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Tiger Lily (A Peter Pan Fanfic) by JLawOfficial
Tiger Lily (A Peter Pan Fanfic)by Jackie
Lily is Killian Jones's (aka Captain Hook) fiery daughter. She's spunky, sarcastic, and a talented fighter. Life among pirates has molded her into a formidable adversary...
Saving Killian (captain swan OUAT) by CaptinSwanForever
Saving Killian (captain swan OUAT)by CaptinSwanForever
Emma and Killian's daughter comes back from the future to save her father from Elsa.
His Greatest Treasure - Captain Killian Jones Love Story by charlottes25
His Greatest Treasure - Captain charlottes25
What if you had been kept apart from the man that you love for 200 hundred years? Tortured years by the Dark One? Could you still have a heart of gold... well Adelaide c...
The Broken Mikaelson. by IshipWinterwitch
The Broken MiaDawn
Faith Aurora Mikaelson. Klaus's eldest daughter but he never believed she was his own. Suffering from mental and physical abuse from her family she ran away with her bes...
Loving the Demon by Im_Divergent___okay_
Loving the Demonby Gracie Baker
Book 1 - Loving the Boy ~ Since Neverland, Y/N has been living a happy life. Although she can't remember her time on the island or the boy she loved, she's happy. Or tha...
MOONSEA,   peter pan by jessicahenwick
MOONSEA, peter panby ꒰ 𝔡𝔞𝔫𝔦 ꒱
Mara Turner is adventurous, all she wanted was go on an adventure but was cut short when she came across Neverland with Captain Hook. Mara chooses to be left behind so C...
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Time Turners ¦ Harry Potter AU by ProfessorLoony
Time Turners ¦ Harry Potter AUby 𝑊𝑖𝑙𝑙
Harry Potter thinks his life is happy after he married his Hogwarts sweet heart, Ginny Weasley. When he finds himself dead, along with two of his friends, the next day...
The Docks (a Once Upon A Time Fan Fiction) by Perfectshipper
The Docks (a Once Upon A Time Wendy
A Once Upon A Time Fan Fiction: A thirteen year old girl is mysteriously found unconscious at the docks in Storybrooke. Together Emma, Snow White, and David work togethe...
OUAT One shots  by ouat2402
OUAT One shots by Mavethebrave
Smut one shots about once upon a time. Most of them will be with Gold/Rumplestiltskin. It's open for suggestions.
EVERY LITTLE THING ⇀ ( killian jones ) by llunaetic
EVERY LITTLE THING ⇀ ( killian ミ luna
EVERY LITTLE THING- "every little thing she does is magic, everything she does just turns me on." a cold hearted pirate, hellbent on revenge, finds his way to...
Once Upon A Time One shots by PiperThorn
Once Upon A Time One shotsby Piper Thorn
This is a OUAT fan fiction and REQUEST ARE OPEN IF I MADE A WEBSITE FOR Y'ALL TO REQUEST THINGS ON WOULD Y'ALL USE IT?!?!? Cover by @ClawdeenPhantomhive Put my own litt...
Speak, Dear Muse [ Once Upon a Time ] by Silmarilz1701
Speak, Dear Muse [ Once Upon a Julianne
Killian Jones/Detective Rogers x OFC "One Muse, alone in the world, is a tragic fate indeed." CAMP NANOWRIMO APRIL 2021 ~•~•~•~ Hyperion Heights. Seattle's tou...
The lost one ( peter pan once upon a time ) completed * but still editing * by tay112tay1
The lost one ( peter pan once Taylor
Ok I'm not good a descriptions and I have other stories if unwanted to read , this may have inappropriate content for some kids . This is the story of a Girl who met P...
In Love and in College ~CaptainSwan~ by EGS4824
In Love and in College -E-
Emma Swan, is a new Senior at Storybrooke University, (SBU) All the college students have a fun tradition...Before move-in day they have a party at one of the most popul...
I Beg You | CAPTAINSWAN AU by presstheemmabutton
I Beg You | CAPTAINSWAN AUby Daniela, aka Satan
Emma Swan is a troubled 17-year-old teenager who just recently was welcomed to a new foster family in the other side of the country, which means new place, new home, new...
His girl by blackrose362
His girlby blackrose362
"Oh don't touch her she belongs to killian"
Love: A CaptainSwan Story by ouathook
Love: A CaptainSwan Storyby ouathook
What should have happened during the Season 5 finale of Once Upon a Time and after.
Stuck In Reverse (#wattys2018) by sharonbright1
Stuck In Reverse (#wattys2018)by sharonbright1
She didn't have to know yet. I would allow nature do its job in this life. Our lives never included normal, it was our curse and our blessing. But what I knew was, bless...
We're Back? (CAPTAIN SWAN) by CaptinSwanForever
We're Back? (CAPTAIN SWAN)by CaptinSwanForever
Okay in this story the curse did happen but Emma never met Neal and never had Henry, when she broke the curse, they all got sent back to the enchanted forest, so Emma is...
Captain Swan: You Brought My Walls Down by jillchair8e
Captain Swan: You Brought My Emily
Set immediately after the season three finale. As Emma and Killian's relationship begins to blossom, a new foe arrives in Storybrooke. Why does she seem determined to ki...