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4522 {The Number Series} by imaginationNationX
4522 {The Number Series}by Sorrel A. Nations
A Wattpad Featured Story Highest ranking: #1 in Adventure The Number Series (A Dystopian Society) 4522. Both a name and a number that had labeled many. Within a soci...
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The Pearl by donutinaa
The Pearlby chris(teeny)tina
Imagine waking up, with new-found elemental powers and magic everywhere you looked. Imagine, still, that you have no recollection of your life until this very moment. Im...
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Dissonance by B_Ander
Dissonanceby Brittany Anderson
"They consider me special, not in and of myself, but merely because I am the last of my generation, the last of any generation to be exact." It's the year 204...
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Quarantined: The Last Red by AdamsValeria
Quarantined: The Last Redby Valeria Adams
ONE RACE: mixed ONE VISION: a better future ONE JOB: a programmer ONE SECRET: I am not one of them. I am Kayla Leanne. And I am the only 'pure-raced" person I know...
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Now You See Me by LexiPie1
Now You See Meby Alexis
Suddenly Rhys’ gaze snapped up to me and he cocked his head to the side, looking at me inquisitively. “Viridescent.” He said in surprise and everyone stopped talking to...
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The Girl Who Started the Revolution by AbbyJewett
The Girl Who Started the Revolutionby Abby
❝One girl, one book, and an entire nation that wants to keep her from it.❞
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THE EPOCH CHRONICLES by risen_phoenix
‪ THE WORLD IS DYING.‬ ‪Global warming, lack of resources, and the collapse of authority across all seven continents has caused worldwide strife. People are willing to d...
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0001 {The Number Series} by imaginationNationX
0001 {The Number Series}by Sorrel A. Nations
The Number Series (A Dystopian Society) Second book to 4522. "She's gone." I spat blood from my mouth. "And I'm going to get her back." "...
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           hazardous, minho. by -simplyaphrodite
hazardous, minho.by 𝖐𝖆𝖞𝖑𝖆.
hazardous /ˈhazədəs/ adjective risky; dangerous. (the scorch trials - the death cure) (minho x female oc) (extended summary inside)
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A Timely Knight by DaveNite27
A Timely Knightby David Caballero
*1st Place Action/Adventure: Undiscovered Awards* In the city of Slatehallow, Eldon begins having strange dreams about a giant mechanical bird attacking the foreign city...
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Reunited: A Legend Novel | ✓ (#Wattys2014)  by dystopianxfiction
Reunited: A Legend Novel | ✓ (#Wat...by ran ♡
Continued ending to Legend by Marie Lu June's life is put into danger and she needs to choose between saving her country and her loved one-- two of the things she cares...
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The Necklaces by katiecrouch64
The Necklacesby Katie Crouch
Every baby is assigned a necklace that can connect them with their soulmate...
Welcome to Dystopia  by bexilol
Welcome to Dystopia by bexilol
Far off in the Dystopian future, 1 in 5 people are forced into the underground, Blake and his friend Kev are planning an escape, will they succeed?
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The Zodiac Revolution by Sweetporcupine
The Zodiac Revolutionby Ida Lorrence
Brooke Fallon is an Aries, born in the 31st century where every zodiac sign is sorted to maintain peace and compatibility. After 14 years of living in Aedh, she finally...
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The Power Wars by CranberryDreams
The Power Warsby CranberryDreams
The perfect planet, it has enough food, enough water, enough materials, enough people... there are only two rules: 1. People born with power can live, those without it...
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Spinel (RHG) by Ithward
Spinel (RHG)by Ithward
Spinel. God, she hated that name. It tasted like ash on her tongue and she felt anger rise up in her when ever some one called her that putrid word. But it was hers. And...
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Shattered (lgbt/gay/bxb) by jaeson_is_not_okay
Shattered (lgbt/gay/bxb)by Jaeson Y. Clifton
16-year-old Obsidian Yakivev lives in a society that believes in the idea of homosexuality to be nothing other than a rare sickness. But Obsidian finds out he is attract...
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The Tragedy of Sunshine by iNuama
The Tragedy of Sunshineby Rose
The year is 2201. Alina Pritchett is the daughter of a chef who works at the Crest--a palace formerly known as the White House. But her father is not who he seems; he do...
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After Death (The Thinning 2) by Charlieluv17
After Death (The Thinning 2)by Charlie Soussana
The Thinning was over but the fight for Blake Reddings freedom was far from it. He awoke in a dark and crowded room full of people working and then he saw the one person...
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Electrify Me (Shatter Me fanfic) by traveling_endlessly
Electrify Me (Shatter Me fanfic)by Reese
In the world of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, life continues in the future. Mainly centers around the child of Juliette Ferras and Aaron Warner. (fanfiction:)
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