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Forever by emeraldacalorando
Foreverby emeraldacalorando
Smart Mouthed Mia, Sex Appeal Xavier, And the strong attraction that sat between them. Ever wondered what could happen when you need an arranged marriage to prevent an...
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Crown of Cruelty (Yandere Boys x F. Reader) by heythereyousquare
Crown of Cruelty (Yandere Boys x heythereyousquare
"Yes I'm cruel," he whispered in her ear. "But you have to be, to get what you want." He pulled her chin up so that her eyes were only on him. "...
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The Magician's Rabbit (Hisoka x OC) by FlakeSnow10121
The Magician's Rabbit (Hisoka x OC)by FlαkєSnσw
After winning a ticket to a Heaven's Arena match on the 200th floor, struggling artist Kei Nishida gets roped into an existence she never could have imagined. Fr...
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Honey Pot by read_deez
Honey Potby Baby Nerisha🍼
After her fiancé dropped her Honey brown later meets a sexy veterinarian who she can't seem to get her off her mind. He introduces her to parts of her self she didn't kn...
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Broken Ties by euphyrys
Broken Tiesby AC
With shattered hearts and a golden time... Love forgotten and broken ties... "Can everything go back to the way it was?" ••• It has been a long time since they...
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Scars between us✔️(JJK•FF) by btsburnsiNFiReS
Scars between us✔️(JJK•FF)by park-jim-in😏
In a story where Jungkook misunderstands Y/N for cheating on him and terribly tortures her for years. But what will he do when he gets to know that it was all misunderst...
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Vice Vince Voice by karym_X
Vice Vince Voiceby + and -
Everything gets simple Everything gets easy Everything becomes clearer but what if your vision gets blurry? What if you can't differentiate? A short tale of Love Thrille...
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Love Under Revenge by BhebeCheekay
Love Under Revengeby 𝓑𝓱𝓮𝓫𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓴𝓪𝔂
Araw ng pag-iisang dibdib nina Raphael at Janniah. Ngunit sa hindi inaasahang pangyayari ay bigla na lang may dumukot sa bride. Walang pagsidlan ang galit ni Janniah sa...
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Queen of the Damned by AmeliaGreyson
Queen of the Damnedby Amelia Greyson
Everyone dies, some just outrun it better than others.
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Belong To The Mafia Boss by alienosaur
Belong To The Mafia Bossby 🌸お嬢様🌸
"I love you, [F/N]-chan." He said as he pecked your forehead. Caressing your hair and sniffed its fragrance. You could hear the sound of his heartbeat, jumped...
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Trapped(Yandere twins X reader) by NilaEverfree
Trapped(Yandere twins X reader)by ❦~堀河ミユキ~♡
"Two words:They snapped." (y/n)'s mother is going on a business trip for a few months so that mean FREEDOM!!!But.....there's a catch,the twins,Taksuki and Itsu...
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Do Better (Book1) by brasticcasf
Do Better (Book1)by 😼💞0fficialRenee’
18 year old Ja'Niyah struggles to know her worth because of her pathetic ex boyfriend who treats her any kind of way. Once she leaves him she finds it hard to love the g...
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Teacher's Pet by Venoxie372
Teacher's Petby Celia Vivianne
It's one thing to have a crush on your teacher. It's another thing to have him liking you back. You're on a whole new level if he's using you for his sick twisted pleasu...
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Black Butterfly {Hisoka x OC ~ Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction} by Roseblade22
Black Butterfly {Hisoka x OC ~ Roseblade22
No one else wanted the job, so she took it. Nothing else was amusing to him, so he tested her. Neither expected what came next. Hisoka x OC. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story...
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Our Unexpected Love Story by myworld2612
Our Unexpected Love Storyby Harika_Kishore
SEQUEL OF UNEXPECTED TWIST. Loving a person may take days or months or years but forgetting the love will take you life long. Taking vows is easy but standing by your...
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I Hate You (Larry Stylinson) ✅ by larry_love_ED
I Hate You (Larry Stylinson) ✅by larry_love_ED
Good looks mean nothing if you're an asshole. When Louis, a struggling writer, meets Harry, a world-renowned poet, he learns exactly that. Harry's hurtful words and tor...
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Fantasy Yandere x Fem!Readers(SLOW UPDATES) by RosettetheHealer
Fantasy Yandere x Fem!Readers( Grim-Writer
The Fantasy becomes real... and they all want one thing and one thing only ... ... ... You!~ And escape is not an option... DO NOT STEAL. This is a complete work of fict...
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Rain (Feitan x Reader) by Katjaface
Rain (Feitan x Reader)by Katjaface
She only comes out in the rain. He wants to see her again. Will it work if he makes it rain blood? Feitan has a crush on a girl who he only sees in the rain. Is she a g...
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Arranged [s.m] by shakingvocables
Arranged [s.m]by FMA
you're told to get married to Shawn Mendes, what's next? - s.m fanfiction
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