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Beautiful Storms to Come by Demonic0Angel_
Beautiful Storms to Comeby Demonic Angel
"Harry Potter," Dumbledore whispered. With that, five students collapsed, banging their head against the table with a loud clatter. Screams rang across the roo...
Why me?  Zianourry by randymyqueen
Why me? Zianourryby randymyqueen
Louis has never felt loved. 4 boys will show him what love is.
The Snake In A Lion's Fur. by EvilBunBun20
The Snake In A Lion's Tiny Møøn🌙
Harrison James Potter was Dumbledore's tool for this war that HE made and Harrison has to be killed so he can take the fame and money in the boy's vaults, but Harry had...
Naked Face (drarry) by ShiriTogo321
Naked Face (drarry)by HaShiri A. Togo
Draco uses makeup to hide all the features he is ashamed of. On Game Night in the Slytherin library, Pansy challenges Draco to change his look every week starting with n...
Only Angel [h.s] by harrysinner
Only Angel [h.s]by ᵇᵘᵗᵗᵉʳᶠˡʸ ᵉᶠᶠᵉᶜᵗ
Beau is a twenty-four year old who moves to New York City to pursue her dreams of journalism. She dreams of working for Vogue, but Issue 8 was more amateur friendly. Eve...
Be My Wings {drarry} by cameronn__
Be My Wings {drarry}by Cameron
Draco is a veela, and Harry is an inherited werewolf. {drarry- boyxboy. (very) sub draco, dom harry. don't like, don't read.}
True Place by nova_rity
True Placeby Kaiyori Silver
Drarry/Harco fanfic. Characters used aren't my own, the belong to J.K. Rowling however the plot used in originally mine. If the author of harry potter so chooses that I...
Dom harry by harrypotterships1
Dom harryby harrypotterships1
!On pause! Harry finds out that he is a dominant creature, and that everyone he have thought about as family betrayed him. This is a dark Harry and Snarry fic. Don't lik...
My little baby - a Drarry ff by bangchans_babyboy
My little baby - a Drarry ffby jiminieistoocuteforthisworld🙄
Draco Malfoy is known because of his evilness, but deep inside he's just a little cute baby. This evilness is only a facade that his father makes him wear... ...
Honey Bee || DDLB || Harco by Innocent_Lesbean
Honey Bee || DDLB || Harcoby Innocent_Lesbean
What happens when a sertant blonde gets rescued by 'scar boy' found out now!! :3 (btw i like being called mom :D)
Pride (Harry Potter And A Dramatic 8th Year) [On Hiatus] by _Potterweeb_
Pride (Harry Potter And A Potterweeb
This story is going to be set the year after the battle of hogwarts because no one actually had any studying and it will include drarry, pansmione, blairon, linny etc. ...
Hold Me While You Wait by whoopsitsj
Hold Me While You Waitby whoopsitsj
⚠️THIS MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME READERS!!! ⚠️ if eating disorders, boyxboy relationships, depression, or anxiety make you uncomfortable or trigger you, I advise you not...
Drarry one shots by Gryffindor_girl_2567
Drarry one shotsby The_queer_gryffindor
Hello my lovelies this is a Drarry one shot about Draco and Harry (duh) and it starts off at level one up to level 100 It will start off small and get bigger and more h...
Till Death Do Us Part [Tomarry] by VoidRealmer
Till Death Do Us Part [Tomarry]by Tori
Tom and Harry are soulmates in every sense of the word. They are partners in crime (surprisingly, it isn't usually murder), lovers, and there was that whole fiasco with...
Of Course I'm Okay by Depressed_sad_bitch
Of Course I'm Okayby Jlopez294
Harry was only a puppet. Dumbledore and all his 'friends' used him to get rid of Voldemort. 'Cause after the war he was ignored, no one talked to him, treated him like...
Harry Potter and The Hidden Ancestors  by Pcrw1233
Harry Potter and The Hidden Hellowerewolf1
Harry goes through a powerful inheritance awakening hidden powers and Ancestors that he didn't know he was connected too or related to at all - C.W.
pink | hes by esnyy-
pink | hesby 𝐞
❝i used to hate that color, but now it's all i can think about.❞ in which a man writes an album about a girl he can't figure out. [ mature content ]
My dear servant/Zarry by zarry_sorry
My dear servant/Zarryby authentic_zarry
Harry used to love Zayn more than himself but suddenly his love converted into hate. Those sweet days and memories with Zayn are now so full of sadness and bitter for Ha...
The real you (snarry) by khanyisilethato
The real you (snarry)by khanyisile
Harry just wants to finish school mainly because he can't stand being in the same room as Severus,but that's not because he hates or dislikes Severus. It's actually the...