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Teacher's Pet by Venoxie372
Teacher's Petby Celia Vivianne
It's one thing to have a crush on your teacher. It's another thing to have him liking you back. You're on a whole new level if he's using you for his sick twisted pleasu...
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Special... by prancing_from_issues
#2 Reagan G.
"You're special Y/N..." he purred, running his blade over my soft skin, leaving a crimson trail behind it. My eyes burned into his, not buying his words, he wa...
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Hating You Sweetly (NEW EDIT) by romolavinia91
Hating You Sweetly (NEW EDIT)by Lavinia
Laura couldn't recall a single incident which would result in the cruel hatred Chris had apparently developed just for her. It was like her every breath, every move woul...
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Do Better (Book1) by brasticcasf
Do Better (Book1)by ‘🦎💛Naedagieco
18 year old Ja'Niyah struggles to know her worth because of her pathetic ex boyfriend who treats her any kind of way. Once she leaves him she finds it hard to love the g...
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Molded (Sangwoo x Reader) by Katjaface
Molded (Sangwoo x Reader)by Katjaface
Question: Why would anyone willingly live with a psychopathic murderer? Answer: Maybe it's because they were molded just for him.
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Twisted by Lone_Wolf_Ludlow
Twistedby April ludlow
The blood slowly drips from her lips, her chest rises and falls with each and every heavy breath. "Your Love is just as sick and twisted as mine."
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Twisted by alastrious
Twistedby Melissa
Izuka Midoriya would try to live her life as quirkless, but everyone, even her family treated her terribly. The one person she thought she could always look up to was Al...
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Fuck Hard Love Soft by MademMad
Fuck Hard Love Softby MadamMad
(CURRENTLY AM EDITING- this was my first book that I had written, and I'm rewriting it.New names and a new way of transition as well. I stopped writing for a while so I'...
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Sweet Lover Of Mine by PleaseFancyMe
Sweet Lover Of Mineby Fan’Cee
Josiah is a lover, not a fighter. But what will happen when he has to fight for his life. // Blood trickled from my lip as I looked up at her. Her eyes were void of all...
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Black Butterfly {Hisoka x OC ~ Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction} by Roseblade22
Black Butterfly {Hisoka x OC ~ Roseblade22
No one else wanted the job, so she took it. Nothing else was amusing to him, so he tested her. Neither expected what came next. Hisoka x OC. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story...
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My Baby Sister by Blaksoul67
My Baby Sisterby Blaksoul67
Blade, a new Viking came upon Berk, slaughtering and seducing women he found pleasing. Ruffnut fell victim and pregnant to him, losing her family name. Soon enough a ter...
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Queen of the Damned by AmeliaGreyson
Queen of the Damnedby Amelia Greyson
Everyone dies, some just outrun it better than others.
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Keeping Traditions by DarklingJinny
Keeping Traditionsby Jinny Jones
A Family Comes First (Kidnapped by Cannibals) fanfiction. If you haven't read the Kidnapped by Cannibals trilogy and spin-off by @masonfitzzy then you should do so now...
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Blood by delightfullysaucy
Bloodby elliott
The King is depressed. A god betrays his own kind. A battered human just wants to live a comfortable life with her girlfriend, but cannot fight off the advances of immor...
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Being Evil With You  (Bleach FANFICTION/ Aizen X OC) by Stars_in___
Being Evil With You (Bleach Stars_in___
(The story set before Yhwach asked Aizen to join him. ) Years after years with only darkness as his solid friend. Silence is the only music to his ear which make him re...
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Trapped(Yandere twins X reader) by NilaEverfree
Trapped(Yandere twins X reader)by ❦~堀河ミユキ~♡
"Two words:They snapped." (y/n)'s mother is going on a business trip for a few months so that mean FREEDOM!!!But.....there's a catch,the twins,Taksuki and Itsu...
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Fixation by EvilCatsAndBunnies
Fixationby WanderingSoul
"You knew. You tricked me into this marriage!" Amelia yelled, voice quivering, as realization dawned on her. His feral grin only confirmed her suspicions. &qu...
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You Love I (Ayano X Reader) by xXOtakuMixXx
You Love I (Ayano X Reader)by xXOtakuMixXx
Its just as most yandere love stories start. You bump into 'said' yandere and all hell breaks loose. You see that familiar glint in her eye and all of the sudden she's p...
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Hushed Confessions | ✔ by Beauty4evar
Hushed Confessions | ✔by Shadia N.
Meet Sajdaa Taha. A sassy, hilarious, and intelligent seventeen year old Muslimah. Being a Muslim in a society where majority of the people see Muslims as terrorists has...
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Golden Black by itsmeasperusual
Golden Blackby itsmeasperusual
Rich Rivalry. 🤑🤐🤫