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Short Stories/Cringy by Cringebucket
Short Stories/Cringyby Cringebucket :)
Just cringy nsfw stuff
Dc Comics One Shots by chimichangamann
Dc Comics One Shotsby chimichangamann
This book is filled with one shots from Agent 37 to the Poison Ivy. #56 in Fanfic 5/5/17 #5 in dccomics 10/5/18
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His Stripper by Mrs_Mysterious01
His Stripperby Mrs_Mysterious01
Smut. Smut. And more smut. This story is fast paced and sometimes slow. It's based on an interesting Dancer who meets her Alpha mate and can barely contain the raw fe...
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BTS imagines 2 by kyllie_queen
BTS imagines 2by Cawwots
Book contains Drama, Romance, Comedy, angst/ sad ending, and too much cringe! Please read at your own risk. Date started: September 9,2017 Date ended: A/N: I'm a slow wr...
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Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesie (Under editing) by tepigforlife
Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesie ( tepigforlife
"Chilling in my comfy onesie! Chilling, chilling, chilling in my unicorn onesie!" I sang while doing a little dance. Then I heard laughing behind me. "Wh...
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Taehyung smuts & imagine  by JIMINSUGABABY
Taehyung smuts & imagine by ☁︎ JIMINSUGABABY☁︎
This smut book is very cringy and dirty so read at your own risk but other then that thank you for reading ;) 1st on beware? 9/5/18 293 on kpop ? 9/10/18 13 on taetae?9...
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Remember Us || Finn Wolfhard x reader || by strangesstthings
Remember Us || Finn Wolfhard x ɐ l l ǝ
You and Finn meet each other in 2nd grade and been best friends since, but after you moved to Australia and Finn getting famous, you guys haven't talk in years but that...
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The Way We Roll (Richie x Eddie // Stanley x Bill) (Completed) by -maxinee-
The Way We Roll (Richie x max
It's a Richie and Eddie fanfiction. And it's really cringy sorry but hopefully you'll enjoy! ;)
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Heated Drama (Meliodas x Elizabeth Lemon) by Naeloves2write
Heated Drama (Meliodas x Depressed_Yandere
Drama... That's exactly what their relationship is. Heated drama. The arguments never seem to cease, and Meliodas can't get enough of Elizabeth's body. But despite thi...
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Yurio X Reader by msn116
Yurio X Readerby Azuma and Kirakiraboshi
(Y/N) (L/N) has a passion for ice skating and has fantasized about pursuing her dream as an international ice skater. Sadly, her focus has been blurred after her mother'...
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Hazbin Hotel parent scenarios by Random732732
Hazbin Hotel parent scenariosby MissFanfic
Ever wanted to be a child of the Hazbin Hotel? If so you came to the right place, if you have requests please share❤️. Thank you!!!
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Why A Villainess! by Le-jin
Why A Villainess!by Ilurvbananas
Scarlet Rivers was hit by a freaking truck and was reborn into an otome game that she couldn't finish. She doesn't remember much of her past life. Her mission is to avoi...
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In Possession of The Mafia by BasicSkank
In Possession of The Mafiaby Papi chulooo
"Come here." He says sitting on the bed. I slowly walk over to him. When I'm in front of him he stands up and grabs my chin. He tilts my head so I'm looking i...
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BoysLove Oneshot Compilations by YamamotoNana
BoysLove Oneshot Compilationsby GAYSHIZ
Contains bxb stories only. Note: This is my first time writing it down so you could make some suggestions and requests and maybe corrections. I don't mind.
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NEWT X reader lemon by lil_wolf014
NEWT X reader lemonby hayley newell
u and newt "playing"
TomTord book(Discontinued For A While...) by _Galactic_Potato_
TomTord book(Discontinued For A _Galactic_Potato_
After the end Tord has been falling in depression and would hurt himself. No one knew about this and Tom not knowing he was depressed would make fun of Tord and say hurt...
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I Don't Have A Crush On Todoroki-Kun! (TodoDeku) (BNHA) by XOSicko_TrashOX
I Don't Have A Crush On Big Dank Chungus
Hello! This is a fan fiction about Todoroki x Deku (BNHA). Sorry for cancelling Travis x Larry. I wasn't feeling it after I finished the second chapter, that's why I de...
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The Gangleader's Other Half by Lazy_Nerd_Life
The Gangleader's Other Halfby Life Of The Weird
Hello Nerds! So this is hard to say but... this is my first story (The second story might start on chapter 25 or at the end of this book). Okay! Here's an excerpt to get...
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Haikyuu x male reader by cumshotinmyarse
Haikyuu x male readerby cumshotinmyarse
Ok so um I'm not that good at writing I'm only in middle school so this will be bad but if you could give me some tips in the comments that would be great! Also if I get...
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Izuku - King Of The Monsters [Discontinued] by BusinessPartnerOfDio
Izuku - King Of The Monsters [ •Δ• Σχτεrмιηατοr •∞•
In 1950s, before quirk even existed. America has dropped atomic bombs at Japan. Izuku unfortunately, was mutated by the nuclear testing, turned into a gigantic monster t...
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