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Head Boy and Girl by RavenclawSweetheart
Head Boy and Girlby RavenclawSweetheart
When The Head Girl and Head boy are assigned at Hogwarts, you would expect all hell to break loose. Maybe not. Draco And Hermione fall head over heels fast. Read to see...
Mr maybe by Atinyfeels
Mr maybeby Moonchild
When Hermione Granger is hit by a love potion and falls for Draco Malfoy, chaos ensues. But what if he slowly falls for her? What about when the potion wears off? -AU fic
Unfortunate Events by buckied
Unfortunate Eventsby nilover
Hermione keeps running into Draco Malfoy. Will anything other than disaster come from these chance encounters? Rank: 250 on #dramione (August 2018) {Originally published...
Hermione Gaunt by aldmjb
Hermione Gauntby aldmjb
The dark lord was back, Hermione didn't think he was dead anyway. How could a baby kill someone powerful as Voldemort? Read as she struggles between the light and the da...
Dramione OneShots by harrypotternerd666
Dramione OneShotsby Cedar
Short Dramione oneshots. Some lemon mentions... Pls comment ideas thoughts suggestions & reviews. <3
Secret Love Song ➰ D.M (Dramione Fanfic) *EDITING* by cookieStiles
Secret Love Song ➰ D.M (Dramione F...by cookieStiles
He's the new headboy. She's the new headgirl. His heart is void of emotions and sympathy. Her heart is full of love and confidence. He's grieving for the down fall o...
Redhead (An Adoption) by AlaisKingsleigh
Redhead (An Adoption)by Alais Kingsleigh
A young and abused Harry Potter was often maltreated by his relatives, but he learned how to deal with it. When his cousin Dudley and his friends turned to the new Ameri...
•WolfStar {RemusxSirius} +18 by dilarablackk
•WolfStar {RemusxSirius} +18by Dilara Black
Sirius:Çünkü Remus'u gördüğümde erkeklerden hoşlandığımı anladım.
Can't forget [a DRAMIONE story] by f_ran_kie
Can't forget [a DRAMIONE story]by f_ran_kie
After the war, Hermione granger can't remember a thing. Draco Malfoy has to help her through her amnesia.
Change by LiveToLoveWriting
Changeby Mrs Black
The tables are turned as we see what happens when Harry Potter is a proud member of Slytherin and holds a deep hatred for three Gryffindor's, one of which, is an unlikel...
The Mark (Dramione) by bornamudblood
The Mark (Dramione)by basically hermione
Struck with the inner struggle of becoming a death eater, with the dark mark etched upon his forearm, Draco Malfoy seeks comfort from someone who has yet to discover his...
secret | dramione by hogwartsschool110
secret | dramioneby hogwartsschool110
Hermione dan teman-temannya kembali bersekolah di Hogwarts untuk menyelesaikan kegiatan belajarnya yang sempat tertunda. Dengan sangat mengejutkannya. Draco Malfoy, kemb...