but what happens now the Neal thinks his son Henry is missing, but he is actually in...
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