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🎩 My music tastes 🎩 by Erya_chan
🎩 My music tastes 🎩by Erya_chan
Here I'll put my favorite music, band and singers 💓 I'll be happy to exchange different tastes with all of you💞! Let's talk about our favorites 🥰💗 Hope you'll like i...
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Cover Shop XD by Phoebe_DiAngelo
Cover Shop XDby Phoebe_DiAngelo
I will be accepting requests and suggestions. I will not put titles on the original but I may do two copies one blank so you can put your title and then do one which is...
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The House of Beardsley by flowersforleah
The House of Beardsleyby Leah
Ever since people could remember only men were allowed to enter the House of Beardsley, but now, for the first time, four young girls with nothing in common have been hi...
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Testimony of Children (Alice Gray Book 2) by TabbyGoddard
Testimony of Children (Alice TabbyGoddard
Catch up with your favourite Vamps and Witches, and discover what else is lurking in the shadows of London! This is the second part of Alice Gray's adventure and things...
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Fortune's Little Curse by CordeliaLHesser
Fortune's Little Curseby Cordelia L. Hesser
[ONGOING]...thin lines of incandescent light outlined a tall door... unnatural chill shivered down her spine... the closet door swung open on its screaming hinges to rev...
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Qíguái by MadelineMurray98
Qíguáiby MadelineMurray98
A mysterious young girl simply called "Qíguái" is adopted by a dying man in order to preserve his legacy, unwittingly turning the child into an instrumental de...
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Void of The Lost King by ViokunWriting
Void of The Lost Kingby ViokunWriting
Ages ago, two countries were locked in a bitter and ceaseless conflict. Over the mountains they raged, Kings inhereiting the wars of their ancestors, quarreling over bo...
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Til Death Do We Wed (MXM) by MissBonnett
Til Death Do We Wed (MXM)by Miss Bonnett
A 500 year old curse dictates that Blake and Daniel must get married before the end of the year or their families will suffer the grave consequences. However, the couple...
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Nescience by ravenkilborn
Nescienceby R A V E N
Tabitha Miller gets claimed by a man as his. He brings her home, forcing her to his twisted morals. The only way out is to pretend he got into her head. One night will...
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the Twenty-Seven Statues of Severin Quilby by GrimmInker
the Twenty-Seven Statues of Grimm Inker
Called to the home of his betrothed, Eiren Adair is reluctantly pulled from the life of comfort he built in Perrinton, at the untimely death of his father. Far from the...
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Edge of Challenger Deep by TheoryAnonymous
Edge of Challenger Deepby Christopher Roberto
(SHORT STORY) When Dr. Edmunds goes on an expedition to the deepest parts of the ocean alone, he encounters evil things he cannot explain. This gothic thriller will exp...
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Gothic Short Stories: Part of the Storm Bloodline Saga by EmmyRBennett
Gothic Short Stories: Part of Emmy R Bennett
A collection of short stories of characters that take place in the Storm Bloodline Saga. Read their backstories and discover some of the characters' past.
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Kiss the Darkness by PearlWhiteBlackWax
Kiss the Darknessby Pearl White & Black Wax
A spine-tingling, modern day, Gothic love story. Wax and I are lovers, pure and simple. Whether we are real or not remains to be seen. We are, of course, opposites, but...
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Once Upon A Blue Moon by AiderKwin
Once Upon A Blue Moonby Aanuoluwapo. T. Ojewuyi
Formerly Known As 'The Ghost In My Attic' An abnormal life becomes worse when a teenage girl meets a ghost... what is to be expected and how many secrets are hidden in B...
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New Blood by AshWhess
New Bloodby AshWhess
When she was captured and made into a vampires pet and fresh source of blood she never imagined she might have been saved. Or that she might save him. Lavender was raise...
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The Plague of London by TheCrystalInkwell
The Plague of Londonby Albert Foy
Johnathan Carter is the Chief Inspector of Scotland yard. He is considered one of the most brilliant minds on the team, based on some of his interesting qualities while...
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Blood Sick  by Wednesday13_baby
Blood Sick by Crazy Writer
You and your friend decide to wander into the woods at night in search of a graveyard. Things are going smooth, you guys find several bones but once you dig up a skull t...
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Sylvie Vania Vampire Hunter  by AliceWhite935
Sylvie Vania Vampire Hunter by Alice White
With Jane Scaretto on the run and wanted for the brutal murder of Elaine Adams the daughter of the Mayor of Sacramento and her husband, Rob. Vampire hunter Sylvie Vania...
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Broken: A Supernatural Story by currer-belle
Broken: A Supernatural Storyby currer-belle
Holly Gaines has escaped the vampire-ridden Savannah and has made a new home in a small Texan town, miles away from her first experience with the Winchester brothers; an...
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