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Ravage's Return by Da_Voices_In_My_Head
Ravage's Returnby Schizo Writer
Jack Darby was a normal human that worked with the Autobots in their fight against the Decepticons... But then he is kidnapped by Soundwave, who had discovered that Jack...
Youngling by SecretGarden03
Younglingby SecretGarden03
Sam has an adopted, little sister who is 10 years-old and adores her. He does anything to protect her but what happens when they get mixed up in an alien war that has be...
(Transformers) Soundwave's secret by Alexandra-Sasha
(Transformers) Soundwave's secretby Alexandra-Sasha
Soundwave is the most mysterious Desepticon both for comrades and Autobots. But there are reasons why the Desepticon Communication Officer made everything to hid who SHE...
The Wheel of Gods [Monster Hunter] by zazalord
The Wheel of Gods [Monster Hunter]by zazalord
A rookie Hunter from Moga Village, a woman with a broken family and a love for all things pokey, and a cat walk into a bar. Arthur Fallings has spent his entire life tra...
Calypso(A Transformers Bay-verse FanFiction) by Viking_Alaska
Calypso(A Transformers Bay-verse Stephanie L.
Calypso is the oldest daughter of William Lennox. She hardly speaks and spends almost all her time studying/doing homework, reading, and inventing. She is sort of a lone...
Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker fanfiction-  by tfp-fanfiction
Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker ❤️TF bayverse💛
Electra is a 18-year-old girl and on a turning point of her life. After the sudden death of her father, the girl finds something horrifying in an old town somewhere in t...
Chased by RockandRoller00
Chasedby Barrelroller
Twelve years have gone by since Dorothy Haven got that Allspark fragment stuck in the back of her neck. With the battle of Chicago five years behind her and her kids, sh...
My Toys Are Alive by SoundwaveWfC
My Toys Are Aliveby Soundwave
Hi I'm Christine, I'm a normal Transformers fan with a semi normal life that is until my Transformer toys come to life and frag up my already weird life
Our Doll (a rumble x reader x frenzy story) by Skytime092
Our Doll (a rumble x reader x Skytime092
You are a doll, a life size one to be exact. It's been that way since you were created in the medieval age. Designed to protect the person who touches the key to your he...
A Group Reincarnation(Yandere!Transformers x Femme!Reader) by ChaChaRealSmooth714
A Group Reincarnation(Yandere! Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb
(Y/N), her two sons, her pet bird, and cat, end up dead due to her ex husbands anger. They all get a chance to live again in her sons favorite show, Transformers. Howeve...
Sparky And I:The Hands Of Fate by TheFangirlSituation
Sparky And I:The Hands Of Fateby ×zє мαנєѕтι¢ ℓℓαмα qυєєи×
"You can't fight fate." ~*~ It's been two years since the battle of Mission City, two years since Tanya was given a second chance at life and a chance to exper...
Story Of A Cassette by Cybexx
Story Of A Cassetteby Cybexx™
This is the mainframe. From here, survival is up to you. Choose your decisions wisely. Change starts with us. Remember, if you don't stand for something, you might fall...
I hate love by RaNdOm-LaDKi
I hate loveby RaNdOm_LaDkI
So this story is between yash and y/n •he is full anger & she is full of love •he hates her & she loves him •he is cold& she is sweet so •what will happen when they...
Magic Frenzy  by Kingmusa44
Magic Frenzy by Kingmusa44
Magic Frezny is about a young teen named Ken Granfold who is attending Elenora's Academy of Magika, which is an incredibly high ranking academy, in fact its the best Ac...
Dark night - Optimus Prime fanfiction - by autobotwarrior01
Dark night - Optimus Prime tfp-fanfiction
Vesper, only eighteen years old and used to live on the farm of her father who passed away three years ago during a car accident. Vesper was broken by the news and didn'...
Fnaf | | Dayshift At Freddy's by Frenzyflight
Fnaf | | Dayshift At Freddy'sby Frenzyfries
Delilah Emerson Afton is a 32 year old, a daughter to William Afton. She joins the place where her father used to work, Strange things happening, Delilah has to choose a...
Allegiance by aakritix_
Allegianceby Aakriti
The Story is about Ajey And Y/n who may or may not fall in love, but if yes then it's with the twist and an interesting one! Its basically a Fan Fiction but a complete m...
-The Cybertronian Experiment- (Transformers Prime FF)- by -Shy-Moon-
-The Cybertronian Experiment- ( -Shy-Moon-
Emilia Sophie Mysox is absolutely normal. Well, that is until she gets kidnapped and used for the sick Experiments of a Cybertronian that obviously lost his sanity. Wit...
daughter of soundwave transformers g1 ( up for adoption) by Hana_Senju
daughter of soundwave Yuki Senju
( must/if you are a fan of transformers g1 then you can adopt i will but in character info in chapter 2 to get started but yea if your a fan plz adopt) her name was sho...
Showdown bandit one shots (taking requests) by Iceprincess417
Showdown bandit one shots ( Olivia Mann
I do not own showdown bandit. The rights go to the meatly and kindly beast.