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Secret Trio by lunafreya51
Secret Trioby Samantha
"I have a letter from Madame Athalena sir." My secretary places an envelope on my desk. I stare at the envelope with my name. Pain. Anger. Disgust. I am floode...
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Isabella by AmbyLuvsz
Isabellaby Amber
When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her tha...
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Ex-Husband Turned Boss by deetronite
Ex-Husband Turned Bossby WriteLikeThis
When Aubrey Goldstein got divorced, her life made a complete 180. Now she's 29, broke and unemployed. It seemed like her life was getting worse until she encountered her...
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Claiming what is Mine by Franzmharie
Claiming what is Mineby Marie Frans
Alice Aldeguer was married to the business tycoon who owned the leading company in the country named Clyde De Guzman. For her this was one of the best things that had ha...
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REGRETS  by horizonbreeze03
REGRETS by horizonbreeze03
Rose was taking small steps to her husband's study. She had a medical file in her hand with tears in her eyes while she tightly gripped the file. Without knocking she en...
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Alexis Mathews is forced to marry the introverted Addy Mores ,the only daughter of Mores shipping Company. Frustrated with her closed off personality he finds comfort in...
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The CEO's ex-wife by LucifersMinion
The CEO's ex-wifeby Lucifer's Minion
" I have moved on in my life..... Why don't you too ?? I moved on the moment I walked out " that seemed to anger him even more. His hold on my wrist tightens a...
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His Ex-Wife by ShinoMinogig
His Ex-Wifeby ShinoMinogig
"Hey Babe! I am having a surprise news for you!!" Anna cooed with the joy to tell Ethan that she is pregnant. "Before that sign the divorce paper!"...
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He Loves Me Not by briette_lol101
He Loves Me Notby briette_lol101
Adeline Fox thought she was living the perfect life for a 25 year old. She has the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect husband... Or so she thought. After be...
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His Ex-wife (Love is for the weak) by Jasmine2785
His Ex-wife (Love is for the weak)by Jasmine Lopez
This is just a teaser of what will be out in a near future! Hope you all like. Please comment & vote ************************************ "Love such a strong and be...
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Letters from an Ex-Wife by TheSarcasticBrunette
Letters from an Ex-Wifeby Sarcastic_Brunette
When her cheating husband accuses Liza of being a cheater, Liza looses it all. All while knowing her husband's infidelity, the only hope she held onto was that he would...
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Love Remains by njhahmad_
Love Remainsby Queen J
Meet Alexa Johnson. she's an orphan girl who had hoped, found and got love. She had everything she hoped for. The perfect life, perfect house, perfect husband. But nothi...
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mafia' s ex-wife  by Floresgirl77
mafia' s ex-wife by Floresgirl77
"GET OUT" he said with anger "but baby" i said confused "DON'T BABY ME" he yelled "I did not cheat on you" i said with anger &quo...
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'Ex' Of The Billionaire by rutuhaste
'Ex' Of The Billionaireby Rutu Ravindra Haste
Sophiana or Sophie for short was married to the one and only heir of 'Black Co.' the leading computer hardware making industries, Jared Black for 2 years. But her life w...
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Reclaim as Mine Once Again by xjessa00
Reclaim as Mine Once Againby Jessa
"Get the fuck out of my fucking house, you slut!" Matthew yells at his wife. "B-bbb-but Matt--" Brooklynn stutters while crying her eyes out. "I...
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Billionaire's Ex-Wife by krichmond70
Billionaire's Ex-Wifeby Kara Richmond
Hope you like this short story. Here's a snip it of the story 😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃. "Hey Liv can we talk?" I asked my wife Liv. "Yeah...
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Once Happily Married by MidnightSongs
Once Happily Marriedby MidnightSongs
Tears streaming down my face as I packed my suitcase. All of the sudden he said he didn't love me anymore and handed me the divorce papers. He told me to sign the papers...
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She held on for so long by Helvazorastriscen
She held on for so longby HelvazoraStriscentair
A young woman, a mother of six laid in her bed with her youngest son in her warm, fading embrace. She clutched onto the child, holding him as he cried. Her mind was over...
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His ExWife (edited version) by Iamsrkian
His ExWife (edited version)by A.M
Yeah! That is me, Yvonne Scott Anderson, Ex wife of the second richest and the most powerful person on earth. Divorced not desperate, I never dared to date any other, i...
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The Billionaire's ex-wife by eashacola14
The Billionaire's ex-wifeby eashacola14
wrong accusation bring Valentina to her lowest life
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