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Harry Potter and his sister Alison by melanie_anderson
Harry Potter and his sister Alisonby Melanie Anderson
What if Harry had a little sister? Lily and James were killed when Harry was three and Alison was just a couple months old - story completed - I do not own any of the Ha...
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Black Pages (Harry Potter fanfic) by Alycat1901
Black Pages (Harry Potter fanfic)by Alex Gedgaudas
Ava Black has never been anything but ordinary. Deciding to take a break from reality, Ava chooses to spend her day re-reading her favorite book series. When a freak th...
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Tale As Old As Time (A Remus Lupin Fanfiction) by FASSAVOY
Tale As Old As Time (A Remus Lupin...by FASSAVOY
In which the beauty is also the beast **** "I'm a monster Remus." I said sadly as I stared at my hands in disgust. "Well if you're a monster." He sai...
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time ; sirius black [marauders era] by bella_bmth
time ; sirius black [marauders era]by Bella Jones
"What's he doing for you? Nothing. Nothing but trouble." "Sirius..." "I could give you double, Kels." - Throughout Kelsey's years at Hogwar...
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Freya Malfoy: The Forgotten Riddle by Slytherin_wits
Freya Malfoy: The Forgotten Riddleby 𝙍𝙤𝙨𝙚
Freya Malfoy grew up knowing herself as Draco Malfoy's twin sister. However, she couldn't be more wrong. When Freya goes to Hogwarts she finds out just who she's related...
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Harry Potter Fanfiction | various x reader imagine | (Smut) by PeachyWaifuu
Harry Potter Fanfiction | various...by Peachy Waifu
♡ Harry Potter Fanfiction Various x Reader one shots •these are all Harry Potter one shots I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters, some of these are lemons a...
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Ellie the Marauder | Sirius Black by marauder-love
Ellie the Marauder | Sirius Blackby Grace
What if Peter was never a marauder? What if the 4th Marauder was a sassy blonde by the name of Ellie Greengrass? "Sirius. You are the Sir Padfoot to my Lady Greeng...
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The Potter Twins | draco malfoy by GuiltyAsFuck
The Potter Twins | draco malfoyby GuiltyAsFuck
Harry Potter's twin, Y/N Potter, is basically the complete opposite of Harry. She can sing and play the guitar. He can't. She has style. He doesn't. She's popular. He's...
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SECURE | REMUS LUPIN by remusrupin
⠀ ❝ And in the back of her mind, Katie knew that her words were a lie. Because if her nightmares could creep up into her mind and become her reality, she would be damn...
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Ironic Love by JugheadFrickingJones
Ironic Loveby Lydia👸🏼
The war is over and now everyone is coming back to do their seventh year. Harry and Ron are showing their true colours, but more unexpectedly, so are Draco and Blaise. H...
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wrong ||| dramione by flickeringinthedark
wrong ||| dramioneby soft
"How does it feel, Granger? How does it feel to know you were wrong? That all these years, you were wrong about Malfoy?" Cover made by the lovely @HolyDraco
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Pottah ✔ by screechiolo
Pottah ✔by maus
"Love is magical." - Anonymous Ranked #11 - hpff
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Short Pansmione Fanfictions *new parts* by Phoenixke
Short Pansmione Fanfictions *new p...by phoenixke
Here are some short Pansmione storys/fanfictions. Made by me or by someone else. (: - Art; Upthehillart + idah.art
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The Road by BurstingEagle
The Roadby B.E.
*[finally] COMPLETE* Their lives haven't crossed paths since the last battle, and a lot has changed since then. Hermione, recently divorced and searching for solid groun...
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The Vixen | Sirius Black by KaylaDeLana
The Vixen | Sirius Blackby K A Y L A
"Petunia Evans," Lynn spat out, nostrils flaring along with her impatience for Dumbledore's calm demeanor. "You left my godson on the doorstep of Petunia...
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Transfixed: A Draco Malfoy Fanfiction by GraceMalfoy99
Transfixed: A Draco Malfoy Fanfict...by Grace
Sixth year Audrianna Cliffton was excited to return to another great year at Hogwarts with her brilliant sister Cassady and her best friend, Hermione Granger. However, h...
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Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione) by MarryPotterDA
Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione)by Marry Potter
The war hero, Hermione Granger, breaks up with her long term boyfriend, Ron Weasley after learning that he cheated on her after a long night of drinking. Hermione grew t...
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He Calls Me Love | Fred Weasley x Reader by alexspotatoes
He Calls Me Love | Fred Weasley x...by a l e x
Fred and Y/n have been the best of friends since their first year. Both of them have fancied each other for a long time, but neither acted upon their feelings. Their six...
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The Best Harry Potter Fanfictions on Wattpad  by khushi_styles
The Best Harry Potter Fanfictions...by Khushi Shah
The BEST Harry Potter fanfictions on Wattpad! I don't have much time to write anymore but I'll update every time I read another great one! Happy reading!
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The Serpent's Gaze, Book Two: Slytherin's Secrets by dictionarywrites
The Serpent's Gaze, Book Two: Slyt...by DictionaryWrites
The Chamber of Secrets is open, and the horrors within are illuminated by dismal torchlight, squinting down at their thick journals and handwritten notes as they peer ar...
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