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My Bluebird (2d x murdoc) by gorillazfaceache7
My Bluebird (2d x murdoc)by face ache
2d and Murdoc have an an encounter that leave both of them flustered. Not know why or how, they have more of these encounters. Will they confess their feelings to one an...
Meant to be. (2D x Reader) by Readingiscoolfam
Meant to be. (2D x Reader)by Bleh
3rd In 2d You're a big fan of the Gorrilaz and for your birthday your bestfriend got you tickets to see their show. 2D has seem to taken a liking to you and gives you hi...
2-D x reader smutshots by faceache12d3
2-D x reader smutshotsby faceache12d3
Filled with smut! So kiddies go away!
𝗠𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗕𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘀 | 2-D x Reader by christmasgrapes
𝗠𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗕𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘀 | 2...by christmasgrapes
It was only supposed to be a one night stand... You are an architect with an impressive career, but not much else. Devoting all your time toward work has left you with a...
Gorillaz imagines, one shots and preferences by ThatGurlThatWritez
Gorillaz imagines, one shots and p...by ThatGurlThatWritez
*editing all parts-making them longer and getting rid of spelling errors* Some imagines with gorillaz, let's be honest it's mostly 2D and Murdoc but IM TRYING TO INCLUDE...
C O N N E C T I O N 2D x Reader by CartoonsDreamGirl
C O N N E C T I O N 2D x Readerby Galactic Artist
Gorillaz? Oh you mean that thing you spend half your life obsessing about right? What were the odds a weird fangirl like you would ever be able to even cross paths with...
♡MINE♡   Yandere-Kun x Innocent! Reader by Bright_Star45
♡MINE♡ Yandere-Kun x Innocent! R...by 𝐒𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐡
Ah yes you Y/n yamada the girl who has a crush on Ayato or as Yandere-Kun instead you were his friend..but you knew that he had a crush on your older sister..but you wou...
murdoc x reader  by rrhinestoneeyes
murdoc x reader by ga🐝
Murdoc was out on a run to get some instruments to start a new band during a small break up of Gorillaz. His second stop was a small music shack to get some new guitars...
Chicken (2doc) by 18daydream18
Chicken (2doc)by Pansysoundblast
"Do you want me to explain what the game is?" I nodded quickly and Mudz sighed. "It's hard to explain.... two people sit across from each other and move...
•||Sleeping Powder||• A 2D x Reader Fanfic by sp69kah
•||Sleeping Powder||• A 2D x Reade...by o
Y/N is a 25 year old girl working in London. Her job was in a record shop along with a friend of hers named 'Millie'. One day, she received a message from an unknown se...
Gorillaz Memes by Murdoc_Da_God
Gorillaz Memesby Murdoc Faust Niccals
Read the title ya dingus
Stalker  (2doc) by KingaMorus
Stalker (2doc)by 2d’s mum
How about I make a story where 2d starts developing a major crush on Murdoc and tries to suppress it, but can't, and accidentally turns into a stalker. None of the pic...
I LOVE YOU! by KingaMorus
I LOVE YOU!by 2d’s mum
2d is in love with Murdoc but the feeling isn't mutual. Yet he somehow managed to become friends with benefits with him. Will 2d manage to make Murdoc fall for him? Or w...
sweet and salty •+2doc+• by sleepy_head_89
sweet and salty •+2doc+•by snoozeyoulose
2d hasn't attended school in 2 years but then on the first day of year 11 he shows up with completely black eyes, a new style and a new attitude. Murdoc has bullied 2d f...
Cigarette kiss (2doc-Highschool AU) by wizards_portal
Cigarette kiss (2doc-Highschool AU)by 🤡
I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE ARTWORK I USE FOR THE COVERS! Credit goes to the actual artists!! Stuart is a normal (or not so normal) high school kid. His looks make him stand...
A Stupid Little Dare [ON HOLD] by Xenoo_
A Stupid Little Dare [ON HOLD]by Angel
It was supposed to be meaningless. It was just a stupid little dare. Or so they thought. ---------- 2Doc fan fiction. So yeah. Sorry the sneak peek is a bit trash. No...
He is mine. -2doc Smut by stuartfaceache
He is mine. -2doc Smutby stuartfaceache
With Stuart's, A.K.A 2D's, horrible past and events, will he soon engage in what and/or who he feels is right? (Smut warning)
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Save Her, Leave Her Alone. (Noodle x Reader) by _swooo_
Save Her, Leave Her Alone. (Noodle...by _swooo_
I guess it's a little bit of everything mixed into a story. I really love Noodle and there should be more stories for her, so here is an over 60 chapter story!
Andromeda (2D x reader) by Parkour__2D
Andromeda (2D x reader)by Parkour__2D
just as the title says my dude. (Cover is mine).
Truth Or Dare by Tannahbananal
Truth Or Dareby Tannahbananal
This one game.... this stupid game, Made 2D and Murdoc realize they had deeper feelings for each other... Fluff warning☡ Cringe warning☡ Annddd for you little perverts o...