His Biggest Mistake
By njhahmad_
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Meet Alexa Johnson. she's an orphan girl who had hoped, found and got love. She had everything she hoped for. The perfect life, perfect house, perfect husband. But nothing had lasted long for her, neither her marriage. When she found out her husband cheated on her, she was so hurt. She didn't even get a chance to tell her husband that she's pregnant. What's more hurt is that her husband said that he doesn't love her anymore. Heartbroken, Alexa does the only thing that she could do is that signed the divorce papers. Now meet Elijah Perkins. The man who had everything in life. He's Handsome, brilliant and extremely rich. He thought that his marriage was the biggest mistake. Man in his age just enjoys their life by going out with another woman. So, he just thought that why would he be tied up so early when he still can enjoy and have fun with his bachelor life and go out with a different woman every day before he completely settling down. But now after 3 years, he feels his life empty without her. So, he wants to claim her back and makes Alexa his again like the old time. But the things is, Alexa didn't want him anymore cause she already hurt a lot from what he did to her 3 years ago. Will Elijah be able to claim her back? Or maybe it just going to be his biggest mistake for letting her go? Read to know more... Also for the reminder, this story is so cliche. So if your interested go on if not just pass it. Cover made by @theworddealer (47 In Romance - 3/12/2017) { start at 24 September 2017 and finished at 5 December 2017}


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His Bigge...
by njhahmad_