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The X Games by Lieutenant_Kennet
The X Gamesby Lieutenant_Kennet
Charles Xavier is a young and smart 16 year old telepath who lives in the 12th District. He lives in a world ruled by TRASK industries. An industry that specifically hat...
Broken and Lost (Boyxboy)(Cherik)(Fassavoy) by DanshingPotato
Broken and Lost (Boyxboy)(Cherik)( Potato_doge
James McAvoy had everything he ever wanted, a successful career, a loving wife, two lovely children and a comfortable home to return to. Until one night changes for the...
Café - Cherik by Nessuno-san
Café - Cherikby Mhus
Fic regalo de San Valentin! Actividad del grupo TeamCherik en facebook. Erik Lehnsherr y como su eterna mala suerte resulto mejor de lo esperado.
OS. Un anillo para controlarme {X-Men} by amOrrtenttia
OS. Un anillo para controlarme { C. Ixchel
Reflexiones de Moira sobre la relación de Charles y Erik a través del tiempo. TÍTULO Y RESUMEN ACTUALIZADOS. NOMBRE ANTERIOR; MOIRA.
Tàng tâm thuật - Catlover by lanshangyue
Tàng tâm thuật - Catloverby LanShangYue
Tên truyện: Tàng tâm thuật Tác giả: Catlover Thể loại: X-men first class đồng nhân, trọng sinh, Erik x Charles, cường cường,1×1, HE Tình trạng: hoàn [VIP] Văn án Tấn gia...
Mutants Attract by Dorgryff
Mutants Attractby Dorgryff
Charles Xavier was always quite the cheerful student. Rich, handsome, popular and socially untouchable. Nobody cares that he's a mutant, nothing can squander his reputat...
Destinados - Cherik AU by Nessuno-san
Destinados - Cherik AUby Mhus
Dos almas están destinadas a encontrarse a pesar de todo. Cherik AU Soulmates - sin poderes Regalo para Paula Rodríguez de Team Cherik. ¡Feliz Navidad, Paula! <3