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Pure (h.g.) by Part-Time-Author
Pure (h.g.)by Me, an intellectual?
"You're too pure for this world." "Then wreck me."
Jack Gilinskys my brother !? by imcalledmelissa
Jack Gilinskys my brother !?by Melbee
But what if everything you thought you knew, you didn't ? You didn't know anything anymore?
f a k e | J.G. by chevronkittycats
f a k e | J.G.by ur cute jeans🔅
In which two people come together and fake date to make their exes jealous. will feelings be caught? do they end up getting back with their exes? read f a k e to fi...
Ambivalence [p.h.] by overzealous-jealous
Ambivalence [p.h.]by human trash :)
book one of the ambivalence trilogy I look at him. "I don't want to kill anyone either. Trust me. But I'd do it if it would make you feel better.&q...
Over My Head I |h.g| by HoodxMendez
Over My Head I |h.g|by HoodxMendez
**Book One** He's just the jerk from school. But there is just something about him that is familiar. [book completed Nov. 2014 : read at...
The New Girl by onlyoneri
The New Girlby riri
''maybe being the New Girl is not so bad after all..''
Invisible by WhenImrightIwrite
Invisibleby Mel
Invisible, Leah just wants to stay that way, the girl in the greenhouse who never asks for attention. Life has never been easy for her and for once she would just like t...
More Than Friends - A Hayes Grier fanfiction by kikkicat
More Than Friends - A Hayes Grier...by kikkicat
Sophie has been best friends with Hayes Grier since they were in kindergarten. They know everything about each other, do everything together. Five months ago Hayes left...
Back to the way it was(hayes grier) by jazzyxoxox
Back to the way it was(hayes grier)by Jazzy
Jasmin's friend is gone for the summer and seems lonely without her until she stumps along an old friend of hers. Hayes. They spend a lot of time together and jasmin sta...
There's nothing holding me back || Shawn Mendes Fanfic✔️ by JustxMexlovingxbooks
There's nothing holding me back ||...by JustxMexlovingxbooks
What happens when the boy you have always called your best friend dies in a car accident? Especially since that best friend was also the boy you always secretly loved. ...
Mr. and Mrs. Spenser  by SparkleJune_44
Mr. and Mrs. Spenser by Team Valaur
Clay Spenser and girlfriend Emma Hayes take their relationship to the next level with the blessing of Emma's dad and Clay's boss, Jason Hayes.
Right In Front Of You✔️ by JustxMexlovingxbooks
Right In Front Of You✔️by JustxMexlovingxbooks
"Love comes from the most unexpected places, the most unexpected people." ------ Where can one find love? All her life Kailee Mendes got most of the things s...
Catch Me When I Fall (H.G.) by BH_Grier7
Catch Me When I Fall (H.G.)by BH_Grier7
"Every time I've liked a guy, I've never had the nerve to tell them because I was afraid of rejection. I was scared to possibly ruin the friendship I had with them...
My Brother's Bestfriend by bubblyxcam
My Brother's Bestfriendby bubblyxcam
Have you ever met someone who you hated the most? The guy who's always there to piss you off? Who insults and makes fun of you all the time? Not just A guy, but THE guy...
Mr.Gilinsky by mikayla_childress
Mr.Gilinskyby Kaylapunky
Nikki is a pretty popular at school she is dating the school bad boy Hayes Grier what happens when a new teacher transfers to Chino hills,California and Nikki starts t...
❛ the one ❜ ; Hayes Grier by flawlessfer
❛ the one ❜ ; Hayes Grierby 𝐦𝐚𝐦𝐢 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐮
Don't you know how I feel? Is this love really real? Can we even call this 'love'? #5 'hayesgrier' 04/ Mar/2018 - 15/ Oct/2018 #2 'hayesgrier' 19/Nov/2018 - 03/Jun/2...
Hayes Grier Imagines by -GuitarGirl-
Hayes Grier Imaginesby Mrs I-Have-Too-Many-Biases
This is a book full with imagines about Hayes Grier, Hope you like it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ©All credits goes to -GuitarGirl- ©Copyright 2015 -GuitarGirl- ©All rights reser...
Babygirl // h.g by OhmygodKayziejohnson
Babygirl // h.gby noodle
« you're the only reason I don't wanna live a lie » --- Where a group of friends are bad, drink, party do drugs etc. only they know there past was awful and hates to be...
Tainted (h.g.) by Part-Time-Author
Tainted (h.g.)by Me, an intellectual?
He was pure and now he's tainted. Sequel to "Pure" Hayes Grier, formerly known as the shy 16 year old boy who didn't speak and avoided social situations compl...