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Power Rangers: Time Fracture by Deku-Kirito123
Power Rangers: Time Fractureby Dekito
(An AU where Wes and Jen are Sky's parents) Picking up immediately after the ending of SPD. Sky and his team get sent back in time and meet the Time Force Rangers, where...
When The Past Comes Back To Shove (Power Rangers Wild Force/Time Force Fanfic) by AnnieB8502
When The Past Comes Back To Scar
She thought she was safe. She was wrong. He's back. ⚠️ Trigger Warning! ⚠️ Mentions of past abuse. Not too much detail, but wanted to put this here just in case!
Face The Past, Embrace The Future by AnnieB8502
Face The Past, Embrace The Futureby Scar
Tori and her sister, Alexis, used to be inseparable. But she hasn't seen her older sister in years. What happens when a new villain shows up? A villain who fights like a...
Forever Red Part II by kingsphan08
Forever Red Part IIby The Phantom of Wattpad
After all 10 Red Rangers defeated the Machien Empire generals and Serpenterra, they all went back to their daily lives. Or so they thought. What if one of them survived...
Shoving Back The Past by AnnieB8502
Shoving Back The Pastby Scar
Sequel to "When The Past Comes Back To Shove" Seventeen years ago was hell on earth Taylor Earhardt. Seventeen years ago, she was forced to give up her daughte...
New Girl (Undergoing Editing) by emrys_littlepup
New Girl (Undergoing Editing)by ~*°kai°*~
I had this idea from a dream. Here it is. There's a new girl in Reefside. Her name is Andrea Myers. Who is the only daughter to Eric and Taylor Myers, the Yellow Wild Fo...
Power rangers spd    by BernadetteWinder
Power rangers spd by Bernadette Winder
Sky Tate Colin's father is Wes Colin's from time force Then Wes went to fight a monster and got killed by the monster so sky birthmother named Jen arrived little...
Quantum crush (a power rangers time force Eric x trip story) by POWERRANGERS335
Quantum crush (a power rangers POWERRANGERS335
Trip has a crush on Eric but how will he tell him?