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Days of Darkness by Kamo-12
Days of Darknessby Kamo-12
It all started at the end of Episode 1 of Season 5. What would have happened if Emma wasn't doing dark things to help get rid of the darkness but was doing them for actu...
The Light One (OUAT) (2) by TheRogueWolf9
The Light One (OUAT) (2)by Rogue Wolf
Now that magic is back and everyone remembers, things are going to get interesting. Secrets are going to come to light. And everything might just fall apart. Season 2 o...
Reborn Into Another World As Dark Cipher by Dorian_Dreamer
Reborn Into Another World As Dark...by Nikko weipearl
Alex was born in the wrong world... after a school shooting he was reborn into his true world. Join him as he goes around his new world and life in this exciting story f...
The Darker One// Once Upon A Time by ilikewarmhugs1235
The Darker One// Once Upon A Timeby ilikewarmhugs1235
Reese is the twin sister of the feared, Rumpelstiltskin, and they are both the dark ones. They were unstoppable until Reese was kidnapped; she was gone for centuries...
Awoken//OutlawQueen  by lanasparilla
Awoken//OutlawQueen by A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Its been two Weeks Since Robin Sacrificed Hisself for Regina and took in the Darkness; Regina tried everything already but there seemed no way to get him back; or was th...
Happy Beginning Captain Swan by isaballerina89
Happy Beginning Captain Swanby Isabelle
After Emma Swan finished the final battle with the adult Gideon, Storybrooke changes for the better. Emma and Killian finally have a life that they both can enjoy togeth...
Willows  | Killian Jones by standwithcap
Willows | Killian Jonesby standwithcap
3 𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖋 4 𝖎𝖓 𝖍𝖔𝖕𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖘 𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖘 Little time has passed in Storybrooke. But,alas, a new threat rises. As per usual. Scarlett and Emma aren't on great t...
Welcome to Storybrooke (AU) by racheIx
Welcome to Storybrooke (AU)by Rachel
Over a decade ago was when she last saw him and she was left in jail. All she was left with was a baby. She took one look at him and couldn't give him the same faith tha...
A Henry Mills story by Jadoue1999
A Henry Mills storyby Jadoue1999
I distantly heard Regina yell at Emma to back off and it's at this moment that I decided that, it was my turn to save the day. I ran in front of Emma and grabbed the da...
Season 4 Ending Twisted (Hiatus) by C_OUAT
Season 4 Ending Twisted (Hiatus)by Tink✨
The ending scene of season four, except with my own ideas in places. Basically all at the end
'WANTED' by ERIS33333
'WANTED'by ERIS33333
what happens when Emma keeps a secret from her family, friends and most importantly, hook. What happens if when they leave Camelot, she leaves behind their child. A chil...
The pirate I fell in love with part III by sheriffswan_
The pirate I fell in love with par...by emma swan
part III of the pirate i fell in love with I had to make it into a third part because it was just way too many chapters in the second part haha.
I'm Looking for Killian Jones ! by SJstarr
I'm Looking for Killian Jones !by SJstarr
She was cursed like the other fairy tale characters and woke up in Storybrooke thinking she was someone else. But she got something they didn't a chance to escape and s...
Emma Swan: The Gamer by AmateurStoryCreator
Emma Swan: The Gamerby AmateurStoryCreator
28 Year-old Emma Swan glanced at the floating blue screen. Then at the counter where the boy claiming to be her son was. "I need a drink." When Emma's future s...
The Cursed Princess and the Pirate Captain by imakestories
The Cursed Princess and the Pirate...by imakestories
Emma Swan the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming was cursed the day of her birth by the Evil Queen Regina. At 18 years then she was recursed by the Dark One. The...
Wolfs Flames by speckledvulpix
Wolfs Flamesby Niggward
Fading away in the Dead Forest is unpleasant. But I'm fighting to end this.
The crocodiles granddaughters  by Daydayrocks
The crocodiles granddaughters by Laney Winchester-Mikealson
When Neal and Emma first meet it wasn't just the two of them. It was also Neal identical, twin daughters. Even thought Neal lost all contact with Emma, it doesn't mean t...
Dear Emma, Love Killian. |COMPLETED| by emmascaptainhook
Dear Emma, Love Killian. |COMPLETE...by emmascaptainhook
After The Love Of His Life Is Put Into A Coma He Is Told They Don't Know When She Will Wake Up. Every Day Of Her Coma He Sticks By Her And Writes These Letters. He Doesn...
Careful Dearie 2 by mavethebrave
Careful Dearie 2by Mrs. Gold
This is the second book in the series 'Careful Dearie'. This one is about what happens with your magic, the magic bean, Bealfire, and of course Rumplestiltskin. That's w...
The Dark one's love (ON HOLD) by LilEmilyAnne
The Dark one's love (ON HOLD)by LilEmilyAnne
What if Belle was actaully dead? What if Rumpelstiltskin aka Mr.Gold fell in love with someone else. This someone else just happens to be Emma Swan's best friend. Her na...