Farfuture Stories

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Glitch in the God Complex (AmpCore #1) by words_are_weapons
Glitch in the God Complex (AmpCore...by James T Harris
When Piper discovers she has hidden cybernetic implants, she is inducted into the secretive AmpCore Academy to master incredible gifts, in a place where the impossible a...
Pax Galactica - A Space Opera by CharlesSmith9
Pax Galactica - A Space Operaby Charles Smith
Humanity has built for itself a near-utopia with no more use for violence. Someone has to protect it. Sam Decker is a man without purpose. The perfect, strife-less techn...
Icon: Angelic Phantom by MorningStar6
Icon: Angelic Phantomby MorningStar6
The world is now over run by companies, Icon the largest company has released a toxic virus into civilization turning people into raging cannibals or "Hybrids"...
Conatus by BobioJP
Conatusby RJL Simpson
An immense, chaotic complex of metal and stone casts a shadow over storm-swept plains. Constructed by an ancient network in the long-forgotten image of man, the Tower no...
The Experiment by Ellie6880
The Experimentby Ellie
The end of one is the beginning of another. When Katrina York gets thrown into the Experiment against her will, little did she know that her life was about to get flippe...
Just a dream  by BlakeJenny
Just a dream by BlakeJenny
A blast from the past into the future
Utopia War by CharlesSmith9
Utopia Warby Charles Smith
Humanity emerges from the aftermath of the technological singularity having conquered scarcity, disease, poverty, aging, death, and, or so they thought, even war. With t...
Otherworldly Catalyst by csr6522
Otherworldly Catalystby Chris Risner
The manhunt is on. The key to saving this world lays on the shoulders of one man. Where is he though? Is he even still alive? Is he really the only hope? Is he even wort...
Cymurai by madeindna
Cymuraiby Made in DNA
In a dark future, something ancient and immeasurably powerful walks the mutant wastelands... Kensuke is a lowly ashigaru footsoldier in the Tachiyama Clan, one of the fe...
The Salaryman's Guide to Ruling the World by WatcherMagic
The Salaryman's Guide to Ruling th...by WatcherMagic
Rimuru's adventures in politics and intrigue, with a surprising amount of space devoted to people underestimating him and thus challenging him to battles they cannot win.
A Sunrise on Titan by huskiethedreamer
A Sunrise on Titanby Jonathon Strangelove
The resurrection will not be televised.
Sovno's Salvation by Kooy_Rufus
Sovno's Salvationby Kooy
Imma let this keep a mystery factor to it. When I have enough of my storys posted things should make sense, so furst off a maanlup is a Canid being that can stand and mo...
Project APEX by Douge118
Project APEXby Douge118
It's the far flung future of humanity. Soon the very stars themselves will die out for good, and a great enemy has emerged from places once thought impossible. Humanity...
William and the Great Machines by AliciaLaBatti
William and the Great Machinesby Alicia L.
With the fate of his hometown at stake from a tyrannical government, twenty-five year old William Brunelli, a robotics student, creates a machine that will change the fa...
Beginning Of The End by soundedlikecrap
Beginning Of The Endby ~d a l a i r~
[ Highest ranking: #10] Sam, a young teenager of the future had a vivid imagination and was brave. Brave enough to discover the reason of their survival. Brave enough to...
Sunshine Valley   by GustavoCruz883
Sunshine Valley by Gustavo Cruz
It's the year 2065 and humans have become interconnected to the Internet and all things technology, Well the ones at who could afford it at least. What were to happen if...
A Conversation At The End Of Time by Nikola-Mihajlovski
A Conversation At The End Of Timeby Nikola Mihajlovski
Two worn out old men talk about an equally worn down and fading universe as the last sun sets and leads into the final night.
New Proxima - A Slice of Utopia by CharlesSmith9
New Proxima - A Slice of Utopiaby Charles Smith
Life in a post-scarcity techno-utopia. A series of shorts set in the Utopia War universe after the events of that book. You can read this collection without reading Utop...
Ivan of the Reef by AmyJSoba
Ivan of the Reefby
Ivan is the head librarian of the most prestigious library in the galactic group. A normal day with normal worries is interrupted when a Manipulator arrives from Androme...
Intro to House-Ape Studies by LachlanMarnoch
Intro to House-Ape Studiesby Lachlan Marnoch
Ten million years after human extinction, a new species looks back on our fossils.