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island ☆ g.d. by rravensangel
island ☆ 𝐇.
In which a boy and a girl get trapped on an island together. completed, under editing * please excuse this awful writing, I am sorry for your eyes
WHISPERS | DT by gennare
baby I just wanna come up behind you and press my hard-on against your ass, kiss your neck and shoulders while whispering the things I'm going to do to you in your ear t...
Why Me? by GirlMeetsDolan
Why Me?by Girl Meets Dolan
You and the player in school, Grayson Dolan are assigned to do a project together. You always saw Grayson as the bad boy heartbreaker and hated him for that. You thought...
4 a.m. ☞ dt by altbby
4 a.m. ☞ dtby ♡
in which two people meet at the gym each night at four in the morning to escape their day time realities grayson and ethan dolan alternate universe trigger warning : s...
Hurt little girl  by fanbam143431
Hurt little girl by fanbam143431
Story about an 19 year old girl who's had a terrible life. Neglected by her mum after her dad died. She first became a little when she was fourteen and has been ever sin...
R E D R O O M . | | E . D .  by SexualizingDolans
R E D R O O M . | | E . D . by V
s e x . m o n e y . d r u g s . = e u r p h o r i a. ________________________________________________ Read to find out the troubles Meadow Lee Downing gets herse...
Million Dollar Archives by milliondollardolan
Million Dollar Archivesby sarah
fics/oneshots/blurbs i've taken off tumblr. you're in luck because they're still here! enjoy.
when the sun leaves ;; gd by milliondollardolan
when the sun leaves ;; gdby sarah
grayson and y/n both try to ignore their feelings for each other, but soon enough it becomes too much. smut. lower case intended. 13k+ word count. originally posted to...
Mr wrong or right• Grayson Dolan  by fanbam143431
Mr wrong or right• Grayson Dolan by fanbam143431
You fall for Grayson Dolan, Mr Badboy of the school. You weren't the best behaved but he was another level of bad, or some people thought. He could be kind, but only y...
good as new ;; gd by milliondollardolan
good as new ;; gdby sarah
y/n helps grayson with a car wash. smut. lowercase intended. word count: 7k+ originally posted to tumblr by: milliondollardolan.
We Go Down Together by Vanessa71025
We Go Down Togetherby Vanessa
(Idk this story's all over the place)
DOVE [grayson dolan] by -honeygray
DOVE [grayson dolan]by sullivan
he couldn't have her. it was physically impossible now. the circumstances made it that way. the boundaries kept them apart... until they were broken. fan fiction of wes...
While He Was Gone by GirlMeetsDolan
While He Was Goneby Girl Meets Dolan
You are dating the famous youtuber Ethan Dolan. He has recently been away since he is on tour around the world with his brother. You're having trouble dealing with a lon...
FOREVER? G.B.D by leavemealonedolans
FOREVER? G.B.Dby New fan fic
"Forever. " I heard a deep voice say and I know exactly who it belonged to. None other than the one and only Grayson Dolan.
The Unexpected Winter by idekam17
The Unexpected Winterby idekam17
It's a lonely winter and Isabel is far away from home and feeling colder than usual. But she soon meets this tall and handsome guy while she is tipsy at the club with a...
New Beginnings- Grayson Dolan Fanfic by wishgraysonwasmine
New Beginnings- Grayson Dolan wishgraysonwasmine
Macy, a sophomore in highschool, moves to NJ with her family and meets a boy named Grayson.
Promise by dolanzobsessed
Promiseby dolanzobsessed
"This is a promise you can't break you know?" He told me. "Yes I know I know." I responded. "Now tell me the deal again I wanna make sure you ha...
Dolan Twin Summer by dolanloverzz
Dolan Twin Summerby Gray and Ethan❤️
After her parent's divorce, Vanessa has to spend the summer in California with her mother and her new boyfriend to decide whether or not she will stay in New Jersey with...
chance ↠ g.b.d by polarioddolans
chance ↠ g.b.dby kylie
❝a possibility of something happening❞