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A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
Secret Ssundee by Mollinia
Secret Ssundeeby Mollinia
Ian was born with his eyes shut, and could not get them open. This was for the best, as open eyes brought a big surprise, but nobody knew that until it was too late. The...
The Daughter of Herobrine by MineralFox
The Daughter of Herobrineby Mineral Fox
What if Herobrine had a daughter? What would her name be? What would happen with her? Who is Phil? All these questions will be answered and more as this adventure unfold...
Ssundee in Slender (Undergoing Editing) by wolfkitten45
Ssundee in Slender (Undergoing Mo <3
Ssundee has never been good with scary games or getting scared in general for that matter. But what happens when he and a girl he just met end up stuck in slender man to...
The Fight Within (Book 1 of Ssundee Battle Trilogy) by RebekahOwen
The Fight Within (Book 1 of Rebekah Owen
Derp Ssundee was just a YouTube joke made by Ssundee. Until one day, he escapes... he enters Ssundee' s body and slowly starts to take over, driving Ssundee insane. He d...
Dawn of A New Darkness: Prequel to Predator (Being Re-Written/Under editing) by GirlyBirdGamer
Dawn of A New Darkness: Prequel GirlyBirdGamer
Run. All I know is to run. Run and don't look back. I won't look back, for the people I trusted as my family and my village tried to kill me. All because I'm different...
Team Crafted Adopted... Me??? by WHO_LIK_MINECRAF
Team Crafted Adopted... Me???by Ashley Power
Ashley is a 15 year old girl. She's been at Miss Daisy's Orphanage for Girls since she was 5. She never expected to be adopted. Especially by TEAM CRAFTED! Warning: Str...
When Two Worlds Collide: A Minecraft YouTubers Story (Discontinued) by missmatched123
When Two Worlds Collide: A Emma
Jason wakes up in an alternate universe of Minecraftia called Inshire. And in Inshire, the Squids rule and the only resistance against the squid rulers aren't who he exp...
I think I shrunk the Team by _In_Benja_We_Trust_
I think I shrunk the Teamby Hey
A young witch by the nickname Jax was working on a potion during Minecon. When she leaves to go and get more supplies, the Team stumbles upon the potion she was brewing...
Dangan Ronpa Minecraft...FAILURE?!? by BeccaWise4
Dangan Ronpa Minecraft...FAILURE?!?by Becca Wise
It all began with a Japanese anime. Dangan Ronpa. 16 kids, 1 crazy host, 1 "Hope" school, no way out. Kill one of your peers without being caught to win. I...
What About Me? (A Short Story/Creepy Pasta about Derp Ssundee by wolfkitten45
What About Me? (A Short Story/ Mo <3
Derp Ssundee is sick of being stuck in Ian's head and he wants revenge. He hates watching Ian have all the good times so he decides to fight back. While Ssundee is out o...
Hybrids of Team Crafted by Bladewing683
Hybrids of Team Craftedby Bladewing683
When a trip to the End goes terribly wrong, Team Crafted found themselves in a peculiar situation...when the hybrids guardians of Minecraft arise at the summons of what...
When The Lights Go Out (A Derp Ssundee Horror Story) by wolfkitten45
When The Lights Go Out (A Derp Mo <3
Derp laughed manically. 'Aww why not Ian? I only want to... Play with your friends.' You leave them alone... Derp continued to laugh, almost as though he already had all...
Echo (A Skybrine Story): Book 1 in the Echo Series by missmatched123
Echo (A Skybrine Story): Book 1 Emma
Echo is a General at the Sky Army Base. She is the only girl out of the boys. But they know not to cross her. Sister to Mitch, Mitch looks out for his little sister and...
Dangan  Ronpa Minecraft by -Inactiveasof2021-
Dangan Ronpa Minecraftby Sorry
16 youtubers enter the newest and most anticipated map on the server, but little do they know, this is no ordinary map...
System Failure (An Adesa Fanfic) [Originally by Littlewolf65] by stormcause
System Failure (An Adesa Fanfic) [ stormcause
*Original book, description and plans by Littlewolf65* The year is 3021. And the world has become a technological utopia. Technology has advanced far beyond we had ever...
When You Wish Upon a Borrower by EnderShadeMC
When You Wish Upon a Borrowerby Moved Account
Collaborate story by @EnderShadeMCs and @Banana_Skylox : Friday the 13th, or Freaky Friday, is supposedly a day of bad luck, where you get a bad grade, or get in an...
Giant Problems (On Hold) by EnderShadeMC
Giant Problems (On Hold)by Moved Account
In 2146, an apocalypse had happened, one that almost wiped out the human race. All 7 billion humans had been minding their own business when one day, gargantuan human-li...
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU) by EnderShadeMC
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU)by Moved Account
Sky is a fairy living in a strict colony, located in the Coronado National Forest, Tucson AZ. He's tired of all the rules he's meant to follow, so one day he runs away f...