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A Kingdom of Light and Darkness , Throne of Glass and ACOTAR crossover by Aelin_Archeon
A Kingdom of Light and Aelin, Daughter of Athena
After Empire of Storms, Maeve discovers a strange portal to a new land. Portals are popping up everywhere. So she drags Aelin through into a world of strange Fae. Aelins...
absent (sasunaru / narusasu) by axlitac
absent (sasunaru / narusasu)by axlitac!
Naruto was no longer the same after that final battle. TW! mental health, suicide, implied sh
Promise by Taynado
Promiseby Taynado
The end has come, the final battle between good and evil has arrived but what happens when Harry makes a promise he may not be able to keep? ok so this is a re written v...
Family Broken In Two [OUAT || RUMPELSTILTSKIN || Crocodile's Love #6] by bethanyjanebooks
Family Broken In Two [OUAT || Bethany Jane
Calista continues to slumber under the sleeping curse as life for everyone in Storybrooke seemed to be peaceful and liveable another threat comes to town. Mr Hyde has ar...
Never Let You Die by kekeimora
Never Let You Dieby Mocake
***ON HOLD*** There was a way of bringing back Natasha, and Carol Danvers was more than ready to do whatever it takes to save her, but will she be able to attend the con...
Satan's Sacrifice by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Sacrificeby A.L. Rogue
Isabella had been through so much the past 2 years. Fighting every single one of The First's generals while fighting feels she had for Dalton. But now she defeated each...
Skylanders Academy: Spyro's Family(s) by imherenow100
Skylanders Academy: Spyro's imherenow100
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE READING. I am writing this story because I have been banging my head against a wall hoping an idea for something to do. At about the 1 hun...
The Unveiled Truth In Darkness by twilightdaily306
The Unveiled Truth In Darknessby Sterling Kaye Macatulad
Conan tries to find out who Kid really is and not someone who looks a lot like himself as Shinichi. When shrunk detective receives a notice on one afternoon after school...
The Wolf Within; The Hybrid Alpha by Chelsealeehx
The Wolf Within; The Hybrid Alphaby Chels
• completed • If you notice any errors then please let me know • this is the second book, first one is published Love and lose. That is all that Misty has been feeling...
If Voldemort Beat Harry. by writemyfanfiction
If Voldemort Beat Madeline Malfoy
What would have happened if Voldemort won the final battle instead of Harry? This girl lives in a world where that is the case. But, who is she and does she support Vold...
The Last Battle ~COMPLETED~ by CutieCat1131
The Last Battle ~COMPLETED~by •°•°•Lûñá•°•°•
Sequel to Marinette Akumatized. Ladybug and Cat Noir now know each other's identities and Hawkmoth's. What will happen at school? How will everyone react when they find...
Winter's Wrath by SK_Tiger
Winter's Wrathby Tiger Girl
What are the most deathly traits of winter? Well, it's dark, it's cold, it's harsh, and it's slightly monstrous in a creepy way. This was exactly what caused Colt and th...
Gotham's new girl by underthesa
Gotham's new girlby underthesa
Lila's lies have spread everyone except Chloe, Nino, Kim, Luka, Adrien, and Kagami believe Lila and even Marinette's parents believe Lila and after the loss of Adrien, M...
A Trollhunter Never Dies by Ddragon17
A Trollhunter Never Diesby Miller Dillon
Jim is fighting for his life against Morgana in the final battle, but what happens if he gets trapped in the shadow realm with Morgana, and what if he finds that she's n...
Finding Out My Only Family Is My Arch Enemy (A Miraculous Fanfiction) by PurrincessLB
Finding Out My Only Family Is My Purrincess LB
The only problems in Adrien's life are his very distant and cold father. Adrien already knows Ladybug's identity. In fact, he and Marinette are dating, as civilians and...
After The Needles by Turtle0verl0rd
After The Needlesby Turtle0verl0rd
**HUGE MOTHER SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING** This book is the sequel to Claus's story, but can be read separately. This is what I think happened after the game. This is defi...
Return To EarthLand (Fairy Tail & SerVamp) by Anime_Lover_6212
Return To EarthLand (Fairy Alexis
This is book two of Fairy Tail & Servamp, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Juvia, Mira, Lisanna, Levy, Cana and Evergreen are now married and have kids with the guys they grown to lo...
Light and Dark: A Happy Beginning by littlesis712
Light and Dark: A Happy Beginningby Talyn Brown
The characters must defend Storybrooke from the combined threat of Mr. Hyde and the mysterious fate of saviors leads to Emma learning about Aladdin .The ongoing war on...
Paris Will Not Fall So Long As I'm Still Breathing by _Marionette_Puppet
Paris Will Not Fall So Long As I' Goin Ghost
One by one each hero had gone down leaving Ladybug to remain fighting but soon enough she goes down who will help the heroes keep fighting when they are on their last le...
Ben 10: Superchargers by Heroman23
Ben 10: Superchargersby Heroman23
Ben 10 was having a great vacation ever since he got the Omnitrix. He has been fight bad guys wherever they pop up. He was just taking a nap in his Granpa van while gwen...