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Diary of a Wimpy kid - 3 Years later by Eyebrows_Onfleek
Diary of a Wimpy kid - 3 Years lat...by David . O
Next update: Sep 2019 This story is about questionable love between brothers, what I'm trying to say is that is in_ _ _t filled.This story is very dark in some ways, mai...
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Quiero, Deseo, Necesito Besarte ||Yuri On Ice's Fanfic by LolaUchida
Quiero, Deseo, Necesito Besarte ||...by Lola Uchida
Ay, no se que poner. Fin alv23/Marzo/2017
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Patient Love [boyxboy] by OfMiceAndMaryJane
Patient Love [boyxboy]by Sarah
"Uhm, uh-er, y-yeah, my names Elliot." I tried playing it cool and leaned back in my chair like his presence didn't affect my heart rate in any way. "Nice...
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JeanMarco: A Tragedy by my_online_home
JeanMarco: A Tragedyby Ultimate Trash
Modern AU, where Jean is a 17 year old, who struggles with depression ever since he ran away from home after an argument with his mother about his sexuality. Marco, an 1...
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Acceptance (Boyxboy) by DanJApollo
Acceptance (Boyxboy)by Apollo
Not everything is what you wish for. Sometimes reality is cruel to some people. But maybe it's because reality is making you realize who you truly are, what you need to...
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Have a Nice Trip (GAY) by Schlag15
Have a Nice Trip (GAY)by Schlag15
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What if, in love. by Im_a_person_2
What if, in love.by Iv Sabaini
Cute lil gay love book, they don't have any at the school library so I will make my own.
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Lights, Camera, Action! [boyxboy] by BrooklyMorehead11
Lights, Camera, Action! [boyxboy]by blessings_.smush
Oh look. It's gay, gay, and more gay. Levi Stewart is a working Actor. He was making it big in the movie world. What happens when Levi is given a offer he cant refuse. W...
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• Boca de negro • by srtaninina
• Boca de negro •by Lunita
¿Yo Ciel Phantomhive con sentimientos? ¿Yo, que volví a la vida haciendo un pacto con un demonio manipulador, despiadado y engreído para completar mi venganza? ¿¡YO!? JÁ...
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