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Polaroid • Yogscast || Hatfilms ✔️ by SierraOwls
Polaroid • Yogscast || Hatfilms ✔️by Christelle
New graduate: Pippa Brindley, starts her story as a working barista. Earnings are little, but the content was consistent despite living in the small village of Bourton-O...
Hatters Pup (Yogscast/Hat Films) by ScottishOwl
Hatters Pup (Yogscast/Hat Films)by Kate
One small pup. Internet sensations. A friend? A companion? This is how they meet and how all their lives change. After a small border collie puppy is found abandoned she...
The Girl with enderdragon eyes by MysticPixles
The Girl with enderdragon eyesby MysticPixles
Alyssa's my name. You came here for a story, right? Well, your lucky. I have this strange story. You may not believe me but...it's true. Very true. Will you come with me...
Hardened (A Yogscast Fanfiction) by ecstasy_of_silver
Hardened (A Yogscast Fanfiction)by Ecstasy
I was spawned here, and I survived. The hoard came, the fire came, and I still survived. I thought I wanted someone to save me, to keep my company in this cruel, harsh...
Dangan Minecraft by Sarkshine
Dangan Minecraftby 🐱
This is absolutely ancient, and it's writing is atrocious- proceed if you dare]] -- Sixteen YouTubers Are chosen to visit a new build on the server where they live. Litt...
Related to Him! (Yogscast/Hat Films/Ross Hornby) 1/3 by ScottishOwl
Related to Him! (Yogscast/Hat Film...by Kate
Alexia Hornby is a 16 year old with an amazing life. That is until her parents die when she's away. After that her life turns to hell. With only her friends there to sup...
Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfiction) by ecstasy_of_silver
Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfi...by Ecstasy
Atlas thought her status excluded her from the draft. No eight would ever be allowed in a selection, especially one that competed in illegal cage fights for money. No...
From fan to fiancé - Alsmiffy x Reader (Hat Films / Yogscast) by SuperSecretBoyBand
From fan to fiancé - Alsmiffy x Re...by Romanoff
It all started off as a dream but now it's a reality. (Swearing inside! Nothing new for the Hat Films fandom!)
Yogscast x Readers by Fuyu_Tsukiakari
Yogscast x Readersby Fuyu_Tsukiakari
A collection of Yogscast One Shots! This book will be filled with a collection of Yogscast x Readers. If you'd like to request a story I'd be happy to attempt it for you...
Pixels [Yogscast] by Xenolis
Pixels [Yogscast]by Pipistrelle
(Original: 2013/2014 - New: 2017/2018) [Book 1 - Pixels, A Yogscast fan-fic] The world of Minecraftia is usually safe and an idyllic location to live. However, once ever...
Three Girls And Their Lovers - A Yogscast/HatFilms FanFic by EllePuggedRage
Three Girls And Their Lovers - A Y...by EllePuggedRage
Alex, Steph and Katie are bristol's best friends. Living together but can be hard but with a bitch who loves motor biking with a waitressing job, another waitress who's...
What an A** - A Hat Films/Yogscast Fanfic by Pika2526
What an A** - A Hat Films/Yogscast...by Pika2526
Huge thanks to AvatheBulldog and mskittycatmeow for the art on the cover! :D "My name is Elizabeth Hornby, and this is my story." Elizabeth is a 23 year old gi...
The light in your darkness (Alsmiffy x Reader) Yogscast Hat films by SuperSecretBoyBand
The light in your darkness (Alsmif...by Romanoff
You were feeling low, he was the one to lift you up. Trigger warnings for self hate.. swearing.
Revenge is sweet (yogscast lalnable fanfiction) by Bipolar-cheesecake
Revenge is sweet (yogscast lalnabl...by Salamander
After a horrific back story from Lalnable he seeks vengeance upon his parents and a few others!
The Traitor among us (sequel to 'The Adventures of Lexi) 3/3 by ScottishOwl
The Traitor among us (sequel to 'T...by Kate
After months of searching for their little girl Alexia and Chris Trott finally lose hope. to the advantage of Alex Smith. Smith has kept Falicity Trott hidden for months...
Godlike by ParvsCookies
Godlikeby Jac
A girl goes to tekkit on a boat, little does she know of the adventures she will go on or the people she will meet. But not all of them are friendly and will love make h...
Assassin [Yogscast] by Xenolis
Assassin [Yogscast]by Pipistrelle
A girl sent on a mission by her master to assassinate a member of Tekkitopia. She's a worldwide-wanted killer, having slaughtered many people before. The fearful people...
The Light And Day (a nanocoffee fanfic) by Buzzing_Queen
The Light And Day (a nanocoffee fa...by Buzzing_Queen
Kim is taken under Duncan's wing as soon as she spawns in the world, but thing begin to take a turn for the worst Kim has not met anyone els in the world what would they...
The Adventures Of Lexi (Sequel to Related to Him) 2/3 by ScottishOwl
The Adventures Of Lexi (Sequel to...by Kate
If you haven't read Related to Him this probably won't make sense. So go read now! :) When Lexi starts off her new job in Africa. She meets new friends and old. With her...
RP Book by EnderGirl555
RP Bookby Funky_Ralphie
I'll post when Im bored and wanna rp. I would prefer no OC's that are OP or dont really fit with the fandom. (Ex: In The Crafting Dead universe, where there is no powers...