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Jesus Was My Sugar Daddy by jacquelinehelbert
Jesus Was My Sugar Daddyby jacquelinehelbert
Fresh out of high school I traveled from coal fields of the Appalachian Mountains to the big city of Tampa, to attend a charismatic bible institute. A naive zealot, I wa...
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Children of Night by shadowqueen5511
Children of Nightby shadowqueen5511
Shade and Shadow Nox, are two privet investigators who act more like thieves then vigilantes. All is going good in their city when a noble vampire is brought through the...
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She's an exorcist and he's a demon (Sebastian Michaelis love story) by iemmagamer
She's an exorcist and he's a Zainab
Warning: strong language! Meet Scarlet Grave, an exorcist living in 2013. What happens when she somehow gets sent to a whole different world where, its the 19th century...
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Randism: A Psychological Time Bomb by MHeying
Randism: A Psychological Time Bombby Monty Heying
A circumstantial case for Ayn Rand's philosophy as a communist psychological weapon.
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Cult Of The Walrus by MidnightDragon_03
Cult Of The Walrusby MidnightDragon_03
This is a poem from someone who I know.
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More Than Meets The Eye by RimUranium
More Than Meets The Eyeby Rim
When a renown fashion designer and critically acclaimed movie producer fall in love, the result is Autumn Pearce. Autumn has just about everything a person could want; f...
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The X-Files Monsters by RobertHelliger
The X-Files Monstersby RobertHelliger
The book is rated Mature for readers 15 years and over for some horror, supernatural themes, adult themes. FBI Agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate the weird, bi...
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Peaceton by corey_was_here
Peacetonby Courtney AKA
Amy is a only child whose parents dies in a car crash. She goes to live with her god mom Kelly in a small town in Texas called Peaceton. Peaceton doesn't exactly fit it'...
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Pokémon: The Cult of Darkrai by SpookyShiba
Pokémon: The Cult of Darkraiby SpookyShiba
Cultists aren't very nice. Edit this later. I don't own Pokémon nor do I intend to. This is just a fan made story based on a fanmade game, Insurgence. Many characters I...
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Children of the Tilts (ON HOLD) by fishfingerandcustard
Children of the Tilts (ON HOLD)by state your intentions
(Sequel to When the Earth Tilts) "I remember pain. I remember cold metal. I remember blinding light. I remember when I felt like I was a torn sweater and someon...
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Camp Driftwood by Fairfax5
Camp Driftwoodby Chris
In an effort to fix a deteriorating relationship with her mother, Kaylee Adams is sent to Camp Driftwood, a fundamentalist camp for troubled teens. This is the solution...
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Seven Feet Under (temp. Hold till after Wattys 2016) by ML_Brooks
Seven Feet Under (temp. Hold ||
A foot below six feet is where Seven live. Well, sort of. ~ Madeira was completely normal. In fact, maybe less than normal, nearing the boring section of the scale. Unti...
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Legend of Romulus and Remus by hellothisisv
Legend of Romulus and Remusby hellothisisv
After saving a stranger’s life in Rome, Cecilia, an immortal noble, is thrown into a world of dangerous, sadistic cults, strange creatures awakening, and the corrupt cit...
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Alice. by theories
#14 asha
Murder is always an option.
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Run Or Hide (Liam Payne Fan Fiction) by someblondesaresmart
Run Or Hide (Liam Payne Fan someblondesaresmart
Reagan is best friends with Liam Payne since diapers. After their Take Me Home album release, she went to America to sight-see and visit. But one night, during a phone...
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Lemons by christie1048
Lemonsby christie1048
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Divination by tessaazhu
Divinationby tessaazhu
Will the Teller's prediction come true? Will something sinister happen to this young woman like she is warned against? With her intent set on gaining a...
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It Stalks by AdrienneMitchell
It Stalksby Adrienne Mitchell
Love... Lies... Werewolves?! As if being 16 wasn't hard enough. Roxanne has always doubted her father's death and wants the answers she deserves, but they are going to...
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Resounding Echo(Angel's Voice Series Book 1) by ResoundingEcho
Resounding Echo(Angel's Voice Michelle Zanette Sejr Louring
Selissa doesn’t remember anything from before she came to live at the temple. With her lost memory follows the mystic symbol on her back. Despite not knowing anything a...
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