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That Day // Villain Deku by Musical_Leaf_Juice15
That Day // Villain Dekuby Musical Leaf Juice
That day, they didn't know what they had lost. Izuku Yagi was born quirkless. His sister, Izumi Yagi, on the other hand, had an extremely powerful quirk that could m...
The Element Hero by GreenNinjaDT1
The Element Heroby Astaroth
Izuku midoriya gains a quirk of elements and desires to be a hero while someone has a crush on him shall he make it
Why Does This Exist? by Undead_Writings
Why Does This Exist?by Mitsu Kayama
One Day, Midoriya decided to test out a theory. So he made a group chat with 1-A, some teachers, students, pro heroes, and family. What happens next? Utter Chaos (and an...
ArchAngel Izuku Toshinori by Kevashii
ArchAngel Izuku Toshinoriby Kevashi
(Alright, people, this is my first ever fanfiction so please don't go too hard on me, any suggestions, comments or feedback are welcome. ) In this AU, Deku/Izuku Toshino...
BNHA pictures and memes by __ItsMari__
BNHA pictures and memesby Mari
I don't own any of these. Enjoy. Contains some ships. Contains some randoms. All BNHA related. Shut up and enjoy.
Class 1-gAy & LoV chatsksksks by enapyen
Class 1-gAy & LoV chatsksksksby ✨YEN✨
the title obviously says what this weird ass thing called a fan fiction is about. *sad yeehaw* I has me top rankssss: #2 in lov (5/2/20) #4 in leagueofvillians (12/9/19...
Dance to the beat of your heart by _FandomLover332_
Dance to the beat of your heartby FandomLover .
Izuku Midoriya never had a normal Childhood. He was bullied by the kids at school, losing his only friend but he lost his freedom of choice as well. Izuku's mother. Inko...
A cat vigilant by NIGHTINGALE149675
A cat vigilantby Tired Shinso
Izuku Midoriya never knew his biological dad. His mum was killed. How will this effect things. He's a vigelent who hates people. And he's a mutant. Will a tea drinking...
The Hero for everyone: One for All (I'm rewriting this story) by RoKkEr_scura
The Hero for everyone: One for rokker scura
As I said I am rewriting this story.
Learning about Izuku Midoriya by Thatweirdthing2
Learning about Izuku Midoriyaby That.weird.thing
Mei Hatsume has made another invention (baby) and wants deku to try it out what will happen when everyone finds out about dekus past? will they like what they find? wha...
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A Disappointment (Villain Deku) by FARIS_00
A Disappointment (Villain Deku)by •F A R I S•
Toshinori yagi and Inko midoriya were secretly a pro hero and a parents to a twin of a boy and a girl named izuku and izumi yagi .They both admires and love heroes and...
IM Not You! (Update On November 30) by LunaMoon75
IM Not You! (Update On November 30)by LunaticMoon75
All Izuku want is to be a hero. Someone who can support and help makes dream a reality. But what would he do if he was suppose to be "quirkless"? What choice...
Painful {Aizawa/Izuku Platonic story} by Tododeku-Bakudeku
Painful {Aizawa/Izuku Platonic Tsue-Li San
---- Aizawa considered himself as someone to lacked emotion. Someone who didn't react much; like a black hole, devoid of any feeling. Granted, he felt some fear, like d...
Galaxies, Infinitely. by bnhafan1123
Galaxies, Madi
What if, Izuku WAS born with a quirk? A Quirk so powerful he could surpass any hero or villain, if he trained it properly? Read the story to find out! In this story I'm...
Lost and found. Back in my arms. | BakuDeku by societiesweirdo
Lost and found. Back in my arms. | Madness is me
Izuku is captured by hero's after having gone missing five years ago. His old friend Kacchan has been looking for him ever since he'd gone missing. But the Izuku they ge...
Izuku: The shadow hero by zath51
Izuku: The shadow heroby Zath51
The shadow hero An AU where izuku has a quirk and he's very powerful. (ONGOING) Izuku was born with a quirk, a shadow type quirk. People whisper and talk about him, call...
Outcast Prodigy by KnightRider_34
Outcast Prodigyby Camilo Gutierrez
Izuku Yagi is the youngest of twins. His sister who has a brother complexs bullies him because he wants to be a hero without a quirks. Both of his parents ignore him, an...
All Seeing Eyes by JorgWashingmachine
All Seeing Eyesby Salt
Izuku Yagi is the son of All Might and Nighteye, Izuku learns at a young age that he had the power to change the world for generations after, follow his story to cement...
Deadshot by UltimateReader2004
Deadshotby UltimateReader2004
The world was unfair for Izuku. He just wanted to be a hero yet everyone pushed him down. It wasn't until his parents died from a villain incident that heroes failed to...
Chained to Destiny by Call-Me-Keller
Chained to Destinyby Keller
Izuku is All Might's son, living happily and carelessly. That is until he was officially named quirkless. From then, his parents ignored him like he wasn't there. His cl...