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English Rose      -       liam gallagher fic by cornerstxne_
English Rose - liam gal...by cornerstxne_
Normal lads more than anything; once separated from the trouble they found themselves in, that is ultimately what the Gallagher's were. Liam in particular finds that his...
supersonic | liam gallagher / damon albarn by martials
supersonic | liam gallagher / damo...by eva
"You can do drugs with him, you can do drugs with me. But the difference is, can you still feel high as a kite around him when you've not touched a gram of the stuf...
Talk tonight (Noel Gallagher) by secondshelp
Talk tonight (Noel Gallagher)by secondshelp
A Noel Gallagher fanfic. Elodie Webber is 19 years old and has been best mates with liam gallagher her whole life, she also has a little crush on his older brother, Noe...
Live Through This/ Liam Gallagher by timeforariotghoul
Live Through This/ Liam Gallagherby Kat
"Go for Credit in the Straight World, Won't you try?" When the famed American rockstar, Avery Pince, is offered an escape from the USA from an old friend, she...
Live Forever ⇝ Noel Gallagher by magic-pie
Live Forever ⇝ Noel Gallagherby magic pie
"Maybe you're the same as me We see things they'll never see You and I - we're gonna live forever" ~ ...and one night everything changed ~ Noel Gallagher fanfi...
Liam Gallagher | Soon Come Tomorrow by MG2000x
Liam Gallagher | Soon Come Tomorrowby MG2000x
"You were the one person I ever fuckin' trusted y/n, I let you in an' you fucked it up, you completely fucked it."
Ruby's  by Noelsqueen
Ruby's by Noelsqueen
Claire is a college student who works at a local record store. Her strained relationship with her parents is tested when she falls for a customer, who happens to be a mu...
gin & tonic  (liam gallagher. ) by peakysbitch
gin & tonic (liam gallagher. )by effy
in which liam gallagher falls for his worst nightmare.
daddy | noel gallagher by criesinoasis
daddy | noel gallagherby morgan
"daddy?" criesinoasis - 2017, Noel Gallagher
Sally can wait by gallaghershere
Sally can waitby shhh secrets
Sally is a 15 year old girl who lived in Manchester, and this is a story of her continued struggles facing her and her best friend Liam Gallagher
Liam and Noel Gallagher Oneshots (Requests Open)  by Lovefiction18
Liam and Noel Gallagher Oneshots (...by {dani}
Just a bunch of oneshots with my favourite brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher. I also dedicate this to my trash bae, you know who you are, since she's bloody brilliant x...
Smashed Pianos ~ Liam Gallagher  by puny_god
Smashed Pianos ~ Liam Gallagher by puny_god
Eighty-five miles away from home is a long way. Eighty-five miles away from home is something Arden Roberts never wanted. Nottingham was great. Good school. Good friend...
Telltale ~ Liam Gallagher  by puny_god
Telltale ~ Liam Gallagher by puny_god
Life doesn't run smooth for Penny Lane, and being named after a Beatles track doesn't help. A complex childhood followed by an even more complex adulthood may not be th...
She Is Love➳∬ Liam Gallagher ∬ by RkidNoel
She Is Love➳∬ Liam Gallagher ∬by Rkid
16 year old Lucy May has known her best friend Liam Gallagher ever since they were both young. Watch what happens when their feelings for each other grow more and more...
Beetlebum - Damon Albarn by jennyjoolz
Beetlebum - Damon Albarnby Jennyjoolz
Astrid Arlo, bassist of britpop band oasis, lives her life in bliss, doing whatever she'd like. This is the story of how one man, the enemy, infiltrated the lions den a...
callaito ☆ pimentel by -BADDIEBROOKE
callaito ☆ pimentelby pimp master b
[ a joel pimentel story ] lowercase intended !! started: november 24th, 2019 published: november 28th, 2019 finished: incomplete all rights reserved to @-BADDIEBROOKE ©...
A Dream Is All I Need by Noelsqueen
A Dream Is All I Needby Noelsqueen
Alison has always had a thing for older guys, but things get complicated when she gets close to a friend of her dad's
modern life is rubbish; damon albarn by johntaylorswife
modern life is rubbish; damon alba...by -ˋˏ 𝘀𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗵 ˎˊ-
"what's the sudden mood change, hm?" he asked, touching my arm slightly. i looked up to him, meeting his eyes again. "modern life is rubbish, like you s...
I Wanna Talk Tonight by stylesxgallagher
I Wanna Talk Tonightby all the love & as you were
The Gallagher's were almost something out of a dream, for Ivy Daniels she was living this dream. Ivy was best friends and neighbours with Noel and Liam since she could r...