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{•Beast Of The Creek•} Craig Of The Creek x Dragon! Reader by R0ADRAPT0RZ
{•Beast Of The Creek•} Craig Of R0ADRAPT0RZ
When Traveling from dimension to another, you came across a world that is 10 times different than any other dimensions you've experienced. The planet Earth, a planet ful...
Together forever ~Craig of the creek~ by Sweetsugarlemonade
Together forever ~Craig of the •Sweetie•
Hey,Craigson shippers,are you just tired of Jason and Craig arguing? Are you sick of them getting into fights? Do you just want them both to shut up those arguing mouths...
Two dorks sitting in a tree! (Mark x reader) by ULTIMATELOSERS
Two dorks sitting in a tree! ( Ravenjaykub
When your mom ends up marrying a man named mr. Henderson and you end up with an older step brother barry it feels your 16 year old life is being turned around. Being for...
Craig of the creek one shots  by trydifferentpassword
Craig of the creek one shots by Ashley Renee josey
Request please I'll write anything you request. I do x readers or some LGBT stuff bc what the heck quarantine is boring 😂 please request I'm bored 😂
You love I •Yandere! Jason x Asthma! Fem! Reader• (Craig of the Creek) by Sweetsugarlemonade
You love I •Yandere! Jason x •Sweetie•
•Wonderful,so wonderful But girl don't get to comfortable Cause what we have is untouchable,I,I,I I stood deaf til I stood dead She tied a knot in her wedding dress I go...
Elders of the creek x reader oneshots by whatstheirface
Elders of the creek x reader Depresso_esspresso
Please tell me I'm not the only one simping over these fucking nerds. But yeah, Elders of the creek oneshots... This is for my girls, gays, and nonbinary baes. I made th...
His Princess ~ -  Elder Mark X Reader by sm0lg0th
His Princess ~ - Elder Mark X sm0lg0th
You pass out , and find yourself among 3 boys , you then discover your undeniable feelings for one of them
Craig of the creek stuff by Saiki_Logan
Craig of the creek stuffby Logan
Memes, one shots and fanart, slow updates because I have no motivation and have mental issues, thank you for reading Tw: bad language
𝘔𝘺𝘵𝘩 𝘊𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥 (Craig Of The Creek Fanfic)  by R0ADRAPT0RZ
𝘔𝘺𝘵𝘩 𝘊𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥 (Craig Of R0ADRAPT0RZ
i keep on writing stories like a fool. lol Summary: A young girl that is not like any other, her DNA are moldable and flexible. Causing her to shapeshift. All by a curse...
Infinity Train: Bravers Beyond by MixelFanGirl100
Infinity Train: Bravers Beyondby MixelFanGirl100
All of the characters has been got on the train called the infinty train.Papa smurf, Smurfette, Peachfuzz, and the rest are on their way to find their solving-puzzles si...
Infinite DC: The Tinkerer Chronicles by LivingStoneWriter
Infinite DC: The Tinkerer Sean Livingston
We've seen the many journeys of Neas, the Gladiator of Gallifrey, across the Infinite DC. But what about their father, Aznavorian the Tinkerer? What journeys have these...
Elverum's Peak (A Craig of the Creek Sadfic) by Planet_of_Sound
Elverum's Peak (A Craig of the
When Kelsey faces an unexpected loss in her life, she and her friends journey to find the mysterious Elverum's Peak in the creek in the hopes of finding closure.
The New Kid At The Creek 🚫Discontinued🚫 by chaton-fan
The New Kid At The Creek 🚫 catnoir
Ray is the new kid at the creek he is apart of the wolf clan but ended up running away with his best friend linen he and his friend end up meeting kelsey craig and jp re...
ARTBOOK by Novaiai27
My art stuff, just to keep progress over the years. Also alot of oc stuff.
I loVe this show so I WANNa roleplay it
Elders of the Creek x Reader by fishkween
Elders of the Creek x Readerby fishkween
NEVER written fan fiction in my life and also am severely crap at writing lmaoo Quarantine thirst for fictional characters has gotten to me again so... Elders Oneshots...
craig of the creek oneshots and preferences by AngstIsAlright
craig of the creek oneshots and AngstIsAlright
I doubt you will read this, so I will make the info on the request page
My One & Only (Mark x Reader) *on hold* by int3rnetbr4t
My One & Only (Mark x Reader) * it’s brutal out here
mark x reader!!! • this is my first attempt at writing a "@ x reader" story. if it's cringe, sorry it's my first time but I wanted to write a story for y'all e...
The TOON House Cartoon Stories: "Richard's Diet of... DESTRUCTION?!"  by colinthecartoonist
The TOON House Cartoon Stories: " Colin Kingsland
Drawer, Steven Universe, Gumball and Darwin all try to find out why Richard's diet wasn't working, mainly due to his constant eating and his crazy behavior. But after th...