Tangled in the Grea...
By Stoopidhair
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'I've known Vic and Mike Fuentes Fags (not really fags) ever since I first moved to San Diego when, i was 14. Ever since they found me sitting in a tall Oak tree that separated their house from mine. Since that day we've been friends...best of friends and always stayed close to each other through out the years. Even till now although, I can remember the day we met like it was yesterday.' Ellie is a rich girl whos parents ignore her. She is not those snoby brats who ask for every thing they see in their site. She moves to a small town in San Diego were she meets Vic and Mike. They've became in seperable friends. When Vic was 24 and Mike was 22 they started a band called Pierce the Veil with Tony Perry,and Jaime Preciado. They started attracting more attention to the point that went on tour. Ellie had to say good bye to her best friends for about a year. Read and find out more about Ellie, Vic's and Mikes relationship. And if ellie would fall in love for a certain some one.

Tangled in the Great Escape (Pierce the Veil fanfic)

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Tangled i...
by Stoopidhair