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Bulletproof Love (Tony Perry Fan Fic) by benbrucesbestfriend
Bulletproof Love (Tony Perry Fan Steph
May was just normal girl who spent her spare time interviewing bands until she met Pierce The Veil
One Hundred Sleepless Nights [A Jaime Preciado and Pierce The Veil FanFic] by sarahalieee
One Hundred Sleepless Nights [A Sarah-Alice
Ame starts of making famous friends influenced by her nieces obsession for them. She puts her self out there but anxiety kicks in and gives her painful flashbacks. How...
[Vic Fuentes] Save Me From Myself by brokenbarricade
[Vic Fuentes] Save Me From Myselfby brokenbarricade
The band is back home and is ready to relax! Vic, Mike and Tony find a condo in the same building as Jaime and his roommate, Alli. Alli is 'off-limits' to the boys, but...
Tangled in the Great Escape (Pierce the Veil fanfic) by Stoopidhair
Tangled in the Great Escape ( Ellie
'I've known Vic and Mike Fuentes Fags (not really fags) ever since I first moved to San Diego when, i was 14. Ever since they found me sitting in a tall Oak tree that se...
We Are Just Two People That Weren't Meant To Fall In Love by vicinthekellin
We Are Just Two People That Weren' vicinthekellin
When Kellin’s dad gets a new job in San Diego Kellin is forced to leave his friends and everyone he knew behind. Will moving across the country turn out to be good for K...