Firendship Stories

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I miss you... by AngelinaNunes535
I miss 💗Angel💗
A girl name Angelina part of the 11 Hashiras, a 16 year year old demon slayer is looking for Muzan Kibutsuji to finish off the demons for good. While she keeps looking Z...
The neverending friendship by Iamsecretlyajedi
The neverending friendshipby Iamsecretlyajedi
O'Donahue has just returned from a 7-month case. allowing time for him and old partner Oprah to reconnect. -I don't own oddsquad- set before season 3
An Extraordinary Life by DoctorWritter
An Extraordinary Lifeby Writer
Two different people have to stand each other..... A story of Extraordinary bound..... Life of luxury.... Life...
The Bleeding Rose(ONE SHOT) by Magnuswolf12
The Bleeding Rose(ONE SHOT)by Magnus Wolf
A story between two bestfriends that loved each other but when a guy comes between them things changes and one of their worst nightmare might come true..........
A Pokemon mystery by Freefreeyou
A Pokemon mysteryby Literally a pikachu
Githsel and Chase have been best friends since they can remember but one night when they staying at a nearby Pokemon center Chase went missing. He left Githsel, Eevee, a...
Rolling Dice [sample] by Reekles
Rolling Dice [sample]by Beth Reeks
[This book will be published by Random House in September 2013 in paperback and ebook format. This is a sample of the first fifteen unedited chapters.] They say that the...
The Umbrella Academy;between normality and madness (English version) by Fogliadautunno95
The Umbrella Academy;between Bruna Simonacci
Amy, an ordinary girl, will meet the members of the Umbrella Academy and face a world that was unknown to her. Soon, she will realize she didn't get there by chance and...
Sucked Into the Pony Life- Prolouge by Black_Rose_Red_Flame
Sucked Into the Pony Life- Prolougeby Black_Rose_Red_Flame
Hey, I'm Brittany but my friends call me Black Ruby or just Ruby so let me start over.....Hey, I'm Black Ruby or you can just call me Ruby. I have ruby red hair, dark bl...
Her own lovestory. by Catophe
Her own Catherine.
Catherine a 19 years old girl who doesn't know what to do in life. She's confuse, scared and most of all ready to reach her goals.
Lets Break Each Others Heart -Major Editing- by VanessaMarie
Lets Break Each Others Heart VanessaMarie
Life gave me another chance with him and all i'm going to do is break his heart. What would you do if life suddenly gave you another chance to be with your true love? W...
Event Horizon by kneena
Event Horizonby kneena
"Some say the loudest noise is the trumpest of war. I say different and this is my story." The Earth can't live with out the sun and the moon. The Moon can't s...
This is me  by kpop_boyxboy
This is me by Jikook_kaisoo
This is a story about two bi-racal girls who are best friends and who had a tough life to begin with. With one stopped be cared for at nine years old to one who mother...
Friendship into Marriage by Noodles_24
Friendship into Marriageby Noodles_24
This story is about me and my best friend who not that long ago turned into my boyfriend we've been really happy together 😉 Despite all the bad things people say about...
Book I: Lapping Shores by xxbooradleyxx
Book I: Lapping Shoresby xxbooradleyxx
Yahto was born and raised in the Floating Ice Tribe, bullied and mocked because of his heritage. After fishing for a day, he witnesses a girl fall from the sky and start...
Highschool Love  (Book 1) by moneygirls
Highschool Love (Book 1)by Monica
Two people who meet in Highschool and fallen in love.
Is This True by Adelersthomas
Is This Trueby Adele slyvia rose thomas
A very mysterious girl lost her parents and baby sister In a crash, she lives with her older brothers in Europe But she doesn't realise that she is the mate of alpha jax...
Friends For Life by osomatsusanislife530
Friends For Lifeby Kara-Ko
Pomes that are about how important Friendship is to me and to the world