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Dangan Ronpa Minecraft by MangoKiwi
Dangan Ronpa Minecraftby MangoKiwi
Sixteen popular minecraft youtubers are forced into a mysterious, dark mansion by Herobrine himself. All windows, doors, and other escape routes are all blocked, providi...
EnderOni by NinjaNekoAru
EnderOniby NinjaNekoAru
It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 un...
Secret Ssundee by Mollinia
Secret Ssundeeby Mollinia
Ian was born with his eyes shut, and could not get them open. This was for the best, as open eyes brought a big surprise, but nobody knew that until it was too late. The...
The Daughter of Herobrine by MineralFox
The Daughter of Herobrineby Mineral Fox
What if Herobrine had a daughter? What would her name be? What would happen with her? Who is Phil? All these questions will be answered and more as this adventure unfold...
Merome: The Dank Story Of Us by Hurricane098
Merome: The Dank Story Of Usby ♥ erin rose ♥
Ok, Ok... I'll make a description later! I promise.... It's Merome and Skylox and Drama. I think it's good so just read it! bYe bYe
My new Dad by BajanCandianCutie
My new Dadby Jessica
My name is Sammy, I have had the worst thing happen to me, kids cry when there mom sending them up to there room, or when there dad takes away there tv but my parents ga...
Diary of a Minecraft Alex (With Pictures!) by MCSteve
Diary of a Minecraft Alex (With MC Steve
Alex is a loner in the ice plains. She prefers pigs to people. She's a vegetarian. She starts in a small hut but moves into an igloo that she then renovates. She's good...
(NEW) Minecraft's 7 Deadly Sins by TiXero24
(NEW) Minecraft's 7 Deadly Sinsby slow updates
The rework of the original one. (I gave up on cover, just gonna leave it like that) The Virtues are always reincarnated with no memories of their past lives. Along with...
The Chronicles Of SkyArmy - SSundee by Squeaker01
The Chronicles Of SkyArmy - SSundeeby The Derp
My name is SSundee, and this is my story...
Vanished: A Teamcrafted Story: Book 1 in the Guardians Trilogy by missmatched123
Vanished: A Teamcrafted Story: Emma
We are all driven to survive. To live. To protect. To fall in love or end up alone. But most only know survive and protect. Four Guardians. Four Guardians created by Not...
The Edge of MINECRAFT (Being the Second Volume of the Minecraft Trilogy) by HaddixFan
The Edge of MINECRAFT (Being the Uncle Owen
Steve has fallen. Three months after the events of "The World of Minecraft", the hero has been lost in an unthinkable move. His new destination: the Nether, wh...
Five Nights at Team Crafted's by NinjaNekoAru
Five Nights at Team Crafted'sby NinjaNekoAru
Tyler, just out of High school, needs a job that'll pay well. He finds one in the most unexpected place. $100 a night to work as a security guard at a small amusement pa...
The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel to A Minecraft Story) by Radishologist
The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel Todd
CAUTION: Read "A Minecraft Story" before reading this book. It is one year after the Battle of Mojang. They thought it was over. They thought there would be p...
Secret SSundee 2: Loyal Deception by Mollinia
Secret SSundee 2: Loyal Deceptionby Mollinia
(Sequel to Secret SSundee) Back at the Military, some of Ian's old friends are sent on a mission. Not just any mission, but a super secret mission to destroy Derp once a...
The Cursed Ancestry: Book Three To the Heir Series: Teamcrafted by missmatched123
The Cursed Ancestry: Book Three Emma
Jason is stuck with a tough decision, picking between his friends and the answers he's wanted since he was a child. He keeps to himself, not wanting to burden his friend...
Repentance: Book Two To the Heir Series: Teamcrafted by missmatched123
Repentance: Book Two To the Heir Emma
After the failure to stop the revival of Seto's father, Seto goes into hiding. He refuses to help the Sky Army out of fear of his father. Seto's real identity as 'Harvey...
It's The Eyes... by Squeaker01
It's The The Derp
"Ian, what's happened to you?..." SSundee laughed and it sounded hoarse and strangled. "I am who I am Sky. You always denied it, but I always knew this da...
Brines (#Wattys2015) by Littlewolf65
Brines (#Wattys2015)by Wolf
One normal day of squid hunting goes horribly wrong when Sky gets kidnaped by the evil Herobrine to conduct an experiment on him. Now he is Skybrine, a remorseless kill...
Youtubers x Reader: One Step Further: Closed by Old_Kreality
Youtubers x Reader: One Step Old_Reality
You and your favorite youtubers together as lovers. From Team Crafted to The Pack, your love will go so far. I don't take any lemons......for now. But check out my reque...