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Rescued - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Ongoing) by AlexNeko_990
Rescued - Power Rangers Lightspeed...by AlexNeko_990
Rescued (Ongoing)⏳ --- Lightspeed Rescue takes place in the fictional city of Mariner Bay, California, which was built on an ancient demon burial ground. When the demons...
Lightspeed Rescue: Purple Ranger by EmilyCuevas392
Lightspeed Rescue: Purple Rangerby Emily Cuevas
Victoria Emerson is a medical student at Mariner Bay. But when the demons in Mariner Bay threaten to rise again, she is ready for the challenge. Joined Victoria and her...
Forever Red Part II by kingsphan08
Forever Red Part IIby The Phantom of Wattpad
After all 10 Red Rangers defeated the Machien Empire generals and Serpenterra, they all went back to their daily lives. Or so they thought. What if one of them survived...
Fox of the Demon queen by khaneoshikki
Fox of the Demon queenby Girateon
(this book is inspired by the works of ZeroArashiUchiha, please follow them as they make some really good content.) long ago Before the arrival of Kaguya Otsutsuki, a an...
Power Rangers Oneshots by AfterHSM
Power Rangers Oneshotsby AfterHSM
A series of Power Rangers oneshots from all different seasons further exploring concepts from the show and events that they did not face. The oneshots will explore both...
Thunder Vampire (Kamen Rider Kiva x Power Rangers Dino Thunder Crossover) by tdk0403
Thunder Vampire (Kamen Rider Kiva...by Tyler Klause
This is a Crossover Inspiration of Kamen Rider Kiva and Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Young Tyler Klause was Sent to the Dino Thunder World to Team up With the Dino Thunde...
Thunderbirds:lightspeed rescue by snoopy2113
Thunderbirds:lightspeed rescueby pokemon fan
An imaging if the tracy boys became power rangers to defend Marinier bay from the demons. this is just a quick story idea for episodes 11-13 TAG verse
Power Rangers Samurai: Mentor Ji's DAUGHTER?! by LupinWhite6
Power Rangers Samurai: Mentor Ji's...by Breanna Mitchell
(Don't hate me for making Carter Grayson and Angela Fairweather her Parents) Future Lightspeed Ranger Joellea "Joe" Fairweather-Grayson is the Daughter of Tita...
(Late Christmas Story) Lightspeed Taking Care of a Fox Toddler Author-Chan?! by LupinWhite6
(Late Christmas Story) Lightspeed...by Breanna Mitchell
If you're wondering what this is, it's a little idea that I had for Christmas. BTW: DECEMBER 30TH IS SEAN CW JOHNSON'S BIRTHDAY!!! *DIES* WHOOOOO! This is something I w...
Power Rangers One-Shots and Preferences by LupinWhite6
Power Rangers One-Shots and Prefer...by Breanna Mitchell
Here I'll be doing a Power Rangers Preferences and One-Shots book. I'll be using these Seasons as it shows: MMPR (Season 1) Characters I will try and work with: Jason To...
Power Rangers Primal Gems - Incorrect Quotes and Details by KrazyKentro6512
Power Rangers Primal Gems - Incorr...by KrazyKentro6512
Because I don't have the patience or focus to write a huge story, most of the stuff for the cast of the Primalverse is basically relegated to, well what the title says.
The Lost Ranger by ShxdowMorningstxr
The Lost Rangerby EmoRachel666
Set in the Universe 2024, a young girl has learned the history of her unknown father who was a true hero who saved the world and now she must travel back in time to lear...
Team Cyberstrikers: Beyond the Grid (Season 6) by tdk0403
Team Cyberstrikers: Beyond the Gri...by Tyler Klause
A Live Action Season 6 With a All New Season Only This time Lord Zedd Infects Bloom with the Evox Virus and Becomes one of Lord Zedd's Minions Called Cyber Virus Bloom...
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Slugterra Crossover AU by LupinWhite6
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Sl...by Breanna Mitchell
The Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers were more than just the Rangers: They were also secretly Destined to be Slug Slingers. But none of them know this at all. Elijah Shan...
Power Rangers: Supernatural Crossover by LupinWhite6
Power Rangers: Supernatural Crosso...by Breanna Mitchell
This takes place in Mariner Bay when Sam and Dean go through a portal from Kansas and somehow ended up in Mariner Bay. Considering that Sam and Dean fight.... Well Demon...
Carter Grayson's My Painkiller?! by LupinWhite6
Carter Grayson's My Painkiller?!by Breanna Mitchell
Crystal Mitchell's Captain William Mitchell's Daughter and the younger sister of Ryan and Dana Mitchell. Basically instead of Ryan taken from his family it was Crystal...
Carter Grayson: BORED?! UNBELIEVABLE by LupinWhite6
Carter Grayson: BORED?! UNBELIEVAB...by Breanna Mitchell
Rp: Carter Grayson's Bored. UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT?! Yeah. You can Rp and help try to cheer him up any way you want to
Music By Skillet by LupinWhite6
Music By Skilletby Breanna Mitchell
Basically what the Title Implies I mean it's FREAKING SKILLET!!! GOOD SONGS BY THEM!!!