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Double life by axellesmet
Double lifeby axellesmet
Everyone has three lives, a public life, a private life and a secret life. Skylar Callaway has taken this quote to the extreme. She is the most introvert, silent, unkno...
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My Gang Leader  by alicialashaye
My Gang Leader by AliciaLashaye
Laura was a small child when her grandparents took her from her unfit mother. She was abused as a child physically and emotionally by her mothers boyfriend. She runs int...
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The Exchange by KellyGe
The Exchangeby kell ☀
Exchange (v.): 1. Hailey Brookes trades in her original summer plans to, instead, swap places with a family friend's young son and live at their suburban estate. Havi...
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Eros: A Game Of Wits (A Mafia Novel) by MagicalTulip
Eros: A Game Of Wits (A Mafia Arianthie Stath
**Wattpad Featured** "Unlike you, he is a gentleman who respects me." It was so low that he almost missed it. He wished he had, though. He turned to her with...
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Elsie-Rae's got Double D's by biscuit_dunker
Elsie-Rae's got Double D'sby tarnya
Elsie-Rae always fancied having Double D's and that's exactly what she got after her boyfriend Ben dumped her, since that night in McDonald's car park her life has been...
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I See You (complete) by krista_writes
I See You (complete)by krista_writes
Rachel Morgan and Cade Miller have known each other since kindergarten. They were even friends at one time, but something happened between Cade and her twin brother, Cra...
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This Girl by Tsubame
This Girlby Shim Simplina
The shortest story ever written about one girl who did everything. About things random and weird. About life and love. To prove that there are things more wonderful than...
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One Wish |A Daveed Diggs x Reader| by e1ysiantae
One Wish |A Daveed Diggs x Reader|by ♡jaya♡
Read to find out.
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Athletes Don't Commit by IslandGirlkenn
Athletes Don't Commitby IslandGirlkenn
A 17 year old girl by the name of Brec Lophgan is one of the most athletic girls at Hampton High school. She is not one to commit because she is always focused on playi...
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Escapade | Daniel Seavey AU by sweetdr3am
Escapade | Daniel Seavey AUby 🐝
❝good meets bad calm meets wild boy meets girl❞ ➳ two people from different worlds get locked in the local library. A good boy with straight A's, stays out of t...
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She's Not That Big // Calum Hood by meghanhood5sos
She's Not That Big // Calum Hoodby Meghan
If you saw Valerie Henon, you'd know that no one would ever consider her skinny for even a second. She wasn't popular either, but she was okay with all of this. Her life...
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Serial First Dater - The Rewrite by AnnieTheAuthor
Serial First Dater - The Rewriteby Annie
Highest Chicklit ranking #1 Book One in the Happy Ever After Series: Anna wants to find a man. The trouble is she can't even get a second date. With Jack Daniels being...
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Nerd Undercover (Rewrite) by BethanyKenny1732
Nerd Undercover (Rewrite)by Movie_Lover
Rylan Adams goes back to West McKinley High School, after two years of living with her dad. But she's not who she used to be. Violence, illegal fighting
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MINE by Maggy-Mae
MINEby Maggy Mae
One million years into the future, a young man stumbles upon the truth about the destruction of humanity's first home, Earth. But did he really? Nathan Ross is one of th...
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The Stars We Carry | #ONC2020 by -ater-
The Stars We Carry | #ONC2020by 🇳🇬
When expert matchmakers and multi-billionaires, Francis and Amnahosi Adegbe, decide to put their matchmaking prowess towards getting their daughter, Darami Adegbe, a spo...
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New Old Love by gmwfan001
New Old Loveby gmwfan001
Joshaya everything joshaya! Takes place in present time, right after ski lodge, pretending Shawn and Maya's mom are already married!!
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I,Mariam by Ameeraaza
I,Mariamby Princess Olive
Nothing could ever compare to Hamzah. He was her everything. Unfortunately, Hamzah thought otherwise.
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In Another Life by oreo80403
In Another Lifeby A
"You are so arrogant and superficial! Hey, and here's a thought, maybe that's why your, who was it again, oh yeah Nicole, cheated on you!" she argued. "Do...
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Broken Angels | ✓ by vibrantauroras
Broken Angels | ✓by auroras💚
A glorious tragedy where a boy feels too less and a girl feels too much. Hot headed seventeen year old Olivia Andrews has a sharp tongue, materialistic mother and hecti...
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We Went Broke at Midnight | ✔ by DG_and_Reid
We Went Broke at Midnight | ✔by ❝dg and reid❞
[COMPLETED] A girl's dad loses her job. A guy loses his wallet, girlfriend, and job all in a day. So what happens when the two strangers meet and both of them have money...
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