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Bernice by simply_dede
Berniceby Delyne
Bernice Marie Ketz is 25. She has been running away with her son since he was one. He's three now. She doesn't want her son around his Father's lifestyle. August Anthon...
The south side killers  by lilyann529
The south side killers by Babyyyy
Alyssa gets roped into a life of murder drugs and torture with her three friends Carly, Kaylee, and Ashley Harry takes over as leader of his fathers gang after his dad...
Justify My Thug II by Tweetyy95
Justify My Thug IIby Tweetyy95
King Pin Hov is back and he's got his main chick on his side. But can reverting back to his old ways cost him his life, his woman, and his freedom?
Polaroids (Book #1) by heytheregisela
Polaroids (Book #1)by Sela P.
In the small town of Landell, everyone is bound together in some way. Carter Santana loves believing he's never been scared of anything. He goes great lengths to help pa...
QUEENPIN. by two-am
QUEENPIN.by twoam
Jaleah didn't have much growing up. For as long as she's known, her family lived paycheck to paycheck, making ends meet with what they had. But, Jaleah always wanted to...
The Deadly Sin: The beast behind the beauty by writtenbyChanel
The Deadly Sin: The beast behind t...by sie boogie 💛
Braden Johnson changes the game as the youngest man in the Gilberto family to join the family business. He's more laid back than any of the men in his family and when so...
Rags to Riches  by Iammiahwiah_
Rags to Riches by Miah ❤️
Book 2 ( Memories )
Nepeta O-kataria by sansan312
Nepeta O-katariaby Santiago Rodriguez
Korone wants to see Okayu's clingy side, so she decides on the most convenient way to do it: a "Love potion" she got at a pet's store. (portrait made by ちゃんぬ@...
The one who got away  by bookwriting10
The one who got away by Writingbooks
New highschool, new beginnings right? Wrong. Angel starts her senior year up thinking this is her chance to finally enjoy her teenage years. Being the first time in yea...
Drifting Thoughs - YNW Melly by noneverreformed
Drifting Thoughs - YNW Mellyby NEVER REFORMED
Sometimes when you truly love a person...they drive you insane. When they're at their lowest point, you don't know if they'll make it out, or if they'll slip through yo...
Twenty-one Houses [Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers] by sincerelynoir
Twenty-one Houses [Ryan Destiny...by Sincerely Noir
Dealing with an abusive Uncle took a toll on Kennedy. However her friendship with Diya kept her sane, sometimes even alive. Diya meant everything to Kennedy, but when co...
Spilled Memories by shenaceri
Spilled Memoriesby Shenaceri
The brain may have died, but the memories are alive. Spilled, destroyed, stored or restored it doesn't matter, it is the same as a set of files. Whether you're haunted...
𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖞 𝖙𝖍𝖚𝖌𝖘 by YaniiBlasian
𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖞 𝖙𝖍𝖚𝖌𝖘by YaniiBlasian
i'm so sick of farewells & RIPs , in the trenches yelling 'gang gang' mobties what i bleed - polo g
Fashion Games✔ [°kookv°] [°18+°] by Kooktae_luv
Fashion Games✔ [°kookv°] [°18+°]by Kooktae_luv
Fashion and behind fashion there is a lot going on. Every thing has two sides but it's a hard choice to select the right path in an accurate moment Kim taehyung wants t...
CAPTURED [urban] by drunkonnaflight
CAPTURED [urban]by Whodat 🙈
Already having a rough life, but then gets kidnapped. Not just by anybody though ..By a group of brothers who's a menace to society😩🤦🏾‍♀️
Mask off  by meathefield
Mask off by mamamea
part 2 of facade! Damian is brought back to life Too bad his family still thinks he is dead When he takes on the role of blackbird and creates a team of superheros, wil...
Truth Be Told by kraave_miah
Truth Be Toldby thelittleone🤮🤍
Gotta keep pushing even when life is a literal hell. Truth is I can't keep pushing when so much is expected. I need a change .
Bright Lights Fade by vintage_junkie
Bright Lights Fadeby 🌸Vintage Junkie 🌸
Based on the 1988 classic "Bright Lights, Big City". Warning this contains themes of Drugs, Sex, and Profanity.