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His Princess ~ -  Elder Mark X Reader by sm0lg0th
His Princess ~ - Elder Mark X sm0lg0th
You pass out , and find yourself among 3 boys , you then discover your undeniable feelings for one of them
||The four of us||the elders x reader by hahaursofunny_
||The four of us||the elders x •$Chichiharu$•
Y/n gets forced to play-hangout with his brother jp and his friends at the creak y/n wanted to protests but she knew jp would find a way to convince her anyway but littl...
Craig of the creek oneshots because why not by Sweetsugarlemonade
Craig of the creek oneshots •Sweetie•
Hello there other Craig of the Creek fans,feeling bored? Do you need a gosh darn break from school work? Don't worry dear,just get comfy,take a small break from everythi...
"things change" (Elder Mark x Reader) by Polythene_Walrus
"things change" (Elder Mark x 🅁🄾🄱🄸🄽 🅂🄺🄸🄽🄽🄴🅁
Craig of the creek x reader by Mackenziekills
Craig of the creek x readerby Mackenziekills
Any gender Any character Any age (within reason) Ps I wound like to state that if I'm not given a gender I try to make my stories gender neutral
Not all monsters are bad. ( a Cult of the Cryptids fan story ) by ieatsoapdaily
Not all monsters are bad. ( a ✨Soap✨
( DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE ART IN HERE IS MINE BUT THE COVER AND THE ART THAT IS IN THE SAME STYLE. ) Aloha, I'm Soap. I really hope you enjoy this book because I put a...
Craig of the creek fanart by trydifferentpassword
Craig of the creek fanartby Ashley Renee josey
I wrote another story about Craig of the creek bc it's my favorite show right now and it's all I watch on TV during this quarantine. So this is a fanart story. sometimes...
Elders of the creek Boyfriend Preferences  by MoonlightChild1988
Elders of the creek Boyfriend 🌙Moonlight🌙
Characters including ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Mark Barry David
Jason edits (and other stuff) by -wahoo-
Jason edits (and other stuff)by yuh
yes this book is about Jason from Craig of the Creek. I honestly love him. look at his beautiful face. appreciate it right now or I'll destroy you using the power of ani...
The Lonely Forest Scout by trydifferentpassword
The Lonely Forest Scoutby Ashley Renee josey
Jason doesn't have it as easy as you think. Sure it may look like his family has a lot of money due to the looks of his house and stuff. But he actually has it pretty ba...
Entirely New- Mark x David (Craig of the Creek) by Nightflamolimayo
Entirely New- Mark x David ( Nightflamolimayo
Mark is, well, a jerk to say the least. Though David has learned to put up with the attitude of his best friend. It didn't bother him anymore, until David started feelin...
Ceasefire // Malachi Boardman // Children of the Corn // by VisiannaRoselily
Ceasefire // Malachi Boardman // VisiannaRoselily
Anastasia sick of her abusive and alcoholic father takes her siblings and run away from home. She has to travel across the United States, sleeping and lounging on couche...
Craig of the creek oneshits by MimiMakesArts
Craig of the creek oneshitsby Mimi three five zero
Short storys with lots of gay REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!
Winter Breaks the Ice (COTC Craigson Fanfic) by TheGoldenSong911
Winter Breaks the Ice (COTC GoldenSong911
Jason's parents are away and there is hardly anyone at the creek during winter break. Jason is lonely and looking for a friend. Will he find what he is looking for? Or w...
Craig of the Creek - Jason's Flu! by SpotlessDalmation
Craig of the Creek - Jason's Flu!by SpotlessDalmation
One morning, Jason wakes up sick, but refuses to skip the day. However, Craig notices, and tries to help. As Craig starts treating him, he starts to learn about his 'Ene...
Together forever ~Craig of the creek~ by Sweetsugarlemonade
Together forever ~Craig of the •Sweetie•
Hey,Craigson shippers,are you just tired of Jason and Craig arguing? Are you sick of them getting into fights? Do you just want them both to shut up those arguing mouths...
Goddess of the Creek by SilverWolf_15
Goddess of the Creekby Regina Noctium
Hey, I'm Katherine White. It's been near a decade since I've thought of this time, but I thought I would share it with you guys. My lovely friend Queenie here has decide...
COTC - Not Again - by AnaFilips
COTC - Not Again -by Ana Filips
there's a new kid and she's mysterious.
Tributes to the Craig of the creek characters by trydifferentpassword
Tributes to the Craig of the Ashley Renee josey
just request a character from the show and a song you think would be a good tribute for them. then I'll put it like you requested 😄