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Pirates of Minecraftia by Sitting_in_my_Ships
Pirates of Minecraftiaby Ender
Let's see. Prince Taylor has been kidnapped by the notorious Pirate, The Black Obsidian. When with him, he discovers things that should be left alone. Ships include Spar...
Corrupted: Sequel to Fallen Star -Discontinued (For Now)- by _Arcane_Ace_
Corrupted: Sequel to Fallen Ace
The team has been happy and has learned so much more about their abilities but what happens when the leader starts acting different.
Skywolf by _Arcane_Ace_
Skywolfby Ace
Sky is taking a walk through the forest but little does he know he won't come back the same...
The Daughter of Herobrine by MineralFox
The Daughter of Herobrineby Mineral Fox
What if Herobrine had a daughter? What would her name be? What would happen with her? Who is Phil? All these questions will be answered and more as this adventure unfold...
A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
Dangan Ronpa Minecraft by MangoKiwi
Dangan Ronpa Minecraftby MangoKiwi
Sixteen popular minecraft youtubers are forced into a mysterious, dark mansion by Herobrine himself. All windows, doors, and other escape routes are all blocked, providi...
Bullied By The Pack  by klolliliana
Bullied By The Pack by lily
At her highschool, she was bullied For what? Absolutely nothing. Her life began with a decent start, ignoring the fact that her parents wouldn't see her first day or gr...
The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel to A Minecraft Story) by Radishologist
The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel Todd
CAUTION: Read "A Minecraft Story" before reading this book. It is one year after the Battle of Mojang. They thought it was over. They thought there would be p...
Living in Me (Sequel to Not Gonna Die) by stormcause
Living in Me (Sequel to Not stormcause
Life has returned to normal (more or less) in the base of Team Crafted after the chaos of a few months ago. But peace can only return for a small time in their troubled...
Stuck: a ssunkipz story by HKpika
Stuck: a ssunkipz storyby HK
Note: this story is based of the youtuber's minecraft SKINS, not the actual people. Ian and Quentin are fused together into one being and must find a way to un fuse. Not...
Adopted by... My saviors?! by Rahristakingover
Adopted by... My saviors?!by What's a Name?
Symantha was abandoned by her parents, but when Ty and Jerome walk in on her beating, they adopt her. Will Sym live happily with her new family, or will it get too... He...
You and Team Crafted by Everfall
You and Team Craftedby Bonjour le stranger!
Like every other day you log into minecraft. But it isn't your average day, no. As soon as the former team crafted members join, you know that something isn't right. How...
Addict (SetoSolace) by hghrules
Addict (SetoSolace)by Haven
It started out with one spell. Just one. It was simple, it was easy. It made him feel invincible. But then it grew out of control, until the only magic he could cast - t...
Kisses an Handcuffs by bell26352
Kisses an Handcuffsby bell26352
Evelyn is running away from home when she meets two boys. She thinks "What a good place to stay!" But she is wrongly mistaken by their true colors. Murder, mag...
Just You And Me (A BajanCanadian Fanfic) by fxckfanficss
Just You And Me (A BajanCanadian kells
Mitch and Kelly are as happy as they could be. But will bumps in the road rip them apart again? Was their love ever meant to be? *Second Book of "Other Side Of Me (...
Skymedia Oneshots (Completed) by SavageMinecraftBoss
Skymedia Oneshots (Completed)by The One and Only Kendall
This is just a bunch of random oneshots from Skymedia and maybe even a bit of teamcrafted. Yes, I made the cover. How does it look? Requests are closed. NO LEMONS...
Dragons by _Arcane_Ace_
Dragonsby Ace
Dragons have disappeared from the world almost as if they had been completely wiped out. Some still lurk below the surface. A lucky bunch of people are chosen by the dra...
The Lost Ones Book 2: Welcome Home by TheStarShipUniverse
The Lost Ones Book 2: Welcome Homeby The Crew of the Star Ship Uni...
It seemed like just another ordinary day, wake up, make videos, go to sleep. Just like yesterday, right? But now he's being told he's been missing, for over two years no...
Not Gonna Die (A Skybrine Fanfic) by stormcause
Not Gonna Die (A Skybrine Fanfic)by stormcause
The army of Team Crafted have only one goal: To restore peace to their conflicted land. But after a trip to the snow country goes wrong, Adam starts developing magic tha...
A Thousand Years ↠ Sequel to My Best Friend's Brother by ehmaleeh
A Thousand Years ↠ Sequel to My Emily
↠ Brianna and Mitchell Hughes have been through a lot in their short lives, now twenty one years old and having two children on the way, what more could happen to the cu...