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No More Happy Endings by bisexualreina
No More Happy Endingsby Lainey
Hook is dead. The pirate that normally was able to make Regina's skin crawl was now gone, and now it was up to her and her family to help Emma get him back.
True love by Bex_in_Oz
True loveby Bex_in_Oz
When Marian returns from the dead and Robin and Regina's relationship is torn apart and Regina is left to deal with a surprise, unplanned situation alone, will they be a...
Ever After ~ {Editing} by _queenofthieves_
Ever After ~ {Editing}by Emily
Can an evil queen and an outlaw find redemption and acceptance? Can two former villains become heros and find love? Do second chances and happy endings truly exist? Foll...
The Third Sister by TaySwiftFrozenOUAT
The Third Sisterby TaySwiftFrozenOUAT
"I told you to stay away from her" Regina said in a low and angry voice while she was healing the wounds on Taylor's face with her magic, as her hands were sha...
The Villain Got The Happy Ending by bisexualreina
The Villain Got The Happy Endingby Lainey
Nine months after the Malificent and Cruella are destroyed, Regina Mills and Robin Hood are now happily married and expecting their first child together. When an old fri...
Breaking Barriers by dearietheories
Breaking Barriersby dearietheories
When Emma tries to make Henry come with her to Boston, he must fight to stay in Storybrooke with his mom, Regina. She means everything to him and he means everything to...
Curse Gone Wrong by bisexualreina
Curse Gone Wrongby Lainey
When Emma sacrifices herself for Regina things get mixed up and she is now left with a bigger debacle than just finding her friend.
The Missed (Discontinued) by Evilregal_EvilC
The Missed (Discontinued)by Evil C
No one loves her so she thought. No one would miss her or really notice to be truthful. But they do and they are fighting to bring Henry and Emma to the Enchanted Forres...
Getting Back to Where we Were by Oncers_lifestyle
Getting Back to Where we Wereby Oncers_lifestyle
A crisis happens in the Mills-Locksey family, and it really causes distress in Regina, Robin doesn't understand...Roland doesn't talk about it, and now they must try to...
Home - Outlawqueen  by myinternetishorrid
Home - Outlawqueen by myinternetishorrid
Regina Mills is in an unhealthy relationship with the head of a incredibly important company, Leopold. When Robin, Leopold's assistant, sees bruises on Regina's arm and...
OutlawQueen One Shots by reginasevilregal
OutlawQueen One Shotsby reginasevilregal
A collection of OutlawQueen One Shots, ranging from heartbreak to domestic fluff. Mostly Robin taking care of Regina, because it warms up my heart to write this 💁🏻‍♀️...
Teasing//Outlawqueen by lanasparilla
Teasing//Outlawqueenby Gay Bish🌈🔥
Regina Mills is the assistant of Robin Locksley at 'Locksley industries'. She thinks she'll have a great time there-until she actually meets her boss. How will her life...
With Love In Your Eyes by bisexualreina
With Love In Your Eyesby Lainey
Regina Mills is focused on bringing her best friend back from the darkness after she sacrificed herself for her happy ending. Preoccupied by this task, her knowledge of...
Ouat Oneshots by Reginaismydrug
Ouat Oneshotsby reginaismydrug
I'll write oneshots on here from OUaT. Mostly SwanQueen but requests are always taken ?
Life's a bumpy road by oncer2523
Life's a bumpy roadby oncer2523
What if Lana was married to Sean? Jared was an orphan? Read as they all become one family. Best ranked (ouat wise): #seana number 1 #outlawqueen number 1
The Love of Friendship by bisexualreina
The Love of Friendshipby Lainey
When Regina split Snow and Charming's heart, it unfortunately did not work, now how will the two women learn to overcome their past to support each other now?
Ouat Once Shots by hugs4hook
Ouat Once Shotsby ryan
mainly captainswan because they are my sweet children requests are highly appreciated <3
Destined by lanascurse
Destinedby Alma
Hi I'm Alma. Here's a story I randomly came up with and it takes place in the missing year. Enjoy! (The picture on the cover is not mine, so credit to its rightful owner)
OUAT texting by TheFandomThatWaited
OUAT textingby TheFandomThatWaited
OUAT characters texting
It All Began With A Movie Star by jesspilkingtonn
It All Began With A Movie Starby jesspilkingtonn
zelena has a new client who has to travel from america to england for a role that has became free at the last minute.