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Mr maybe by Atinyfeels
Mr maybeby Moonchild
When Hermione Granger is hit by a love potion and falls for Draco Malfoy, chaos ensues. But what if he slowly falls for her? What about when the potion wears off? -AU fic
The Bottle of Vertaserum (discontinued) by GrofflinBiach
The Bottle of Vertaserum ( That_one_gay_girl
Draco and Hermione are in detention after getting into a fight. Peeves drops a bottle of Vertaserum and Draco and Hermione both get some in their mouths. Will things go...
Indecent Proposal... Dramione by southernmuggle
Indecent Proposal... Dramioneby SouthernMuggle
"A Million Galleons..." Another Dramione concoction from yours truly!! Smut from cover to cover... you've been warned. I'm not fucking JK Rowling, so don't e...
dramione (Draco and hermione) from The Wizardingworld To The Muggle world. by missluky
dramione (Draco and hermione) Missluky
This is a dramione story! The muggle world. What do we know of the muggle world? Answer? Nothing! We pure bloods know noting of the muggle world, so McGonagall sends a...
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♥Dramione Oneshots♥ by Snapelover_E
♥Dramione Oneshots♥by ⚯͛ siriusly tho ⚯͛
♥ Hello fellow Dramione-shippers! We're her together for something really really amazing: a new D r a m i o n e book!! This is (going to be) an Oneshot-collection writt...
Necessary Evil by CourtingInsanity
Necessary Evilby CourtingInsanity
Hermione Granger is a case worker for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Draco Malfoy has just been released from Azkaban nearly five years since the end of the...
Prison Love. Dramione by cupandtea
Prison Love. Dramioneby Poison Ivy
What happens when Hermione is captured by Voldemort, and unfortunately the man she hates the most ends up in the same prison?
Seeker. by serialbookreader
#8 serialbookreader
Hermione Granger. Credentials: Full time Seeker, Puddlemere United and British National Quidditch team. Part time history researcher. Friends with Draco Malfoy.
Strychnine by chemicalflashes
Strychnineby Call me tomorrow
She was his strychnine and he knew it. [EWE; ONESHOT; DM/HG; Major character death]
The Soul Connection by Lazaraz
The Soul Connectionby Lazaraz
Draco finds the Half-Blood Prince textbook and uses one of its mysterious spells on Hermione, which connects their souls and causes their thoughts and emotions to be per...
Take A Note (DMHG) by partyatmosbys
Take A Note (DMHG)by flourish and blotts
Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy must do their duties as Head Girl and Head Boy on their 7th year at Hogwarts. McGonagall gives their jobs a little twist. A one-shot di...
A Letter To Malfoy by Swarapaul04
A Letter To Malfoyby Swarnali
[ON SHOT] (Edited) What if, the Gryffindor Princess has to convey her feelings towards a fellow Head Boy. What if that fellow Head Boy is the infamous Slytherin Prince...
How it all went wrong (Dramione) by whosthat9
How it all went wrong (Dramione)by Call me MASTER
Teaser for Afterwards: Hermione Granger Exposed
Amours parallèles - [Dramione] [terminé] by Nymphelia
Amours parallèles - [Dramione] [ Nymphelia
La véritable richesse de Draco Malefoy ne réside pas dans sa fortune familiale mais dans la complexité et la profondeur de sa personnalité. Ainsi, tout un chacun peut l...
First Time to Meet by karmalady
First Time to Meetby KarmaLady
|word prompt (from 100 Story Prompts Challenge by yunggok: "First Impression"| She was ugly - with those huge, front teeth and mane-like, bushy hair. But, why...
Bait by Rozen91_
Baitby Rozen91
In this perfect silence you loved very much, we would be together for eternity.
Who is she to me? by ViridianOleanderson
Who is she to me?by ViridianOleanderson
In another world, born of different circumstances, James-Sirius Potter reflects upon his relationship with the reclusive Heiress of the Malfoy Clan. The eldest and only...