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I think I shrunk the Team by _In_Benja_We_Trust_
I think I shrunk the Teamby Hey
A young witch by the nickname Jax was working on a potion during Minecon. When she leaves to go and get more supplies, the Team stumbles upon the potion she was brewing...
Sweet Desire [Fate and Destiny Last Book] by CATtheDrawer
Sweet Desire [Fate and Destiny Milah (WrittenDarkness)
The King of Emedo is dead. Or will be. Adam Azure will kill his father to end a 4 year war but remain scarred by the blood on his hands and his father's last words. For...
All I Ever Wanted |BajanCanadian Fanfiction| Sequel To Not Again by lucybrooke
All I Ever Wanted |BajanCanadian Lucy
In which a girl realizes that getting all she ever wanted is much harder than she once thought. In which her life crumbles. "Love is cruel game, but I am done being...
I love that boy Mitch (BajanCanadian FF) by PrincessNewtella
I love that boy Mitch ( Nev Newtella
A girl called Emma is going to Pax Prime with her best friend, annoying sister and mum. Where she meet all her favourite YouTuber and something happens. PLEASE DON'T CO...
"The Last Of Us" : A Team Crafted Story (DISCONTINUED! READ LATEST UPDATE!) by Denauticat
"The Last Of Us" : A Team 🌸 Demon Cat 🌸
╭─━━━━━━« ⋅X⋅ »━━━━━━─╮ Something terrible has happened to the Dead Army leader as an old prophecy is starting to come alive. Sky and Team Crafted must find a way...
The pack-frences and imagines (requests are closed) by agirlwhofans
The pack-frences and imagines ( (^_−)−☆
Preferences and imagines for the MC Youtuber pack BajanCandian, JeromeASF, PrestonPlayz/TBNRfrags, Lachlan, MrWoofless, and Vikkstar123 Requests are CLOSED First prefer...
The Summer Fling (Poofless AU) by FuzzyFeelings
The Summer Fling (Poofless AU)by mariah
Noun, Plural: Flings /Fling/ A short period of enjoyment or wild behavior.
Run. (Team Crafted Fanfiction) by Falloutfandoms
Run. (Team Crafted Fanfiction)by Ḥ̘͎̝̹͙̍̄̇͂̾̊̓̊͋͌͊͗̎ͩĔ̃̿̊̍ͩ̇...
One night. That is all it can take to change everything. For Team Crafted, that one night contained a zombie apocalypse. Forced to leave their house to find missing fri...
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate] by CATtheDrawer
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate]by Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Wielding the power of magic makes you a sorcerer. Being sorcerer is a crime against the kingdom of Emedo and its ally, Keuta. When Seto finds out he belongs to this race...
Kidnapped by The Pack by Lunarthegreat
Kidnapped by The Packby Lunar
Skye was always and amazing person, her dad died pretty early in her life, and her mom is all she has. Her only option to get out of her own head is watching her idols...
youtuber and creepypasta one shots by Squidgyreads
youtuber and creepypasta one shotsby Squid
It's just a couple of Youtubers so that's it
Lost Light (Book One in the Legends of Minecraftia Series)[DISCONTINUED] by Spacezii
Lost Light (Book One in the Spacezii
When The Lights Go Out (A Derp Ssundee Horror Story) by wolfkitten45
When The Lights Go Out (A Derp Mo <3
Derp laughed manically. 'Aww why not Ian? I only want to... Play with your friends.' You leave them alone... Derp continued to laugh, almost as though he already had all...
What About Me? (A Short Story/Creepy Pasta about Derp Ssundee by wolfkitten45
What About Me? (A Short Story/ Mo <3
Derp Ssundee is sick of being stuck in Ian's head and he wants revenge. He hates watching Ian have all the good times so he decides to fight back. While Ssundee is out o...
Sidemen and The Pack Imagines/Preferences by heyhannahSDMN
Sidemen and The Pack Imagines/ [SDMN] [PACK]
Sidemen and The Pack One-Shots and Preferences. May I remind you that this book is just full of my opinion and not the boys' decisions. Sorry if you don't agree to some...
Adopted By Team Crafted //tc 1 by LimeLion
Adopted By Team Crafted //tc 1by :)
"It's tearing apart the family. I'm tearing it apart." «completed april 18, 2014»
Love and Lies ↠ The Finale To The Not Again Series ↠ BajanCanadian Fanfiction by lucybrooke
Love and Lies ↠ The Finale To Lucy
In which a girl forgets her mess of a past and has to decide which future she wants. Three words sum up her screwed up life. Love. And. Lies. "And in the end, none...
Grasping Fate [F2R Book 2] by CATtheDrawer
Grasping Fate [F2R Book 2]by Milah (WrittenDarkness)
In the search to recover his magic, Seto discovers a daunting secret of his past and the true nature of his sight magic. These truths do little to encourage him as he f...
Recondite (Novella) by EnderShadeMC
Recondite (Novella)by Moved Account
(cover by me! •3•) A group of friends who haven't hung out in a long while decide to get together again and go into the country, spending spring break in a cabin. To the...
The Warrior King: The Pack Story: Minecraft YouTubers (Discontinued) by missmatched123
The Warrior King: The Pack Emma
Crerus is a place like no other, a kingdom with a rich history dating back generations. A kingdom that always stood as a pillar of peace and place where humans, demi-hum...