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22 Tweets (Todoroki Shouto x Reader) by EraseMeDaddy
22 Tweets (Todoroki Shouto x illumi’s side hoe
Some depressed short story to make you cringe. I'm not a very good writer so it's not too great but,,, Anyway, if you decide to read my shitty story, thank you for your...
yeehaw 🌻 personal by -hyunjjin
yeehaw 🌻 personalby ☁️
where i just say a bunch of shit sjxbsjxj
Poems, art and other stuff by icantchoosename1375
Poems, art and other stuffby icantchoosename1375
Just a bunch of poems, art and other stuff I make when I'm bored.
random crap by FrancescaRicciTajanl
random crapby ◎»dimnomss«◎
filled with cringe and probably anything else that'a weird
ANGSTY TEEENS by devilqueen9173
ANGSTY TEEENSby bangtanbitch123
literally all the angst in one book Angsty submissions and request are open
Prom dress by popcornA45
Prom dressby popcornA45
Lauryn I know ur gonna see this :) So,newt goes to prom in a dress >:) Newt wants to wear a dress to prom but he shy 👉🏻👈🏻🥺 His date is Thomas (Tommy) Sad-lgbtq+...
death  by 2cool4u2n0
death by 2cool4u2n0
A couple of poems that make your espresso more despresso
Trash poems by hammer_to_fall
Trash poemsby FlobsicleQueen
Ever feel like being even more depressed. Well step right up, because I've got the thing for you. I'll only work on these when I'm feeling sad though. Sorry they're abso...
depresso cafe. by 1-800-depresso--
depresso BRUH IM A DUDE
♡welcome to depresso where I sell all drinks for any moments!♡ I only accept worms, in jars or not! >> [~] °•~everyone may see the menu in my bio~•° ☆have fun!!☆
My World of Words by Moon-Lit-Shadow
My World of Wordsby Moon-Lit-Shadow
I've had quite the obsession with quotes and poetry lately so this is a space for me to put things like that out there to kid of get them off my chest and to maybe help...
Poems (But don't think they're the best) by LillithLavender
Poems (But don't think they're LillithLavender
I think of these and just write them down. I'm no professional and they're more just for my sake. I like to compare a lot of things to life and emotions, so don't be sur...
My Monster by yurithatbastard
My Monsterby LoverOfAllThingsGay
Just something I came up with one night when I was depresso espresso. Thomas, if you read this, don't bother me at school about it. Please.
The Beach House-A short story by lokilauver
The Beach House-A short storyby lokilauver
She held his hand as the car rushed by, but forgot it as the flames licked his feet.
Poems by Weeb23
Poemsby Weeb23
This is not a story!! This is a collection of poems that help me express what I'm thinking. I'm a trans man (ftm) and I like to write about it on here along with my ment...
My oc's  by BakusBich
My oc's by Kacchan
Just a few of my ocs, all photos because I ain't got time for dat. If you use these please say that they are mine. There will be updates, id add more # of I could
My Art by Crazwoolf123002
Random Shit I drew... -------------- I will post on this whenever the hell I feel like posting. I draw a lot so.... We'll see.... 👀