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The Fight Within (Book 1 of Ssundee Battle Trilogy) by GoldenShinx
The Fight Within (Book 1 of Bek
Derp Ssundee was just a YouTube joke made by Ssundee. Until one day, he escapes... he enters Ssundee' s body and slowly starts to take over, driving Ssundee insane. He d...
Brines (#Wattys2015) by Littlewolf65
Brines (#Wattys2015)by Wolf
One normal day of squid hunting goes horribly wrong when Sky gets kidnaped by the evil Herobrine to conduct an experiment on him. Now he is Skybrine, a remorseless kill...
Minecraft Kingdoms AU by NinjaNekoAru
Minecraft Kingdoms AUby NinjaNekoAru
The events that brought the war between The Sky Army and The Squid Army to an end were sudden, desperate, and deadly. These events effected the lives of many, including...
Adopted by YouTubers (A Minecraft Youtuber and Team Crafted Fan Fic) [Watty's 2014] by DJUnicorn
Adopted by YouTubers (A DJμη!cφΓΠ
[Morgan Freeman voice] Once upon a time, in a magical world called Seattle, a boy is made. But this isn't your average boy. His parents die in a car crash, then he is pu...
Strange Beginnings by Musical_iceskating
Strange Beginningsby Musical_iceskating
Sky goes for a walk one night, thankful for the peace and quiet. That is until someone runs into him. He brings them back to base, to have Seto heal them. Only to find o...
Don't Forget (Old Version) by CatOppp
Don't Forget (Old Version)by Cat
I didn't remember anything when I was captured. I was taken and forced into slavery. Slavery that started at the end of a war, the fall of a kingdom. The royal family bu...
Magic Meets Might by moolock
Magic Meets Mightby Rose
What if Magic existed in Minecraftia? Imagine that. Now.....imagine that the Magic was controlled by four very powerful forces. When one of those forces goes missing, pe...
A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
Archive by dogmagenes
Archiveby Space is for Gays
[PRIME CANON PREQUEL] You know the infamous Commander Sky; but do you know him when he was the apprentice? When he was a recruit himself? In this prelude to the universe...
EnderOni by NinjaNekoAru
EnderOniby NinjaNekoAru
It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 un...
The Daughter of Herobrine by MineralFox
The Daughter of Herobrineby Mineral Fox
What if Herobrine had a daughter? What would her name be? What would happen with her? Who is Phil? All these questions will be answered and more as this adventure unfold...
Legends Never Fade: A Minecraft YouTubers Story (Discontinued) by missmatched123
Legends Never Fade: A Minecraft Emma
Commander Adam Skylen was killed in the Battle of Saneria Kingdom. The battle, ending in the Sky Army losing, took a heavy hit on the rest of the world, especially the S...
Quick Stories Vol. 4 by stormcause
Quick Stories Vol. 4by stormcause
Alright, here's the deal. I write one-chapter mini-stories about Minecraft, you read them and tell me what you think. If you want me to write about something else, just...
Secret Ssundee by Mollinia
Secret Ssundeeby Mollinia
Ian was born with his eyes shut, and could not get them open. This was for the best, as open eyes brought a big surprise, but nobody knew that until it was too late. The...
Burning Love (TBNRfrags ff) -DISCONTINUED- by bri_leon823
Burning Love (TBNRfrags ff) bri_leon823
Briana and Isabelle finally convince their parents to go to a minecraft convention, Arcadiacon. When they get there they meet some people and establish new relationships...
Rising to Fall by stormcause
Rising to Fallby stormcause
"We can't fight. Not anymore." When General Mitchell of the Benjas starts poking his nose into places it shouldn't go, he uncovers more than he bargained for...
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate] by CATtheDrawer
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate]by Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Wielding the power of magic makes you a sorcerer. Being sorcerer is a crime against the kingdom of Emedo and its ally, Keuta. When Seto finds out he belongs to this race...
Five Nights at Team Crafted's by NinjaNekoAru
Five Nights at Team Crafted'sby NinjaNekoAru
Tyler, just out of High school, needs a job that'll pay well. He finds one in the most unexpected place. $100 a night to work as a security guard at a small amusement pa...
The Legend of Herobrine by Bladewing683
The Legend of Herobrineby Bladewing683
PREQUEL TO THE HYBRIDS OF TEAM CRAFTED SERIES After the creation of Minecraftia, Brine was created. Notch called him his brother, and made him immortal. Brine strived to...