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My weird but yet funny childhood by robot-san
My weird but yet funny childhoodby Leader bleach cult
Well, read these at night since that's when I uploaded these storys
Kakashi's Cult Mission #1 by TsunamiCrash
Kakashi's Cult Mission #1by Local Weeb
I am half-awake. I don't know what I'm doing. I have been assigned a task. This is my task. Read if you may, and may if you read. One word. One word will change it all. ...
Little Miss Innocent ~✔ by favor_nova
Little Miss Innocent ~✔by Valkyrie🔱
~When all the bad and innocent girls like bad boys who do the good guys get?~ Anne is a gentle girl who everyone thinks is innocent because of her looks. But you don't j...
CUTESY CULT by CutesyCult
CUTESY CULTby ~♪~~♪Aurora
ωнαт ιƒ.. ι ρυт му мιηє¢яαƒт вє∂ ηєχт тσ уσυяѕ? ʝк! υηℓєѕѕ... 😳👉👈 In which I cherish every single one of you uwu Hugs and kithes and cuddles and snuggles open 25/8 Lo...
The Funky Bunches of Oats "Cult" by Insignificant_Isopod
The Funky Bunches of Oats "Cult"by Insignificant_Isopod
Ah, yes. Welcome to the Funky Bunches of Oats Cult book! If you follow me, you're automatically part of it. Really, this is just a place where all of us can be crazy and...
Ochaco Uraraka Cult by -_White-Roses_-
Ochaco Uraraka Cultby 𝘍 𝘓 𝘖 𝘈 𝘛 𝘠
✞Please join I know this Cute baby gets love already but she deserves more. You dont even have to watch Bnha you just gotta think she's adorable and love her✞
Lipton tea cult  by Queen_Waifu
Lipton tea cult by 💖Author-Chan💖
After so long , the Lipton Queen has returned and is here to stay my fellow Lipton tea citizens !
F R O G  C U L T by EliteWeeaboo7
F R O G C U L Tby }-^*C R I*^-{
Where the frog cult vibes. You must ask Gbp1022 permission to join the cult F r o g
TY TRACK by harlen_dancer
TY TRACKby Ty track
idek and dis the ty track part 2 hEH
Ze Dragon Cult! by LunaZeEdgelord
Ze Dragon Cult!by Luna
Fighting against all of those homophobes and haters, illuminating art thieves but loving dragons in the progress!
Bukowski's Broken Family Band by awglen
Bukowski's Broken Family Bandby A.W. Glen
Paranormal horror-comedy with heart. Manic rock musician Jaymie Brzezinski claims to have been born at the moment of Charles Bukowski's death. Now the mad poet-incarnat...
Tale of the Shifting Gears (Weredragon Chronicles, Book 3) by SnowyLE0PARD
Tale of the Shifting Gears ( S.R. Campbell
Six years after Silver and the Death Scrapper were defeated, the world of Draglandia had returned to peace at long last. The ancient city of Muldragia had been restored...
HEBER by CrazyyWriterr
HEBERby Red Butterfly
"Knowing the bible by heart does not make you a saint. Having a biblical name does not make you a good person. And worst, murdering in the name of God does not mak...
the boap cult by monotone_
the boap cultby ✞
read the title
The Elevator by Kristiana_Palli
The Elevatorby Κριστιάνα Πάλλη
Errica: Get out of here now! I am screaming, I am feeling my throat burning. My voice rising from the depths of my lungs and as a tingling spread all over my body. The p...
Living Slow and Rotting Fast (yandere x reader) by lizard-on-a-bike
Living Slow and Rotting Fast ( lizard-on-a-bike
It's funny how grief can distort your mind, and even funnier how susceptible it makes you to stupid decisions. I wanted to supply a one-shot with only a few chapters as...
just a child by unusual_freak
just a childby unusual_freak
( I hope you guys know that this will definitely be shorter than my other fic) dipper didn't have a happy life as he was born in the cursed town of gravity that he and h...
sMyMe CuLt official book by ArrowTheDemigirl
sMyMe CuLt official bookby 🌺𝙰𝚛𝚛𝚘𝚠🌺
official book for the smyme cult. announcements etc. take place here.
this is the cult by LivingHorrorMovie
this is the cultby LivingHorrorMovie
if you know you know the cult is basically about, spooning, dream team, the trio, and dinosaur noodles dont ask they're all inside jokes for the cult