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Finally Together (shrek X Farquaad)  by caulimayo
Finally Together (shrek X caulico
About three things I was absolutely positive. First, the hot guy's name was Farquaad. Second, there was a part of me that wanted him to farq me. Third, onions. Shrek X...
mcyt x reader oneshots  by maxine_lol
mcyt x reader oneshots by max :)
this book contains a collection of oneshots I've written :] requests: closed - 22 drafts || specify pronouns - default: she/her these oneshots include: dream, george, sa...
Drarry M-Preg One Shots | ✎ by coffee_addict2005
Drarry M-Preg One Shots | ✎by 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙚
This is trash. Absolute TRASH Seriously. Click away. Still here? Fineeeeeeeeeee Bottom Draco, Top Harry ;)
Nature's Gift ☘☘☘ by MHAfan0988
Nature's Gift ☘☘☘by Gummy Bears
Izuku Midoriya, a young independent boy who's thought to be quirkless and has been bullied for it. His quirk manifested late at the age of 9 with his love of nature, ani...
Taehyung smuts & imagine  by JIMINSUGABABY
Taehyung smuts & imagine by ☁︎ JIMINSUGABABY☁︎
This is a smut book read at your own risk 18+ 1st on beware? 9/5/18 293 on kpop ? 9/10/18 13 on taetae?9/17/18 8th on cringy 10/27/18 Please do not copy my work ©️
Dc Comics One Shots by chimichangamann
Dc Comics One Shotsby chimichangamann
This book is filled with one shots from Agent 37 to the Poison Ivy. #56 in Fanfic 5/5/17 #5 in dccomics 10/5/18
Yurio X Reader by msn116
Yurio X Readerby Azuma and Kirakiraboshi
(Y/N) (L/N) has a passion for ice skating and has fantasized about pursuing her dream as an international ice skater. Sadly, her focus has been blurred after her mother'...
Hazbin Hotel parent scenarios by Random732732
Hazbin Hotel parent scenariosby MissFanfic
Ever wanted to be a child of the Hazbin Hotel? If so you came to the right place, if you have requests please share❤️. Thank you!!!
A Shy Sunshine by littletangering
A Shy Sunshineby Orange-kyun(。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Hello~... This is my first time making a fanfic and it's gonna be Hinata ofcourse and him attracting players all over the place and making his own harem...and im gonna m...
Remember Us || Finn Wolfhard x reader || by strangesstthings
Remember Us || Finn Wolfhard x ɐ l l ǝ
You and Finn meet each other in 2nd grade and been best friends since, but after you moved to Australia and Finn getting famous, you guys haven't talk in years but that...
BTS imagines  by kyllie_queen
BTS imagines by kyUWUt
✎ HAPPY / GOOD ENDINGS ✎ SAD / BAD ENDINGS ✎ ROMANCE / FLUFF ✎ ANGST ✗ SMUT [A/N: currently being edited but still continuing on updating] Date started: September 9,201...
Kidnapped By a Mafia by roblox_drag_gang
Kidnapped By a Mafiaby roblox_drag_gang
Four young high school senior girls were kidnapped by the most dangerous mafia out there ... bts. Will they survive ? Read to find out teeheehee
harry potter instagram (DISCONTINUED) by maxine_lol
harry potter instagram ( max :)
Dramione - Hastoria - Blinny - Nuna - Ravender - Thory (OC) ------- This story takes place the year after the war
One more chance (Skeppy x reader) by xyskpy
One more chance (Skeppy x reader)by xyskpy
You're a 20 year old girl. you're a famous singer and actor. you fall in love with an American Youtuber.
I Don't Have A Crush On Todoroki-Kun! (TodoDeku) (BNHA) by XOSicko_TrashOX
I Don't Have A Crush On Big Dank Chungus
Hello! This is a fan fiction about Todoroki x Deku (BNHA). Sorry for cancelling Travis x Larry. I wasn't feeling it after I finished the second chapter, that's why I de...
❝wife❞ woosan by ateezxdream
❝wife❞ woosanby ╹dreamerz╻
╹marriage brought them to something better than wealth╻ *previously known as "married to the enemy"* ➸ these are all one hundred percent fictional. it is c...
Heated Drama (Meliodas x Elizabeth Lemon) by Naeloves2write
Heated Drama (Meliodas x Depressed_Yandere
Drama... That's exactly what their relationship is. Heated drama. The arguments never seem to cease, and Meliodas can't get enough of Elizabeth's body. But despite thi...
Hunters 4 Life (Killua x Oc) by Hanie-senpai
Hunters 4 Life (Killua x Oc)by ♥️Hanie-chan♥️
Just a normal Killua x oc. I'm gonna be changing ALOT of things but this is how I'll like it to be. Again no haters pls. i DO NOT own HunterxHunter, only the plot and oc...
<----««𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖉𝖔𝖒 𝕮𝖚𝖗𝖘𝖊 »»----> by TrucHuynh546
by LifeLessPotato てあ
Toxic? Kinda. Techno doesn't like to be shipped. Dream fine. This is a bit toxic But. I take it down if it get to seriously ;')
Bfb Fireafy Fanifc by BfbShipper_XxX
Bfb Fireafy Fanifcby BfbShipper_XxX
Firey and leafy have a deep hatred for each other, but does Firey have a different mindset? In this story you will see if they become friends again or even fall in love.