Heterosexuality Stories

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I don't even know him [COMPLETED] by EvaBadger
I don't even know him [COMPLETED]by EvaBadger
Gun is a really cute boy, he has lots of friends and he is always smiling, but suddenly something happens to him what changes his whole life. Will Off able to save his b...
radnom by b4rb4r14ntw33zy
radnomby _4teen ^_^
random things cuz I can't keep maoing stories
y/n and the emo boy by RandomCatEnthusiast
y/n and the emo boyby
y/n inst like other girls. she's defarant. she doesn't like girly clothes, girly activities, girly girls, girls, or ne'er has she been recognized by her peers, or anyon...
Now or Never by Dally-X-Johnny
Now or Neverby TheProdigy
Happy Pride Month Everyone! This my honorary Pride month story Lori and Akira have been best friends since before they can remember. Akira just came out as pansexual t...
Miss Perfect by XxCasualUsuallyx80
Miss Perfectby XxCasualUsuallyx80
~~~This book is about conflict between a girl and a boy that have a crazy relationship as best friends during their childhood till now to find out what happens next find...
What if heterosexuality was not the beginning?  by orlenaseemsbratty
What if heterosexuality was not th...by Orlena
What if heterosexuality was not the beginning? What if heterosexuality was an anomaly?
I am back, Wilma Afton, I am back.  by Will567well
I am back, Wilma Afton, I am back. by Wilfred Welcome.
- I am back, Wilma, - the pink man said, whose name was Dave Miller, sweet and kind voice, then, he hugged gently the purple woman, whose name was Wilma Afton, from beh...
lush life (narry) by bendtherules
lush life (narry)by b
Na qual Harry ama livros e bem, Niall ama Harry. © 2017 bea.
You alone drown out all of my fear  by Friendly-nerd
You alone drown out all of my fear by Friendly-nerd
It's a crazy storm outside one night during Ylisse and Lissa is hiding in her bedroom, trying to ignore it and sleep. She suddenly heard running down the halls and nervo...
Does being attracted to a transgender woman make a man gay? by escamillion
Does being attracted to a transgen...by N.D.L.
a blog entry about the diversity that exists on the spectrum of sexual orientation; specific focus placed on hetero-cisgender men who are attracted to trans-women. Was...
❝ ephemeral ❞ ─ jongdae  ⌜revising⌟ by saintbaek
❝ ephemeral ❞ ─ jongdae ⌜revising⌟by — 𝙠𝙖𝙩 —
┌ his mind traced the inked memoirs she permanently engraved ┘ »» In an alternate universe where het...
InsAnity by Yourdler
InsAnityby Matt Blosil
After being released from WWII Joe Critter comes in contact with insanity itself and gets sent off to worlds unimaginable.
The Greatest Sin (boyxboy, girlxgirl, girlxboy) by louisbabygirl1dx
The Greatest Sin (boyxboy, girlxgi...by Rosye Dray
In the land of Skytree, the greatest sin is heterosexuality. Amy Evans believes that she's homosexual, but a sudden interest in her neighbor Timothy Nichols might just c...
2 for 1 by iced_moonrise26
2 for 1by Kate Gatz
Charlaine Hawkley has never been the kind of girl that guys fall for, no matter how much effort she puts into her reputation, appearance or demeanor. Yet in the span of...
Unanswered Questions by Nutella-arising
Unanswered Questionsby nathalia-778
My names Cleo and I've got a lot of unanswered questions in my life. Can you answer them? I'm 17 and I do not know what the fuck is going on in my life? Do I have enough...
Thumbelina be gay do crime by thumbelinaisdeadbro
Thumbelina be gay do crimeby Thumbelina's tragic death
Barbie Thumbelina where everything is the same but Makena is a lesbian and has a crush on her straight friend violet and the dad cheats on his wife and all of the twiler...