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[FreenBecky] When life hits love, sometimes you die by MerijkeB
[FreenBecky] When life hits MerijkeB
It's been over 7 years since Freen came back to Bangkok. She lost everthing due to her fight against depression, even her lover. She's ready to get her life back on trac...
Behind the Scenes  by srch_rmstrng
Behind the Scenes by pau
What happens when all the cameras are gone? Is it really all just fan service? FreenBeck fanfic
The GAP 2: Eternity  by GAPtheseries_
The GAP 2: Eternity by FreenBecky
Thai GL series GAP Season 2: Eternity. story of a Royal Daughter fell in love to a Women.
The Day We Kissed (Freen & Becky) by Ninaaismyname
The Day We Kissed (Freen & Becky)by miraclelox
Patricia Rebecca Armstrong is an excellent lawyer. She is fearless and dedicated. She knows that by following her passion, her life could be in danger.
Till "death" do us part [Freenbecky] by JTFBPFK
Till "death" do us part [ JTFBPFK
The tragic tangent line: some people are only meant to meet one another at one point in their lives, but are forever parted. Will that be the fate of freenbecky or could...
When The Chime Sings (MonSam AU) by NotExotic
When The Chime Sings (MonSam AU)by NotExotic
"Mon, please. This is the only solution we could think of to save ourselves, it is a wonder that they even consider it. Please Mon, please marry their granddaughter...
you're mine. (𝐒𝐚𝐦 𝐱 𝐦𝐨𝐧) by xo_brii28
you're mine. (𝐒𝐚𝐦 𝐱 𝐦𝐨𝐧)by xo_brii28
Since high school Khun Sam has had an obsession with Mon. Sam sends professional stalkers to look after Mon without Mon noticing. After Mon lost a job Khun Sam put out j...
Love Your Imperfect  by Thank_you_Too
Love Your Imperfect by Thank_you_Too
(SamMon AU) Khun Sam who has history of choosing wrong partners but when right person come she try to avoid. On other hand, Mon is sunshine to everyone and fall for only...
The First Kiss by freenbeck_forever
The First Kissby Katie9952
Freen, a college student who is willing to drink herself to a end. Becky, a college student who goes to the bar to meet with her friends for her birthday. Their worlds c...
Behind the Camera by YeloPiyo
Behind the Cameraby Yellow
Fiction A celebrity life can bring one lots of love, but then, as everyone else, they are just humans who feel emotions that can be new to them as well. This is a free...
Parking Lot | FreenBecky by louizr_
Parking Lot | FreenBeckyby loui??
a Freenbecky au wherein Shilo (F) met Keira (B) for the first time in the parking lot of a newly opened bar. Little did they know, that's where their story will begin. l...
The Daily Life Of MonSam (GAP: Pink Theory) by tamads4
The Daily Life Of MonSam (GAP: lilyhosokawa
Love, for me, is a brilliant waterfall of pink that turned my colorless world into a hurricane of chaos. "Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the following days a...
Ice princess and her adorable wife  by Soonshinpark007
Ice princess and her adorable wife by Soon Shin Park 💙
Sam is described as Cold hearted , emotionless , brutal and so on ..... Mon is a cheerful girl who can light up anyones world , she is quite opposite of Sam What will...
Give Me Your Forever (Freenbeck Fanfic)  by figuremeout2023
Give Me Your Forever (Freenbeck figuremeout2023
Follow the journey of Becky, a rising star in Thailand's entertainment scene, as she navigates the complexities of love and passion. Despite being in a long-term relatio...
Secret Love by rampaiger_93
Secret Loveby Bec_Freen
A debt to pay, an impossible love... what else can I say. Read and let me know your opinion.
Accidentally pregnant[Freenbecky] by gae4freenbeck
Accidentally pregnant[Freenbecky]by haaaaa
This is Becky's Life: "You just got promoted!" "Really?!" Asks Becky in surprised. When her boss nods at her smiling. "I just got promoted!"...
Short Stories by Avenger by aotg17
Short Stories by Avengerby Avenger of the Gays
Hi everyone! This little book will be filled with short stories since I have so many ideas and not enough time to develop all of them. Mon/Sam, Freen/Becky, Engfa/Charlo...
Setelah tragedi buruk menerpa, Ariana dan Rebecca memutuskan untuk berpisah sejenak. Ya, kata Rebecca sore itu itu mereka butuh waktu. Membenahi segalanya terutama hatin...
Then There's You by SkyandThunder
Then There's Youby Sam
"Here's your milktea, Sweetheart." "I'm not your sweetheart !" "You know for someone who drinks this much of a sweet drink , sometimes your tong...
Freenbeck Oneshots by freenslayer
Freenbeck Oneshotsby freensarocha
is Becky or Freem the dominant bb? Matured content every chapter!!