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Alpha X Omega 2Doc by Yaoismitreader69
Alpha X Omega 2Docby Yaoismutreader69
2D is Omega, Murdoc is Alpha, Noodle is Beta, Russel is Beta So this is my first book and I think it sucks but basically 2D has forgotten that he needed to buy to his su...
Scars comic (2doc) (TW: SMUT) by Boreoloverboy
Scars comic (2doc) (TW: SMUT)by Boreoloverboy
This was made by KapuOffical. Not me! I wanted to upload the comic on here because the comic on their website wasn't in correct order so I decided to upload it on here s...
2-D X Reader by gorillazgirl123
2-D X Readerby gorillazgirl123
If you looking for a real 2-D fanfiction, with more than a few chapters and with a thought through story plot, then this is what you lookin for. Your a loner girl, who h...
Gorillaz X Reader by weaselbie
Gorillaz X Readerby ( ͡❛ . ͡❛)
When you're almost hit by two idiots in a car, everything will turn to shit.. Or will it?
My Bluebird (2d x murdoc) by w1nterbarnes
My Bluebird (2d x murdoc)by :)
2d and Murdoc have an an encounter that leave both of them flustered. Not know why or how, they have more of these encounters. Will they confess their feelings to one an...
One True Love by 2Ds-Orange-Juice
One True Loveby Ashley Pot
2D X Reader Lots of fluff lots of smut.
🛸Stranger's house🛸    2Dx reader  by keedaaa
🛸Stranger's house🛸 2Dx reader by keedaaa
Sleeping beauty who? No lOVe TrianGles nO abUse liTtlE drAma ANd A lOT tOn Of LoVe, love Time and storylines are messed up. You and 2D got all house all for yourselv...
The Nymphomaniac of Gorillaz (Gorillaz X Reader) by cinnamilkxx
The Nymphomaniac of Gorillaz (Gori...by cinnamon
During their final show of the Plastic Beach tour, Murdoc finds himself intrigued and amused by a fan, who he brings home that night. In a leading of coincidental events...
Shattered Glass (WARNING: 2DOC) by AdaxLeon
Shattered Glass (WARNING: 2DOC)by Joshua Hanekoma
Murdoc and 2D create a huge mistake... They end up somehow having a daughter! (Cover art does not belong to me. Credits to the owner.)
Be my light  (noodlexreader) by Zever8
Be my light (noodlexreader)by Zever8
I no see a lot of dis ship so imma try to make one dat is good, I hope u enjoy cuz it my first one lol and I'ma make stuff up on the fly I think Y/n didn't really have a...
Fuzzy thoughts by sting12
Fuzzy thoughtsby sting12
2d is having trouble with the weird thoughts coming to his head. He dismisses it every time, coming up with a random excuse, " it's because I'm tired" is one o...
2D X Reader by Justphans
2D X Readerby Skyla Rado
new story neat
Wouldn't you agree?  by whynot124268
Wouldn't you agree? by whynot124268
This is a noodle x reader that will involve smut😏 I don't own the characters or the cover :3 Also in this you guys are obviously of age It's starts out with a fateful e...
Wake Up (Gorillaz x Reader) BOOK 1 by TheCryClub
Wake Up (Gorillaz x Reader) BOOK 1by Butts Butts Butts
You are an abused 13 year old child with multiple special abilities. Read to find out what happens when your father gets killed, you run away from your home and just ha...
the girl in the band Book 1 (noodle x femreader) by lovable__idiot
the girl in the band Book 1 (noodl...by TheCrimsonFuckr
y/n is a gorrilaz super fan in the ninth grade when she sees a familiar face at school this event changed her life forever also shes a black belt in karate so yeah
Murdoc Niccals x reader |Paranoid| by Wholesome4u4eva
Murdoc Niccals x reader |Paranoid|by Wholesome4u4eva
They got off on the wrong start but he wants to make it up to her. Will their relationship grow or drown in sorrow?
Murdoc X Reader by Califournian
Murdoc X Readerby Em
Y/N posted another song of hers on Youtube, playing the instruments and even singing. She sat down tiredly on her bed and heard her phone go off. She picked up her phone...
gorillaz lemons by murdocscumjar
gorillaz lemonsby Aster
Lemon stories including 2d, Murdoc, Noodle, etc.. 16+ also requests are open <333
Deadbeat (A Gorillaz 2D x Female Reader fanfic) by Hellion-La-Rose
Deadbeat (A Gorillaz 2D x Female R...by Rosali Lin
Your best friend and foster sister is Sydney Pot, the possible daughter of a man named Stuart Pot. The front man of a band called Gorillaz. The day Sydney turns 18, you...
Not My Body.. (2D x Reader) by 2Ds_hard_daysnight
Not My Body.. (2D x Reader)by 2Ds_hard_daysnight
As you fall asleep listening to Stylo, you wake up not in your room to discover that your not you!