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A Price Doesn't Have to Love a Princess (Crossmare,) Finished by Zenith_Writes
A Price Doesn't Have to Love a (why u here?)
Nightmare the Price of the Moon is expected to marry a Princess that he has never met before. his wedding day is approaching he can't handle it anymore..... He runs awa...
Don't Forget Us by LennyFaceOWO
Don't Forget Usby (>///<)
Cross has amnesia and can't remember anything but his old AU and Chara. (Not in story) When Nightmare found out Cross didn't remember anything, he was devastated. (It ma...
Anti-Cream Stories by anonymous134340
Anti-Cream Storiesby | Floris |
Ship whatever you want, I don't give a single flying fuck, but this book is just for my enjoyment. You read that right, my enjoyment, not yours. If you get upset by anyt...
Content In His Arms(Crossmare Fanfic) by Floofy_Mellow
Content In His Arms(Crossmare MultiFandom-Er
Cross He is one of the members in Nightmare's gang.He was known around the multiverse as a silent,mysterious and secretive killer.But really,he was just a misunderstood...
Why me?.. || Crossmare || Cross Sans x [female stripper] Nightmare Sans || by _Official_Nightmare_
Why me?.. || Crossmare || Cross 🖤💙Nightmare!Sans💙🖤
Cross was just living his normal life all depressing and stuff, but some of the town talks about the popular stripper named Nightmare, Cross wasn't into stuff like that...
Crossmare Oneshots by DuckieisGone
Crossmare Oneshotsby Duckie
Random scenarios and stories of sanscest ships. Some happy, some sad. Some long, some short. Nothing is perfect, nothing is complete. They come, they go. I'll try to gra...
Apocalyptic Love (A Crossmare Fanfiction)  by __Purple_Fluffball__
Apocalyptic Love (A Crossmare Crossmare
They first came as individuals, people caught up in the Nuclear blast of Craitown. But people soon realised that the infected numbers were increasing. Cities were swarme...
Creation Begins with an I, Destruction Begins with an E (Undertale Errink Book) by M1ssDemeanour
Creation Begins with an I, Brooke
Error and Ink are two Gods, one of creation, the other of Destruction. One is a tattoo artist, happy with his life, the other works in an office, wishing he could quit h...
Nightmare X Cross | Servant Or Lover? by thetwinsdivine
Nightmare X Cross | Servant Or gem divine
This is a story about two skeleton lovers. After they CROSSed paths through a NIGHTMARE. The smaller one had been stuck in an AU called X-Tale, with one person, who doe...
Shattered & Corrupted (An Undertale Sanscest Story) by DahliaMelon
Shattered & Corrupted (An Dahlia ♡
CROSSMARE ♡ Nightmare meets his estranged brother, Dream, under a desolate tree which formerly held the very apples that split them apart. Little did he know that Dream...
Cross's Memories (A Crossmare OneShot Book) by Fallenpaw30
Cross's Memories (A Crossmare If you ain't talking Crossmar...
Hello and Welcome to the book formerly known as " Cross's Memories ! " This book is a long one-shot book with a saga based off of a discord roleplay I once did...
Crossmare Oneshots by xlivied
Crossmare Oneshotsby whack
uninstalled !! i won't be posting here anymore, i'll be moving to ao3, haven't created an account there yet but i will soon !! sorry wattpad is juat a bit too outdated f...
A Truce Old Friend?(Error x Ink) by Enderwolf_22
A Truce Old Friend?(Error x Ink)by JustSumTrash
(Might make a rewritten version of this story since I'm not too proud of it. If you're reading this note, leave a comment on one of the chapters if you'd want me to writ...
Only Time Will Tell by Dovey0Artsy
Only Time Will Tellby I need friends
Nobody noticed what was happening. Nobody noticed until it a was too late. Will they manage to save the Multiverse or is it doomed from the beginning? Well... Only Tim...
Long Lost Criminal // criminal nightmare x cop cross by Commonlyblues
Long Lost Criminal // criminal unfollow me
in this particular story cross is a cop and nightmare is a criminal nightmare was hiding from the police living where ever he can go, sometimes he got caught but succes...
Finding your Soul by Raina_Angeles
Finding your Soulby Raina Angeles
Finding your Soul, (A Sanscest story). Everyone has their origins, everyone has their own unique backstories, some darker than others. An example of this; is a certain g...
It All Happens At Once (Kream [Killer X Dream]) by Zenith_Writes
It All Happens At Once (Kream [ (why u here?)
Dream is the Prince of vampires his old brother Nightmare is King. Dream loves the world but it doesn't love him. Killer is a lone werewolf or rogue wolf which means he...
Loyalty's Lullaby (A Crossmare Fanfiction) by Sukura_Blooms
Loyalty's Lullaby (A Crossmare PotatoGravyBirb
It was his destiny. He couldn't change it. He couldn't hide from it. He could only accept. Be loyal, because that's supposedly a good adjective. Even if he didn't want t...
Crossmare Oneshots ▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓ by LivelyLurker
Crossmare Oneshots ▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓by LivelyLurker
I absolutely love angst and if I didn't cringe at my own writing then that'd be the only thing I'd write
Blossoming Paths (Sanscest) by Trashy_Sshipper
Blossoming Paths (Sanscest)by ꧁⚬° Okalani °⚬꧂
Disclaimer: They are in fact humans in this story, and more feminine characters (Ink, Dream, etc...) will be changed to the opposing gender. Highest Rankings: Last Updat...