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TEN THIRTY FIVE ✸ jac caglianone by scottyjetpacks
TEN THIRTY FIVE ✸ jac caglianoneby kendall
and i can feel your arms around me, let them drown me. ( j. caglianone x oc )
America's kids! ~Countryhumans~ by iamalien3876
America's kids! ~Countryhumans~by Arandomperson003
This is a book about how everyone first figured out about America's 60 kids. The only person that knew the entire time was Mexico. Seeing as they made a child together,T...
Louisiana Saturday Night by GrippingTalesOfWoe
Louisiana Saturday Nightby Alexis Reed
Two young lovers and their friends take a 21st birthday celebration down south to New Orleans, Louisiana for some authentic Cajun fun. As Louisiana natives, the young l...
Escape by luminescent_spirit
Escapeby Alyson
I could almost hear his voice echoing from the rush of the waves crashing upon the shore. “You're home sweet home, Ray. Home sweet home.” It was my first experience of e...
The Best Buddies Program by emmawhitner
The Best Buddies Programby Emma Whitner Florida
Best Buddies International is a nonprofit organization creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This...
Animals of the World: Crocodiles and Alligators by XenMultiverse
Animals of the World: Crocodiles Xen Martin
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Crocodrylia
How Does a Moment Last Forever by Sam-a-lama-ding-dong
How Does a Moment Last Foreverby Brer Sam
It's Murray's birthday and the kids don't know how to celebrate it.
My day by marvelbiggestfan
My dayby Hala
this is basically a diary where I write about my day and stuff or even that comes to my Yeah, enjoy? My mom takes my phone a lot it's becoming a hobby of hers...
Little Cinder Soot by OpalLynnAbernathy
Little Cinder Sootby Opal Lynn Abernathy
17th Century United States-Daniella De Exter had it all. She was an only child to a wealthy man, she never wanted for anything. Until one day, her father married Evil Lu...
Amnesia of security breach by Masonman2020
Amnesia of security breachby Mason man
This is just a five nights at Freddy's story me and a friend are gonna work on and work on
Read Emma Whitner Debutantes! by emmawhitner
Read Emma Whitner Debutantes!by Emma Whitner Florida
You will love to read more about Emma Whitner's Debutante. This is very interesting to know the insights how she debuted and how she completed her journey from a beginne...
Babysitter House by RobertHelliger
Babysitter Houseby RobertHelliger
WATTY AWARDS ENTRY 2013 MYSTERY/THRILLER-ORIGINAL FICTION. Robert Helliger. 8 August, 2013. In Louisiana, 14 year old Debby, (and her friends), make money babysitting...
I Found A Reason™ ♥ Tim Tebow by narniaXisXhome
I Found A Reason™ ♥ Tim Tebowby Kylie Crucifixion
"You haven't changed one bit." I smiled. "Except, you know, that you're a quarterback in the NFL. Wow." Tim smiled back. "You haven't changed a...
10 meters diving experience and tips from UF diver Emma Whitner by emmawhitner
10 meters diving experience and Emma Whitner Florida
Karen Carter Press Release Media Contact: 513-226-5542 I know personally, I have only been given the opportunity to jump off of a 10-meter once in my life. Most pools on...
Summer Co-Ed Camp by RobertHelliger
Summer Co-Ed Campby RobertHelliger
Summer Co-Ed Camp is the newest camp in Louisiana. And, as the new group of teenage boys and girls, converge on the place where a series of murders happened the yea...
Skittles ≫ a.i ☼ by spicypeppers
Skittles ≫ a.i ☼by spicypeppers
A story in which a girl and a boy finds love, over an argument about who gets the last pack of skittles. Ryan lives on the campus of The University of Florida. She has...
An 8 count of love by ariana404
An 8 count of loveby Arixx_happiness
Hi, im Taylor and im a cheer leader And there is someone special to me on my team I have a crush on him.... Yes him! His name is Lance and well...HE IS THE DEFINITION...