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^~ 𝕊𝔻ℝ𝟚 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕗𝕚𝕔 ∆• by anklemeiss
^~ 𝕊𝔻ℝ𝟚 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕗𝕚𝕔 ∆•by • Ashio ∆
uhm, what the title says ;/ I do not own these characters, they belong to the Dannganronpa game series 😼 also: MEGA OOC.
Danganronpa Headcanons by TalentlessChloe
Danganronpa Headcanonsby UnTalentedChloe
Headcanons I have about some of the characters of the series. Both game and anime characters included. Book will be updated daily.
My Lie, Your Ring, This Rose| Kamukoma by __Monomi__
My Lie, Your Ring, This Rose| Kamu...by __Monomi__
•Angel, Demon Suitor Au• Izuru Kamukura- Hell's Prince- holds a competition for all fellow demons. A competition to win his heart. Nagito- an average angel- wants to joi...
What luck I have...|KomaHina| by _dead_nobody_
What luck I have...|KomaHina|by Roy
"My luck is horrible..." ----------------------------------------------- This is an AU that Nagito survives his death. The grenades didn't explode as he planne...
{I Can Read Emotions} Fuyuhiko x Reader by BOSSCott
{I Can Read Emotions} Fuyuhiko x R...by 大助愛用
Fem!reader! (Completed) Slice of life, no drama or Despair here :).
Just You and Me~(Komahina) by AlyTheAwesome09
Just You and Me~(Komahina)by AlyTheAwesome09
This is my very first Komahina story~This story came to me in a dream and I hope you guys like it! ^v^ I also did the story cover myself, I'll most likely make more art...
Another Danganronpa Chatfic :D by Multi-Fandom_Weeb
Another Danganronpa Chatfic :Dby Multi-Fandom Weeb
So uh, yes another one of these. Occasional plot and ships included are: Shuichi x Kokichi Kirumi x Kaede Rantaro x Korekiyo Kaito x Maki Himiko x Tenko x Angie Byakuya...
▪︎KamuKoma One-shots▪︎ by Gaurdian_emo_demon
▪︎KamuKoma One-shots▪︎by ⁱ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ⁿᵒ ˢᵒᵘˡ
Just a bunch of one-shots that consist of timelines from events in the "Despair Arc", "Ultra Despair Girls Another Episode", and the Dr2 game events...
Ultimate Memory (Hajime Hinata x Despair! Reader) by HugeDanganronpaFan
Ultimate Memory (Hajime Hinata x D...by HugeDanganronpaFan
Y/n is the Ultimate Memory, she remembers everything. She remembers Chiaki's horrifying death, she remembers being a remnant of despair... This is my first book hope you...
Blood-Red Tulips (Daganronpa RP) [COMPLETED] by Anime-obsessed
Blood-Red Tulips (Daganronpa RP) [...by Anime-obsessed
A new Danganronpa RP!! Accepting 14 students! {Full House 14/14} - Only 1 OC permitted! This will be about a week-long trial RP! With new motives everyday and the finale...
🔧Soudam oneshots🐾 by Imgay123467
🔧Soudam oneshots🐾by lynx
I don't own the profile picture, I just thought it was cute :) Anyways, if these are really bad, I'm sorry..
danganronpa headcanons by ms_busyboomer
danganronpa headcanonsby ok kinner
just ship headcanons normal and nsfw all games 😎😎
Danganronpa x Reader oneshots! by MarshmallowDraws
Danganronpa x Reader oneshots!by Mochi/Dice/Bunny
Peko Pekoyama reacts to ships by badly-written-ronpa
Peko Pekoyama reacts to shipsby Andrea S.
So I realized no one ever made a Peko reacts to ships so I made one myself! this will be fun - °ω° -
Danganronpa CGLRE - Oneshots 🧸🍼 (requests temporarily closed) by Danganronpa_Fanatic
Danganronpa CGLRE - Oneshots 🧸🍼...by Nagito Komaeda
This was very inspired by @~HopeEgg~ Give them a follow or read their oneshots before you hop onto mine! <3 Just letting you all know, these oneshots are age regressi...
Danganronpa Zodiacs by NekoMelon
Danganronpa Zodiacsby Melony
As an uncreative person, I decided to make my own zodiac book because I was bored. Rules will be listed in the first chapter.
-Danganronpa Zodiacs!- by Pokeplayer36
-Danganronpa Zodiacs!-by TheMagicKiwi
Finally, a book I can update regularly
i react to danganronpa stuff by Doomqwer
i react to danganronpa stuffby Insanity personified
this is doomqwer the maker of funny danganronpa and rwby picture and its sexy time equivalent so in this book i will react to ships and picture you send me and you can s...
Just My Luck (SDR2 x reader) by Thereadingone891
Just My Luck (SDR2 x reader)by :)
(Y/N) (L/N) got accepted in to Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Unlucky Student.Her whole life,she's had the worst luck a person possibly could.When she got a letter...
💕💫 Danganronpa Naegami Oneshots 💫💕 by Bootsectorinfector
💕💫 Danganronpa Naegami Oneshots...by bootsectorinfector
title explains it all! i love naegami and i want to do some shippy things with it will take requests ❤💕