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Kill Me Now (Modern Cliches, #1) by AMLKoski
Kill Me Now (Modern Cliches, #1)by Anna Koski
Book One of the Modern Cliches series ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi, my name is Sasha Elaine Wimbleton. I am your perfectly average twenty four year girl. The only thing I am slight ab...
Wentworth's Inmate by badguypovs
Wentworth's Inmateby BilsBagels
This story takes place through S1-S2 of Wentworth when Franky is still top dog, and Callie Dale (you) gets sentenced to 6 years in Wentworth prison. What happens when sh...
The way in which we run by abatesmotel13
The way in which we runby abatesmotel13
Imagine that one lone day changed your life forever. Imagine having a secret that could get everybody you loved killed. Imagine being in danger your whole life and alway...
Jessica | h.s by MissIDontCare
Jessica | h.sby Bby
"I will save you, no matter how far he takes you."
The diary of Cynthia Rose by writersareus
The diary of Cynthia Roseby writersareus
Cynthia Rose was a girl from an extremely small town, where everyone knew everyone. there's no possible way that anything bad could happen. right? this is the story of...
Cruel World by Divine_Song_Melody
Cruel Worldby Melody Harp
Please, help this lost child in a world of cruelty bts x reader Warning: if you squimish toward sensitive topics such as torture and rape, step away.
When The Birds Sing by TyTyLynne112004
When The Birds Singby TyTyLynne112004
This is the story of a girl. Her life is ordinary, but when her mother is sent off to war, everything changes.
Escape by ADragonOfMistic
Escapeby Io
I stare at the old picture of us and wonder, why did this have to happen, why am I so special? Dark floors. Dark walls, windowless. Trapped in a never ending building wi...
The Story of Avyelle by SZ52301
The Story of Avyelleby SZ❤️
This is about an abused girl's road to happiness.
Behind Closed Doors by LilDebbie97
Behind Closed Doorsby LilDebbie97
This is a true poem ! It may be about you or me ...... Your choice.... Its a short poem about a girl who hides what she goes through, she needs help ..... She is _______...
I'd take a bullet for you by Asterizm
I'd take a bullet for youby Sonder
One second, one action, one hesitation, one drunk driver but it was two who were torn apart. Melody is your typical good girl, good grades, good heart she's even good at...
The mask she wears... by Insane-Smiles
The mask she Insane-Smiles
This is a small poem for my friend.
The Reality of a Living Rose by iitaliaaaa
The Reality of a Living Roseby ಥ⌣ಥ
"Angel, talk to me...please", his voice broke at the end. Why do I have to hurt him like this? ----- Angelica is a college student at NC State University with...
Breathe by Artist2Aspire
Breatheby Artist2Aspire
New year new me, right? Yeah, well, that didn't work out too well. ~~~~~~ Katie Brown: anxiety ridden, young and having just lost her parents is, understandably scared...
In The Dark by Kat_theBISEXU-whale
In The Darkby ThatBIgirl
I see trees, a grey sky, a barbed-wire fence. I'm riding the back of the bus, the one that will take me to the insane asylum. Personally, I don't think I'm crazy but oth...
I guess I'm not alone  by hihi113232
I guess I'm not alone by hihi113232
if you think her mom dying is the worst thing to happen...then yiu shouldn't be reading this. P.S (under MAJOR finishing/editing
Saving Her by MakaylaJade2
Saving Herby Mak
she is his new roommate he wants to know more but she won't let him in why?
The Blog Where She Died by Artisticgirl20067
The Blog Where She Diedby Ema
McKayla Butters was a normal girl, in 2015 who decided to start a tumbler blog. But today, in 2020 we are still on the search for her. After being declared missing, the...
Elizabeth(On Hold) by mady_lanna_
Elizabeth(On Hold)by Madisyn and Alanna
She was a weird girl, but was invited to everything. She wasn't popular, or a nerd. She wasn't even real, she was fake. Everyone adored her because she didn't care that...