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That Golden Butterfly {Gaster Sans X Reader} by White_Dragon_Girl304
That Golden Butterfly {Gaster White_Dragon_Girl304
There's a prophecy that's been told among monsters: When the barrier shatters, and war breaks out, there will be one amongst them all, who shall rise up and with the hel...
Blown Through The Rift (Gaster!Sans X Reader)  by BanthaBug
Blown Through The Rift (Gaster! BanthaBug
You were working with Alphys in the lab in Undertale when chaos strikes! In a freak accident, concentrated determination is mixed with an unnamed concoction and blow you...
{Broken Already} Gaster Sans x Reader by _Kochii_
{Broken Already} Gaster Sans x Kochi
"That's how I ended up here." "Seems bad." "Oh no, it was hell."
Sans AU's × Reader | Oneshots by Clouds_K
Sans AU's × Reader | Oneshotsby Clouds_K
Oneshots of a skeleton and you. 🚫REQUESTS ARE NOT OPEN. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST, I WILL NOT TO THEM.🚫 [+Sans × Reader] [+Papyrus × Reader] :)
Hurts Like Hell (G!SansxReader) by AFT3RH0UR5
Hurts Like Hell (G!SansxReader)by AFT3RH0UR5
This is a Slowburn so hate me all you want, I dont care. If you dont like it then dont read it. Basics: y/n-your name l/n-last name e/c-eye color f/c-favorite color h/c...
Sorry About That (Gaster!Sans x Reader) by little-nabb
Sorry About That (Gaster!Sans x Miscellaneous
You worked for the newspaper, doing a simple editing job and a few other things here and there. Ever since monsters came out of the ground, though, rent has sky-rocketed...
Try me, Bones. (Gaster!Sans X Reader) Wattys2016 by Silverhaunter
Try me, Bones. (Gaster!Sans X Silverhaunter
The only way to the top in this world, this world born of war, born of death, the only way of ascension? to become someone you don't want to be. And so I've got to...
The worst way (gaster Sans X reader) by SkeleFelly
The worst way (gaster Sans X SkeleFelly
Normal days. In your huge...lonely....stupid house that was given to you by your mother and father. They gave you everything. But not out of love. Just to get you out of...
What's Up, Doc? | Gaster!Sans X Reader by artsyTrashpile
What's Up, Doc? | Gaster!Sans X -
------------------------- "Well would you prefer 'glasses' or 'human'?" He smirks. "..." You glare at the smoking skeleton. "Then Doc it is.&quo...
Listen To Me (GasterSans X Female Reader) HIATUS  by Blueknight2489
Listen To Me (GasterSans X ⋙☹Bͪlͥuͥeͫ☻⋘
I'm sorry for the things I've done For the things I've caused For the things I've started For the things I didn't do I'm sorry for not loving you enough I'm sorry for no...
Inner Demons (A Gaster Sans X Reader) by SpazzyJazzy193
Inner Demons (A Gaster Sans X Jazmyne stenner
(Y/N) is a young girl with a questionable past. What happens when she meets a smexy skeleton that knows how to fix her?
The Perfect Time ((Gaster!Sans X Abused!Reader)) by Fall3n_R3mix
The Perfect Time ((Gaster!Sans X Jack Wolfe
5 years. 5 years it's been. 5 years since Frisk freed the monsters. 5 years since your mom left you. 5 years you've put up with your father. 5 years of suffering and ang...
Shatter (GasterSansxReader) by atomicmaddy
Shatter (GasterSansxReader)by Fuck This Shit I'm Out
Hey I'm Y/N and well I just escaped my insane abusive father. I packed my things and left. It was night when I left (same plot right?) and unfortunately I live in a not...
[[DISCONTINUED]] There's Never Enough Of You 《Gaster!Sans X Reader X Grillby》 by BRAINLESSBEING
[[DISCONTINUED]] There's Never Weight Watchers
NOTE: THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED [Drawing on Cover by: SmokyJack on Deviant Art.] You clumsily bumped into someone on your way home from work, apologising as their paper...
Gaster Sans x abused reader by McKALE0219A
Gaster Sans x abused readerby Smol_AnimeBean
You wanted to escape your life... you wanted to die but then a monster change everything...
Sweetheart (Gaster!Sans x Abused!Reader) by MyDouxAmour
Sweetheart (Gaster!Sans x Abused! Amour
You could only stand there and bare the pain of loss. You knew losing loved ones hurt, but when you lost them twice, it really stings. So when all that's left to love i...
Gaster!Sans X Skeleton!Male!Reader by _KorraDragon88_
Gaster!Sans X Skeleton!Male!Readerby I H8 U 2
THIS IS THE STORY OF.....I guess the title says it all but ya know what ever But this is a tribute to my friend @FinnTheSkelly .
Stay With Me...(Gaster! Sans x Abused Reader) by YaBoiSans
Stay With Me...(Gaster! Sans x YaBoiSansy
You're a 17 year old female named (Y/N). Your mother had sadly passed away when you were just 14. That's when you're father had started abusing you. You've been bulli...
Trust Me~~(A Gaster Sans x Reader) by GasterSansFangirl102
Trust Me~~(A Gaster Sans x Reader)by Carl The Llama
You're (Y/N). Just a normal girl, with a normal life, at a normal high school.... Or so you thought, until you met a some of the most unusual people...
Chains of love (Gaster!Sans X Reader) by sambadioncetoldme
Chains of love (Gaster!Sans X ダニアアドリアナ
Gaster sans?Sounds familiär? Mother n sister betrayed u? Find gaster's gang? Find out more in this story ;D . . Your journey begins... It fills you with determination Mo...